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  1. I’m looking for a yoni stone. Im currently on my spiritual journey. It hasn’t been the most beautiful time. I love it though. I’ve connected with nature, animals and messasges being sent. I’ve received visit from birds I sects and even loved ones. GOD is great I must say. He sent me another message through my stones in fact my red jasper. Tgen he sent a sparrow three days in a row. He chirped the same tune all days asrounx the same time. I lost myy job thery fired me. Lord …..hmm well well he said greater is to come for me. I want to clean my womb from past hurt childhood trauma..pain guilt…..etc. I was guided hear. NOT sure which one to get because I have stoned already. I miss my amethyst that shattered to be shared. I miss my white quartz that I blessed someone else with. I love the rose courts and thought I needed a bigger one than what I have..just on a budget, I lost my job.

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