Ready to Get Free?

If you are like most extremely busy people,  you are very probably reading this at the expense of doing something else. And you can probably think very easily about at least two or three OTHER things that you ought to be doing instead of reading this. Like the work they pay you for. Or washing clothes, or cleaning up or any one of a hundred things.

Here’s an amazing fact – by the time you finish reading this little article, something or someone is likely to disrupt your reading with an interruption of some sort.

Bill Jensen the author of the book Disrupt! says; “We’ve now entered an era of continuous personal disruption. You will experience at least 100 times more major disruptions in your lifetime than your parents experienced. And your daily routines? They’re disrupted before you have your first cup of coffee. I’ve read research that estimates our attention span is less than 10 seconds, thanks to the constant interruptions.”

What does that have to do with living your dream? Everything. 

Namaste and I enjoy a life that involves a tremendous amount of freedom…as we define it. We get up early, eat a good meal, workout on occasion and spend the better part of the day talking to clients, answering emails and working on the biz. If we want to stop mid-morning to go swimming, take in a movie or pause in the middle of the afternoon to have a glass of wine and talk, we just do. No checking in with some supervisor or boss, no more “Im sorry – I’ve been called into an important meeting that I can’t get out of” no managers poking their heads into our office asking us ‘hey, you got a minute?’…you know those org chart powered interruptions that you know you cannot flat out refuse and keep your job…we don’t have to deal with that because this particular home based business belongs to US.

And we love it. 

After working a ‘job’ and establishing a very successful ‘career’ in the corporate world, I found myself wanting more out of this life – and what I wanted had more to do with autonomy and speaking and living my truth than with finding some way to make millions without doing anything, like so many ‘systems’ out there seem to promise. As I contemplated moving out of the corporate environment and into having my own business, I realized some basic truths about the life I was living.

I recognized that the company I worked for would take up as much of my life as I let it.

I was spending 60-70 hours a week pushing tremendous amounts of energy, willpower and intellect in the pursuit of my employers definition of success. Additionally, much of my time in corporate was spent managing the constant stream of daily interruptions…disruptions that I would have to overcome if I was to be successful in pursuit of my Specific, Measurable, Actionable Realistic and Timely “goals”. The kick in the head was that as SOON as I achieved the ‘goals’, the bar was immediately raised and what I had just achieved became the new ‘normal’……

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 11.52.25 AMYou know the drill. You’re probably living it. 

I made a good living in corporate – nobody was ‘taking advantage of me’ – Honestly, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with making a profit, having goals and the corporation trying to get as MUCH as they can out of me while Im in their employ. I traded my expertise in a specific area for a paycheck in recognition that they MUST pay me less than my output is worth in order to make a profit and keep the lights on. Everyone knows this is the way of big business and I honestly don’t have a problem with corporations. (well, except for the idiots @Monsanto and Bayer that are making chemicals that are killing all the bees and jacking up vegetables on a molecular level, THAT shyt is both ridiculous and inexcusable…but I digress)

What about YOUR Dreams?

Working for a corporation isn’t a Bad Thing. But disruptions SUCK. The constant disruptions inherent in working in the modern office leave little time to focus on the Main Thing (whatever you get paid for), and that means there is even LESS precious time for you to focus on YOUR dream -which I’ll call WIN (Whatever Is Next!). You get on your grind on Monday (lets keep it real, you start THINKING about work on Sunday) and you hit the ground running Monday morning and keep blazing until you get to Friday. Saturday and Sunday are spent doing the stuff you didn’t have time to do during the week and then it starts all over again.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat until DEAD.

That cannot be the Story of Your Life. YOUR Whatever Is Next is amazing, wonderful and uniquely YOU. What do you see yourself doing when you think, “if money was NO issue, if I could replace my income – you know what I’d do? I’d ________________.”

It doesn’t matter what it is…making Art, playing Music, building houses for the homeless, volunteering, sharing YOUR special gifts and talents with the world….

What is it? What would you DO?  That, my friend is what this is all about.
Have you ever thought about Whatever Is Next for you? What’s your WIN??? I know…you don’t have time. Or, you keep getting interrupted.


What if I told you that you could live your life and make a good living doing it?

If there was a way for you to share your truth with the world and get paid for it, would you be willing to try it?

We are living the life of our dreams – Namaste and I continue our work with individuals and couples specifically on having their best relationships ever. To figuring out how to communicate better. To have amazing sex! To helping people be their most authentic, most amazing selves. THAT is what we do – that’s our ‘lifes work’ if you will. That’s what we said we would do if we left our corporate jobs to pursue our dream.  And guess what?

That is EXACTLY what we are doing!!!

So what’s your dream? What do you want to do?

If you are ready to Get Free of cubicle land or wherever you are working now and want me to show you how to make a living blogging and creating residual income with a blog similar to the one you are reading then click on this text and I’ll send you information on how easy it is for you to get started!!!

Time is not Fixed – Next Level Law of Attraction



“The Tale of Benjamin Buttons” was a great movie about a man who lived life – backwards. He began as an old man and died as a baby. It’s profound and deeply moving.  It challenged how we felt about time and encourage us to think outside of the box about it.


