Your Intuition is Incorrect

Yep I said it.

And it’s a statement I never thought I’d say.

In fact for years I’ve taught women how to connect with their intuition and how to learn to follow it.

The other day  I heard Spirit say “Intuition is sometimes wrong”

This surprised me so much I missed a step in the middle of my Zumba routine.


As is the norm I then received a total Download of information in one big chunk. I’ve been wanting to share it here since then – so here goes.


Intuition is a wonderful, powerful tool in our tool chest- but like most tools it only works when correctly applied.

And sometimes it can be absolutely wrong.

To understand this we first have to go into what intuition means.

Intuition comes from root words meaning to look at, to consider, to watch over.

You looking at and considering something can only be accurate and bring about the Highest and Best result to the degree that the lens  you’re viewing it through is clear and non-distorted.

When we have limiting beliefs, blockages, and mis-alignment – all of these things cause a distorted view of what we’re seeing. This distortion then alters the intuition you receive.

It becomes Fear.  Judgement. Unrest.

Fear Hath Torment  ~The Bible

Fear is such a horrid, horrid, thing dear heart. It suffocates hope. It slays our dreams. It causes us to view anything unknown as suspect. It causes us to distrust others and ourselves.

But there is a cure for these distorted lenses. There is a help for the fear.


Love is powerful and unbreakable. Love is Divine.

Okay okay, thats all well and good and bit sappy – but practically how does that work?

It works like this – we can easily go through 7 components of intuition and notice quite clearly if the decision is coming from love or fear. Love encourages, builds up, strengthens, softens, expands and connects. Fear discourages, tears down, makes brittle, hardens, constricts and disconnects.

Sometimes when we look within there is Fear – and we mistake that Fear for clear insight. It is important to begin to know the distinction – the more you expand in this way the more sharp your TRUE intuition- your Intuition based on your Divine Nature – not your fear based on your unawakened experience.

Click the link below for the PDF file of “Is it Intuition or is it Fear?” This PDF will help you figure out which one you’re in. Knowledge is power.

Is it Intuition or Fear?

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