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I'm Namaste Moore - The Creatrix of S.O.F.T. - The School of Feminine Transformation. (That's an in-the-rough picture of me to the right.) 

I created the School of Feminine Transformation as a juicy transformative space for women.  As a mom of 8 (4 by birth and 4 bonus children in our blended family), a wife, an artist, a business woman and a divine vessel I understand completely what it is to be BUSY and feel stress. For years I was in that space- but then I found a bunch of tools, insights and techniques that competely transformed my life.  I wanted to share these tools and insights with women in a space where  you don't have to BE anything other than who and what you are.  We value Diversity in the spectrum of our Feminine, we honor where you are while celebrating where you're going.  

This space is the invitation for your blossoming. 

This Sampler contains potent excerpts from actual courses that are part of S.O.F.T - practical tips and information offered to you FREELY - enjoy a decadent slice of 5 different classes!

In This Sampler, You'll Receive:

  • A Bit of the Moon Mystery Course- A Class all about The Blood mysteries, working with the moon, Yoni Secrets and Hormonal Happiness! You can Read more about it HERE
  • A Dollop of the Feminine Spirit - Your Spirit is made of many facets and aspects - learn what they are and how to find peace with all of your parts in this class. More HERE
  • A Slice of the Sacred Feminine Intensive - This class is all about honoring and connecting the the Divine in Feminine form- in YOU! Enjoy this small slice of this INTENSE class! More HERE
  • A Nibble of the Nest- The Nest is a class all about ACTIVE, R&R that feeds your Feminine Soul. If you think self care is about mani/pedis  or you could use a big dose of relaxation- this is the class for you. More HERE
  • A Drop of the Sweet Spot - The SWEET Spot is all about Feminine Entrepreneurship. Your Feminine should lead the way in your business - learn how to avoid burnout and create success with succulence. More HERE
  • BONUS Video!! 

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