The Hips Don’t Lie….Waist beads from the Masculine Perspective

We were walking through the store shopping – my wife reached up to get something off a shelf and I caught a brief glimpse of the iridescent fire of her waist beads around her hips.

She turned around and noticed my smile, her raised eyebrow and musical laugh letting me know without words that she felt my gaze upon her…and she loved it.

In that moment in particular I thought about how much I enjoy seeing them on her and wondered how many men are missing out on a fantastic opportunity to bring a similar type of magic into their own lives.

Bro – you NEED to gift your woman with some waist beads. Like yesterday.

First a little background on waist beads for those not in the know; The practice of women wearing waist beads as adornment originated in Africa about 500BC – which means that the wearing of waist beads is not a new ‘fad’ or something that just occurred yesterday. Waist beads have been around for thousands of years and used by women the world over as a form of spiritual protection, to promote healthy pregnancies and birth, as a non-verbal form of sensual communication to one’s partner and hundreds of other reasons as well. Beautiful waist beads and feminine curves are literally made for each other.  There is nothing sexier than seeing my wife, Namaste walk through our bedroom with her curves draped in iridescent, delicate strands of femininity.

Your whole world will be graced with a deeper level of beauty and passion when you adorn your woman’s waist and hips with sets of waist beads. Here’s five reasons why:

1. She will look amazing… When I look at my wife one of the first things that I notice is how the delicate strands of beads draw attention to her softness and accentuate her natural curves. When a woman feels beautiful and feminine she is like the sun – she literally glows and the rays of her personal energy shine on all that she touches and everyone around her. Support her in her feminine power and beauty by taking an active interest in that process – not only are the waist beads beautiful, but every time she wears a set that you selected it will make her smile and think of you. Remember how AWESOME your world is when she’s smiling. Yes, a smiling woman is a Good Thing.

2. Versatility to match her mood or style…  Waistbeads can be worn in a number of different ways that can compliment her personal style and preference. They can be worn under her clothes to enhance her personal sense of beauty and femininity, or slightly exposed when paired with low-waist jeans, pants or short tops. They can be worn over her clothing like a belt or as ornamentation, or she can even wear them fully exposed with a bathing suit at the beach or pool.

IMAG1989_13. Amazing Metaphysical properties… When different crystals and gemstones are incorporated into the style of the waist beads, they transmit energy to the woman wearing them. My wife has different sets that she wears at different times to inspire creativity, passion and prosperity – the potential combinations are endless. Here’s a short list of different semi-precious stones and crystals and the energy that they bring to the wearer;

  • Malachite is green and promotes prosperity
  • Obsidian is black and is a good grounding stone and promotes feelings of safety
  • Carnelian is reddish orange color and promotes a strong and healthy libido and sensuality
  • Moonstone is white/iridescent – promotes calmness, feminine energy, peace
  • Rose Quartz ranges from pale pink to deep shades of rose and promotes healing the heart from pain and disappointment.
  • Lapis is blue and helps with opening of the third eye – promotes deep clarity, insight and intuition

These are only a tiny sampling of the many different crystals and stones that can be incorporated into a waist bead set.

4. Supercharge her sensuality…. The energy of the beads and their location on her body honor her sexuality. The delicate beauty of the waistbeads around the waist or worn down low around the hips possess intimate appeal and can provoke intense desire. The waist and hip area are especially intimate – unlike other ‘social’ areas of the body, a woman’s waist-to-hip area is seldom seen by the general public and rarely touched casually.  A gift of waist beads for your woman is an amazingly personal and thoughtful gesture – the delicate caress of the beads in such an private and sensitive area of the body is a constant reminder of the intimacy that the two of you share. I can’t keep my hands off her when she has on her waist beads. (and she always has a set on, so YES I’m one of the happiest men that I know.) When we are out running errands and I put my arm around her, I can feel the stands of beads against her skin, hidden from view.  Hotness.

5. Celebrate her distinctive and unique taste…..Waist beads offer a unique combination of creativity, beauty and value that is unmatched by any other adornment that you can gift her with. If you go to a jeweler and purchase a ring, necklace or bracelet, the color, size and shape of the piece has already been determined in the mind of the jewelry designer and mass produced.  With custom waist beads this is never an issue. No two sets of beads are exactly alike. The waist bead sets that adorn your woman are a literal expression of YOU and can reflect your unique relationship and personality!

Namaste is a genius at combining various stones and crystals together in a beautiful arrangement of wearable art for the woman in your life!  Check out her Etsy Store at or for custom orders/questions you can email us at



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