Last month a client mentioned to us that he had decided to be a specific age – no matter how old he got. It reminded me of how we’ve said things in times past like “I’m celebrating the 10th anniversary of my 25th year” or something similar.


Now it’s time to take that to another level.


As a co-creator and a Life Magician – a person who believes that you are infinite and have infinite potential – you have to realize something.

Time is not fixed.


It is something that you can play with just like you play with Attraction, Magnetism and  Belief.

The same way you play with Creating Reality and Actualization.


So let’s start here.

Step out of the mundane and the boring.

You do not have to live chronologically.


On our Birthdays (8/25 and 9/25) we have decided that we will choose how old we will for the year.  We will decide what age we desire to experience, using intuition, reflection and inspiration – and we will embody that age for the year.

It may be older – Why wait until you’re 80 to experience the wisdom of an 80 yo when you can do it now?

It may be younger – Do you have a year that you WISH you can do over? You can!


Here’s the thing- we not only make the decision but we also take some specific actions – like Quantum Leaping – jumping into other versions of ourself available in alternate universes and experiencing their knowing. I call the version we do – Quantum Time Jump – because not only are we leaping into other versions we’re also leaping into other time streams of that self.


Whether you truly “believe” in Quantum Time Jumping or believe it is merely a visualization exercise – it can be an amazing tool to use Time differently – to tap into the Power of the Infinite in a practical way.


Another Tip is to use the principle pathway of the Law of Attraction to  make this more real. That is the pathway of how you feel. If you go into this without anticipation, excitement and enthusiasm about the exercise you may find yourself having less that optimum results.  If you apply pleasure and upper level emotions to the process you may be stunned at what you tap into. Wisdom far beyond your years.  Cells that recall their longevity. Expansion of what you believe about getting older.  It’s magical!


Try it out!  And come back tomorrow for pt. 2 of “Time is not Fixed”


If this type of Higher Level Magician-ship appeals to you – come work with us!  

We’ll even give you the first session free!


Of Kings and Queens

Recently I was speaking with someone who recounted to me how she noticed an issue weeks before her Beloved decided to address it. Another friend mentioned wanting to implement lifestyle changes months ago – but her Beloved was only recently beginning to move in that direction.  In both cases there was a bit of frustration  – why didn’t the men in their lives just make the changes – why did it take so long?

I’m reminded of times when I have noticed something and mentioned it to my Beloved.  He may feel it merited action at that moment – but more often it takes time for him to begin to make those changes and they aren’t done in the more sweeping manner that I would do them.

What’s going on?

While some women may want  to say “Well I knew that WEEKS ago – and if he had just LISTENED to me when I said things would have been BETTER” – with an air of smug satisfaction – that is also a good way to alienate and sow seeds of resentment in your relationship.

No ladies – he didn’t not heed your advice, insight or suggestion at that moment because he’s incompetent nor is it likely because he doesn’t respect you.

He waited – because he’s a King.

Let us take a look at the chessboard shall we?

The Queen – can make large sweeping moves. Provided there isn’t an opponents’ piece to stop her – she can literally move from one side of the board to the other in one large step.  She embodies the Feminine principle.  As women we tend to be holistic and view things at the micro level, however because of the details we absorb at the micro level – we, similar to our chessboard counterpart, tend to desire to make broad changes and moves. We notice nuances in color, in vocal tone, in texture of the relationship and ascribe major weight to these details.  We are frequently the microscopes of the relationship.

The King – Moves cautiously, meticulously – one move at a time. He can move in any direction just as the queen can – however he does so with more deliberation. The King directs the army on the macro level.  As the King goes – so does the Nation (and the game) – hence the King is not swift or sweeping in His movements. The King embodies the Masculine principle. Men are more linear thinkers and Visionaries at the macro level.  They tend to think differently than we do about matters. They are frequently the binoculars of the relationship.

Some might say that in chess the King is a figurehead only – and the queen holds all the real power – I’d disagree. Without the King – you lose. Period.  This is not to say that the queen is unimportant- she has her own skills and talents. It’s not an either/or proposition. They are DIFFERENT, and any seasoned chess player knows they work best –when they work together.

Recognizing these differences as not being a question of greater than and less than – but a matter of different spheres of insight and skill – means infusing those areas of potential abrasion with a big dose of acceptance and respect.  It means realizing that both ways are correct and beneficial for the actualization of the relationship and working together in fulfillment.

We work together with appreciation for our differences not mere tolerance.  When we can see beyond our own position into the benefit of someone else’s we play as a team.  When we bring this into our awareness we embrace the characteristics inherent in our Mate. Taking the long view, seeing things at the macro level, making deliberate and cautious decisions – the ability to move not only forward – but also side-to-side and (when needed) even backwards, simply means we have a King – and not a pawn.

Originally Posted 01/12/2012

Being Naked

I love to be naked.

I sleep naked and attempt to wear the barest minimum of clothing.

I love my naked flesh, the suns kiss touching me.

