Yoni Egg Magic LIVE Session!

Hey loves! A few days ago I released my first book on  Amazon!! WOOHOO!! This book is titled “Yoni Egg Secrets” and it’s a definitive guide to yoni eggs. It’s available here **BTW if you don’t have a Kindle you can still get it! You can download free Kindle apps for all of you Android, Iphone, Ipad, Macbooks and other electronic devices** If you think yoni eggs are only for inserting and doing a few kegels and thats it – have I got news for you! You can use these amazing little powerhouses to help heal your womb issues, connect you to your Yoni, increase sexual pleasure, help with incontinence and heal a HOST of physical and emotional issues.

On Wednesday 8/14/14 at 7:30pm CDT I am talking Yoni Egg Magic darlings!!

Come join me on this free Live Webinar!! I’m looking forward to sharing some Yoni information in regard to Yoni eggs as well as how we feel about our yoni’s (vajayjay) in general. You do NOT want to miss this!! If you have private questions you can send them to me at Namaste@RichardandNamaste.com and I’ll answer them on the air! (I’ll keep the names confidential) Sign up above to  access to the Live Webinar! Live, Love Lush and Fearless! namaste signature pink


P.S – If you’d like a sacred container to hold you, love you, accept you as you Transform – I invite you to join:http://tinyurl.com/GetSOFT

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