Stop Dating, Try Courtship Instead – Courtship Part I

Beloved, If you want to get married and stay happily married:

If marriage is your goal there are things you can do to make it more likely. One thing is you really need to stop dating. Especially what dating looks like typically.


Modern dating is highly unlikely to:
Reveal to you the values of the person.
Allow you to find out if you’re compatible before becoming emotionally invested.
Allow you to stay soft as a woman.
Encourage masculine expression as a man.
Provide the tools needed to prepare for your position.

Can you date? Certainly. Anyone is free to do whatever they would like.
Is dating bad? No, dating is a lot of fun… It’s just not typically a good tool for marriage preparation.

Everyone is asking me, “What’s the alternative to dating?”

I suggest courtship.

Courtship is intentional and honest in its intent.
It reveals the values before the emotional investment.
Both people are seeking the same thing, no need to try to “get him”.
There is no need to pretend that marriage is not what you desire.
There is a very clear need to know what and why you desire to be married.
Ending courtship tends to be cleaner because it is known from the outset that the question is one of compatibility as marital partners.
Once that compatibility is found it leaves room for freely giving to and serving each other, and getting to know each other with an open heart.

If you think courtship is only for conservative religious folks… Think again!

In Laughter, Love, and Lustiness,

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