The Nest


Are you tired of being stressed?

Feeling exhausted by the myriad of things you have to juggle?

Do you have all of the things that “they” say will make you happy-yet find you’re still not satisfied?

Longing to attract the relationship you long for – and KEEP it?

Are you finding that being a “strong woman” is also being a lonely woman?

Would you like to have a bit of R&R, combined with insight and practices that are both nourishing AND inspiring?


Welcome to The Nest

 A  Virtual Series for Women

What is the Nest?

Coming from words meaning  “to sit down” or “a resting place” The Nest is a break from it all – but this is different.

It’s a space to simultaneously Rest and Relax and also gain practices and tools that will help you take that feeling with you into your life.

Your  life WILL be changed.

I’ve been working with women for years now and in that time I’ve noticed something. No matter how successful, no matter how spiritual, no matter how gorgeous, how wealthy, how “together” most women appear- underneath it  –  we aren’t living satisfied lives. 

OH we may not be miserable. We may even be okay. 

But living an ecstatic, orgasmic, pleasurable Life? Most of us don’t believe it’s even possible. 

In fact most of the time we’re feeling such deep disappointment, loneliness, and anger – that we think the best thing is not to FEEL at all. 

My story:

I only believe in speaking and teaching from the place of my own experience- this means that I only give what I’ve used and what works for me. People often want to know why I’m always happy, smiling and full of joy, but I wasn’t always. Until my 20’s I lived with a lot of fear. I had abandonment issues when it came to men and trust issues when it came to women. 

Deep down I felt like something must be WRONG with me. And I sought all sorts of ways to FIX it. 

Over the last nearly 20 years I’ve devoted myself to being a student of the Universe, and in that time i’ve amassed tools, practices and techniques from a variety of sources – ancient texts, modern day Masters, Direct downloads – which has helped me to create and cultivate the experience of Well-Being I currently reside in. 

I live a passionate life.

I am very rarely stressed out and when I am it’s measured in literal minutes not days. 

I have a secret pleasure that fuels my endeavors.

I have an amazing, kick-ass, masculine man in my life – for a decade – and going strong.

Issues of shame, guilt and fear are not a part of my world 


Why is that and how can you get some? 


Join The Nest


      • Immediate ways to shift your  energy

      • Become Magnetic to those you want and Repel those you don’t

      • What are 2 of your core needs- and how they’re most likely not being fed- and how to change that!

      • What is the Nature of Feminine Power

      • The MOST powerful tool – and you already it- you just don’t know it!

      • Most women have this disconnect… and how to fix it!


What you’ll receive: 

      • 5-  60 Minute Weekly Virtual Video Recorded Teachings  ($650 value)
      • A workbook With Practices, Exercises and Affirmations, it’s like coaching direct to your inbox ($50 Value)

Over $700 in Value


Enroll in SOFT and Get the Nest and 7 other classes, an ebook, webinars and more – everything offered by Namaste for one year for only $327!!! Payment plans available!!

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