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Yesterday I went to an awesome gathering of Beautiful Women – a new Body Church that’s starting locally here in Austin by Qi Dada Ras  (check her out peeps- she’s luscious!). At the end of the class, she gifted all of the ladies with a delightful coconut oil created specifically for Yoni massage – mentioning that I do a lot of Yoni work.

Since then I’ve gotten some messages asking about how to use the oil  and I realized that I don’t have anything up on here about how to do a SELF Yoni massage- nor are there many resources online for how to do Yoni Massage alone, or my unique take on Yoni Massage.

This is a big deal- because while Yoni Massage is FABULOUS and connective when done as a couple- there is also something delicious about a woman’s ability to massage herself in this way.


First What is Yoni? 

If you look up Yoni you’ll get a number of different interpretations from vagina, to vagina and vulva, to vagina, vulva and womb. For the sake of clarity – I like to make the distinction of calling all parts of the Sacred Gates and Passages the Yoni (Vulva, Clitoris, Vagina, and Cervix) and I call the Temple itself (uterus, ovaries, pelvic bowl) the Womb.

Why do a Yoni Massage? 

It is vital to recognize as women that we are Divine Incubators. This means that our natural state is one of receiving, multiplying and releasing. Everything that is created must Incubate through the Sacred Gates and Temple of the Feminine. While the Masculine holds the seeds, the Feminine is the precious soil which nourishes and offers it up. Nature does not make a distinction between our Incubating things that serve us and things that do not.  What this means is that trauma, pain, negative and limiting beliefs, abandonment, violations, and fears – all of it -once experienced tends to be held in our Yoni and our Womb and we need to release it. In addition to the releasing – we are performing an act of sublime Self Love and Nourishing. Healing is always two stages. Releasing the DisEase and Feeding that which Builds.  During a Yoni Massage, you get to experience both with your own hands.

I have specific techniques for releasing these traumas, baggage and more  for those who work with Richard or I in a Baggage Drop Session , however, I will share one way of releasing trauma from your Yoni with you – just enter your name and email in the box at the top of the page to receive the Yoni Self Massage PDF – INSTANTLY!.

If you’d like to learn more- I invite you to take part in The Moon Mysteries Class that is part of my ongoing full access School of Feminine Transformation.

Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

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