The Masculine Heals

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Restore your relationship with the Masculine.

Hope and to believe again.

Breathe new life into your relationship with Masculine energy in such a way that you choose to change the story that you’ve been telling yourself about what you typically get from the Masculine, the kind of men YOU always meet and the relationships that you always have had.

We live in a universe that is always saying YES to our desires, our dreams and our expectations.

Many have become accustomed to advocating for infirmities, affirming hurts and building mini-shrines in mental landscapes at the very site of the painful past.

You have very good reasons for feeling the way you do, based on what you have experienced.

But in order to move forward into the future you desire, to participate in the relationship of your dreams…You need to believe differently.

You’ve told yourself  – SOMETHING HAS GOT TO CHANGE

Its time to get closure and embrace your transformation!!!!

Sometimes its not easy.

The lack of closure is a massive energy drain on our lives.

In order to get past it, sometimes we need a listening ear without judgement, a masculine presence without defensiveness.

In order to move ahead, you need closure. And you can get that closure – even if its closure with people who are no longer part of your life.

Or closure with specific events or situations that are painful..

or situations that have you stuck.

My gift is to represent the Divine Masculine – to hold space for you to work through those spaces and situations.

When the only way out is through, I’ll listen and hold space for you without judgement.

So you can get to the good part – attracting the love that you want in your life.

When you no longer live at the address of your old pain, when you are no longer listening to your old tapes,

When you have an opportunity to believe differently – that’s when we literally re-write the story that you’ve been telling yourself.

And when you change your Story – you change your world and your future.

You wipe out those old messages and begin moving forward like a rocket

you embrace the future with fierce compassion and energized hope!

New possibilities abound.

You can have the love you need, you can attract your hearts desire to you like a magnet.

But you have to get started now.

Are you a woman who’s ready to take your life to the next level?

Are you willing to open yourself up to absolute acceptance and compassion?

Have you done a great deal of Inner Work but you feel like something is just missing?

Do you have everything that “they” told you would make you happy – and yet you’re still feeling unfulfilled?


In this day and age women are owning more empowerment than ever before and yet many women have experienced pain, trauma, disappointment or abandonment at the hands of a Man. In fact many women are carrying these memories in their energetic field and not knowing it.

And it’s affecting you every day.

Experience the Voice of the Divine Masculine.

Due to limiting beliefs, previous heartache and a hefty dose of mistrust many women do not have a masculine presence that they are comfortable truly receiving from. Some women don’t have any connection with the Masculine at all. (NOTE: Just because you have a connection with a man doesn’t mean you’re connected with the masculine). Richard has a unique gift in helping women heal from their Masculine wounds. He has a clarity and rich insight unsurpassed when it comes to speaking into women’s lives and hearts powerfully and from the space of the Masculine.

Lets talk.

Receive 2-1 hour sessions (non recorded) and an MP3 only$197 


Sessions are part Coaching, part Transmission and part Attunement.  Literally blasting through blocks you didn’t realize were there, gently guiding you towards your highest and best truth and realigning you Vibrationally towards your Desires.

It has to be Experienced!

Open your Voice

Be Heard

Be Seen

Experience your Divine Expansion.


 Book your Session Now!

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