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No matter how beautiful, no matter how long it’s been around, no matter where it came from – you can’t soar with baggage – you have to drop off your baggage so you can fly. BaggageDrop is our Signature Session for people wanting to get out of their own way and clear up limiting beliefs, emotional baggage and ancestral blocks.

Who is it for:

  • People who feel like they tend to sabotage themselves

  • Women who feel like they have things to release from their Womb and Yoni

  • People who want to do big things but feel like the past is holding them back

  • Women who have had hysterectomy, rape or other trauma

  • People who KNOW they have the tools, resources and ability to move forward but feel stuck.

  • People who can’t get past certain persistent emotions or beliefs

  • People who feel like they are carrying negative Ancestral or Previous Lifetime memories, states or patterns

How does it work:

This is a “do with” and not a “do to” process. You will receive one 90 minute to 3 hour private session with Richard, Namaste or Both via Skype. During this session we’ll uncover your blocks, patterns, strategies and emotional baggage and clear it. You’ll walk away with the barrier removed!

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How much:


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I just had an Energy Clearing Session with Namaste Moore and  she is AMAZING! I’ve had the blessing of working with her many times before but it has been a while and today I was reminded how truly wonderful she is. We address and cleared things in my session today that have been directing me my whole life, and not in a good way. These sessions are two parts loves, one part preparation on your part and one part Namaste’s amazing magic and infectious power of transformation. If you are feeling stuck, directionless, discourage or just in a funk, do yourself a favor and INVEST in a session with Namaste. It is truly an investment because the dividends and rewards from all you achieve will pay you back in ways you’ve never imagine.

~Joanna Ashley

It was amazing. Straight up. And everything I needed. She really helped bring up some things that I was ready to release once and for all. Not only that, but the exercises we did helped to dig up some of the root causes of the things I was holding on to still from my past and how it affects me now. With the practices she did, she helped me to trust more in my higher self, which helped pinpoint thing from LITERALLY generations ago, as well as past lives. There were definitely things that needed clearing on that end. There was one huge root that she touched on that instantly touched me. For so long I was wondering why I always had these feelings/fears of being unloveable and not accepted for ALL of who I am. I mean I knew the surface source of it but I didn’t realize (or forgot) how deep it went. I tend to hide my emotional world. Well Those things are definitely cleared now.

~Tashia Ariel

I have been laughing ever since we ended the Skype session. I had to deal with some personal things today and my response was totally different than in the past! No fear. No anger. No sadness. The best way to out it: I finally feel FULLY like myself! I’m trying to write a review that is more in depth, but I think I need a day because I can’t seem to get my thoughts out with the emphasis I want without cussing! LOL! If you THINK you need to do this, YOU DO! I don’t know how to say thank you strongly enough, Namaste Moore!

~Monique “The Doula” Diane

Words cannot express how powerful and enlightening the experience was. I was able to truly go within myself to experience some things that took place many lifetimes ago. The experience blew my mind..just the ability to be able to go into a deep meditative state where I could actually feel myself taking a journey to different dimensions and feel all the emotional baggage that I was carrying in those lifetimes and leading up to the present, was mind altering. Oh my, to be able to tap into the different emotions that were passed down through my lineage was an eye opening experience and allowed me to recognize who I am in this lifetime.
The exercises that we did help me to tap into my higher self and recognize who I was, who I am, and who I can possibly become. I must truly say that I am blessed to have been granted the experience to face so many emotions and those of my ancestors and to be able to clear the emotional wounds of my past and present in order for me to experience a brighter future.
Before this experience I can say that had always had a sense of confusion when it came to who I really was and what my purpose is. After clearing those things that I didn’t even know existed, I truly feel like I finally know myself. It was like meeting my true self for the first time. I am so at peace now and feel like a Dove in flight!!! What an AWESOME experience and I recommend this to everyone who is willing to truly be open to the experience. It was truly a life changing experience for me!!

~Darlene Warren


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