Shrines to Past Pain

My Beloved King, Richard has taught me so much in our 12 years together. I frequently refer to His lessons as being a HUGE part of why I am able to do and be who I am today.

One of the first lessons He taught me was  “No shrines to past pain

This short phrase speaks to the belief that while pain may be unavoidable- building little shrines that we must kneel before and pay homage to is DEFINITELY optional.

When Richard and I were first together I was separated (not quite divorced) from my former husband of 10 years. I had a lot of “good reasons” to have shrines to past pain- or so I thought.

I had concerns about trust, concerns about abandonment, concerns about being a single mom… mostly because what I desired I’d been told time and time again wasn’t possible.

I wanted a relationship where I didn’t have to vie for control or worry about protecting myself – or my children. I wanted a relationship where I could just fall. No holding back, no making sure my boundaries were intact and respected.

Basically I wanted something that our current society has no way of creating. Having trust issues while deeply longing for a relationship based on ABSOLUTE trust s quick a sticky wicket.

I had within me my longing and my “issues”.

When things would happen – things that activated not my super powers but my weaknesses – something that would cause me to worry, doubt, being skeptical… Richard would say “We don’t do shrines to past pain”

In this he would let me know that he was willing to work through the issue with me- provided I was willing to break down my shrine- my unconscious need to go back and attend to that past pain, my inclination to leave a little offering to it.

The interesting thing is we ALL have a legacy of pain from some point in our lives OR perhaps yours isn’t even from your Life but from the lives of others in your family, your faith, your culture.  The very sensitive among us can carry shrines to the pain of the WORLD and the Species. Some of us have confined our shrine to table top size and others live in a Temple created to house our past pain.

In order to create fulfilling relationships, in order to raise brilliant little humans,

There are many ways to do that…

  • Beginning to recognize that just because you think and feel a thing – doesn’t make it true.
  • Transmutating the energy of your pain into pleasure.
  • Reframing the experience that caused the pain
  • Attend The Taste Retreat – Learn how to connect with your REAL Feminine Legacy – Ease. Pleasure. Flow.

This week on Life Alchemy – we’re going to unpack Shrines to past pain that show up as Generation curses, Ancestral memories and also discuss morphic fields. It’s going to be AMAZING. Tune in on 7/1/15 at 8pmCDT, (9pmEDT and 8pmPDT)  and be sure to call in and talk to us. We love to hear your voices!!

Life Alchemy with Richard and Namaste


In Laughter, Love and Lusciousness,

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P.S – If you’d like a sacred container to hold you, love you, accept you as you Transform – I invite you to join:

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