Understanding Masculine/Feminine Relationship Dynamics

Understanding Masculine/Feminine Relationship Dynamics:

Years ago I read a book called “The Surrendered Wife”, while the premise of the book and many of the ideas SEEMED good there was an undercurrent I simply couldn’t shake.

No matter how much the book spoke of respect, and how to relate and surrender … there was still something there…
eventually, it hit me.

It taught a very common “Thing”, only cloaked in SEEMING acquiescence.

This very common “Thing” is the basis of many relationship questions I receive. It is a small idea that seems to not matter but matters a great deal.

It is at the root of most relationship teachings, most dating programs, most courtship ideology, and many many empowerment and women’s programs. It has even infiltrated a great deal of men’s programs at this point. This idea if it is present will undermine even the most profound tools and techniques. In fact, when my King, Richard and I created our courtship class we went over it with a fine-tooth comb to ensure this “Thing” was not present. When we teach, we are careful to correct this if it shows up in any student. Once you know what it “tastes” like- you see it very clearly.

This “Thing”… this tiny tiny little idea is…

“Women need to work on managing men” or to put it another way “Men need to be managed by women”

This idea costs women Peace, Joy, and Happiness in relationships, careers, parenting, spirituality, and self-growth. It costs Men their Dignity, Masculinity, and Presence. It turns women into mothers of men, and men into perpetual little boys. It grows up like a weed from the most conservative teachings to the most progressive. From teachings that seem to respect men to teachings that seem man hating.

That is because it’s not simply about the actions – it’s the internal belief that is the soil from whence the actions spring.

And here’s the truth-
ANY action will undermine the Masculine/Feminine dynamic if it springs from this idea in EITHER the man or the woman.

This idea is NOT present in any of the teachings in SOFT or SoA. All teachings are based on transparency, sovereignty, respect and love… THROUGH and THROUGH.

No MAN-ipulation. (ha!)

SOFT Wife School Teaches:

* Core Truths you MUST internalize to have a happy healthy Relationship
* Conflict Resolution – Never Argue Again
* How to win and keep his heart
* Cultivation of Feminine Dress and Mannerisms
* What men most want in a wife
* Twin Flame Relationships
* The Stages of a Woman – or how to Ascend to Queen
* What are Values and How to Utilize them in your Relationship
* The Creation, Cultivation, and sustainability of Authenticity in Relationships
* How to find your innate compatibility (for new relationships) and develop deeper compatibility (in established relationships)
* Communication Styles
* Forgiveness in relationships
* How to Listen
And so much more!!!

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