Sex-o-matic Saturday – Review: Sex Butter

Hey there you sexy thang!

We decided to start doing reviews on books, practices and products (including toys!) for creating a Fabulous sex life! With all of the professional review sites out there why would we do this? A few reasons.

1. We’re a couple and there are very few (if any) couples out there reviewing things from BOTH perspectives within a relationship. It’s amazing how many places talk about sex “for women” or “for men” but HELLOOOOO sex by and large is not a solo practice.

2. We LOVE sexuality and sensuality and we aren’t ashamed or embarrassed to talk about it.  We can add our personal, compassionate and deeply authentic take on it.

3. We’re Very WOO – In case you don’t know – the woo, it is strong with us (said in Yoda’s voice). The Woo Shyt is what we call our Profound spirituality that weaves together all traditions into the All That Is. So we intend to speak on the woo side of stuff when we get a Spiritual download or insight  on any of the items or practices we review.

4. We tend towards the natural. We’ll mention if an items is natural and if it isn’t what it’s made of provided we can find the details.

5. We’re adventurous – We have tried a LOT of things and plan to try more. We believe Sexuality should be FUN and the experience of pleasure is a worthy state to live in.

With that in mind let’s get to the good stuff! Our first review!


Sex ButterNamaste: We’ve been following Bonnie  online after we somehow got connected on Facebook. I saw her posts about her product and noticed two things immediately that caught my attention.

1. It’s a solid- or rather a semi solid.

2. It’s natural.

This piqued my interest.  After a bit of time I asked Bonnie if I could have a wee sample to try out.

We had been looking for a suitable lube specifically for our Orgasmic Practice. (We’ll do a review on this soon we promise!). It needed to be easy to apply and long lasting without being tacky.  We were wondering if sex butter might do the job.

When the samples arrived I was happy to see that the butter retained it’s solid consistency even in TX.  I opened the containers and inhaled. The smell of  peppermint wafted out. I went to see what the essential oils used in the butter are- but they are not listed individually. The website only says “A proprietary blend of essential oils”  hmmm.

I rubbed a bit between my Fingers and was surprised how quickly it melted and how slippery it stayed.


Her experience: It was WONDERFUL, especially  during the Orgasmic practice. The essential oils cause an increase in sensation meaning its very easy to stay low and focused during The Practice.It seemed to last and last (although I’ll let Richard speak to that as I’m not really sure how many times he had to reapply , I was …ahem…otherwise focused heh!)  It also causes increased sensitivity so your partner may want to use a lighter touch than normal. If you don’t have an Orgasm practice that you do, I would still suggest using Sex Butter as part of your foreplay experience as opposed to only using it directly before intercourse.

I used it prior to any stimulation just to check out it’s enhancement ability. Works great without making you feel like your vajayjay’s on fire.

His experience:  It was very slippery and lasted for a long time, longer than I expected! I did have to ‘refresh’ it occasionally..when it goes from being a semi-solid to a liquid, it feels very much like an expensive lotion. Similarly to lotions, its going to be absorbed into the skin over time and need re-application. I was very pleased with the length of time that it lasted before I had to replenish. Besides the transformation from a semi-solid into slippery-ness (is that a word?) I really appreciated the fact that there were no adverse or unwanted additional changes in consistency – it never got sticky, tacky or gooey! During intimacy the lube of course transferred to me. It was tingly but not in an unpleasant way. If you’re going to use it as a male enhancement of sensation you’d have to use a LOT, also if you want to apply it as a lube on yourself and your a Guy, again you’re going to need a LOT. I’d suggest using it on your female partner and then letting her excitement create extra lubrication 9if you know what I mean) versus using it on yourself Bro.


Taste: The taste was simply “minty” – it was cooling, not overly oily (that really surprised me) making it great if you want to blend some oral into things while using it.

Pros: Natural, organic ingredients, Long Lasting, increased genital sensitivity, okay taste, safe for use with silicone toys

Cons: No ingredient list for essential oils, oil based so not suggested for use with latex condoms. A bit pricey at 29.95 per jar.

Big O’s: All together we’d give it 4 Big O’s out of 5. It’s a great product!


***Please note – while we have received samples of this product from the manufacturer we are not affiliates at the time of this writing, nor were we hired to review this. ***

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