You would think that someone as comfortable with nudity as I am would be past any lessons of being “naked and not ashamed”

And yet there is always more…

When I’m preparing to do Altar Work I normally have a certain pattern I follow. I bathe and open myself to “hear” what sacred items I should don prior to beginning. Recently while going through this ritual I heard a gentle urging – “Get naked” – I immediately began to comply and then felt a moment of hesitation. I reached for one of my silk sarongs and felt an instant “No” – I paused – dropped it and turned back to the altar thinking “If I can’t be naked before the Divine….then who CAN I be naked with”

And I stepped in front of the Altar – totally naked.

I realized that in all my years of engaging with the Divine consciously – I have never been naked in front of an Altar.

Oh I’ve murmured a meditation, a heartfelt plea or a word of Thankfulness cozied in bed naked – but I was under a blanket and thus still not naked.

When I take my Sacred Baths I’m naked – and yet water offers its own form of being cloaked and covered.

But until a few days ago – I had never been totally naked in that way.

And I felt intensely vulnerable.

Not a vulnerability that says “I’m nothing” – for that is not the sort of relationship I have with the Divine – but a vulnerable that says “I’m fully exposed, fully known “

My AltarWork that day was profound – I wept freely while entreating, requesting, honoring and doing all I Do. I freely flowed from the place of Spirit and back to the more temporal – effortlessly. Once I moved past my initial discomfit – and a fear that I didn’t know I had about in some way offending the Divine by being nude – I was blissfully and joyfully liberated.

Then I saw the following quote when I opened a “Daily OM” –

“There is a freedom in being naked that few enjoy because we have been learned to be embarrassed.”

When I read this I realized that often we have learned to be embarrassed – not only in social situations when we spill a bit of wine or mispronounce a word – but even when with those we love, or- worse yet- with ourselves.

We’ve forgotten the freedom in being exposed and seen without wondering about the critiques of others, without the ever present inner critic telling us to be better or more.

We’ve learned to cover ourselves in lovely things- to wear our degree’s as collars of validation, our occupation or employer as a crown of accomplishment, our financial acumen (real or imagined) as the most luxurious fur coat.

There is a freedom in being naked.

In stripping ourselves of these external trappings and standing before ourselves – naked. Marveling as a child in seeing our toes and navel, feeling sun on our naked emotions, our exposed thoughts, letting a loved one touch and see our essence covered in the skin of our thoughts.

We become regal and noble and all that is wonderful in that vulnerability.

We are Naked… and in this state we are Actualized.


~Originally Posted 1/12/12

Men – Get Off The Irritation-Go-Round!!! (pt 2)

Why Isnt My Listening Face Working

You may not realize it, but she REALLY wants your engagement. Your thoughts, observations, your honest input and feedback. She really wants to hear what you think and she wants it to come from you in your own words. It doesnt matter what it LOOKS like – please understand that even though it seems like she’s mostly interested in filling the space between you with her words, its really YOUR words that are SO needed and necessary at this time.


OK smart guy….if she wants my input, why is she talking so much?

Late Breaking News; Your ‘listening’ face probably doesn’t look INTERESTED or ENGAGED.  Does your ’listening’ face  look like a combination plate of bored with a side order of ‘I don’t get it’?  If so, she will feel like she needs to explain again what she feels the issue is, or give you another example (or 10) or go all the way back to the beginning..and the longer your face looks like that, (along with your keeping most of your energy and thoughts inside your own head) the longer the conversation takes and more frustrated you both get!!  Plus – if your standard M.O. is to be silent and ‘listen’ to her all the time,  she’s probably expecting to carry the conversational load in most discussions. And so it goes.

Strong and silent is hurting your relationship bro. 

Being the strong, silent type isn’t helping your relationship. Despite what you may have heard, believed, seen your Dad or Granddad do –  or maybe you’ve never really thought it through prior to now – consistency in ‘non-communication’ can actually be toxic to the health of your relationship. Even if everything else is going well.

STOP doing these things immediately;

  • living ‘in your head’ while life is going on around you.
  • avoiding sharing your opinions with her.
  • having imaginary conversations in your head where you shame yourself for holding back what you SHOULD have said earlier.
  • believing that your thoughts and observations should be held in reserve for ‘important’ discussions.
  • deciding that ‘there’s no real point in discussing it’ – whatever it is.
  • believing that if you just give in and say okay to whatever, THEN she’ll be happy’.
  • holding “it” in – until you can’t anymore (e.g. you get angry or emotional enough that you are the one that explodes)

Although I started this piece off with the statement that too much listening is overrated, good communication actually involves both giving and receiving – listening and talking on the part of both parties. The problem is that many men believe that OUR part of ‘good communication’ consists mostly of RECEIVING information, thinking intently about that information and deciding what actions to take in the future based upon the information we’ve received. Your taking an automatic RECEIVING position as a default actually contributes to her irritation during a discussion! Its all about the POLARITY between you. The Divine Feminine is in a constant dance with the Sacred Masculine – and just like a dance, when your masculine essence takes a step back…her feminine essence must take a step forward.  This is where it gets interesting – and why your retreating to ‘keep the peace’ doesnt work! When her feminine essence is forced to ‘take that step forward’ in search of your masculine essence and you literally arent there, its exhausting and depleting to her. She’s out of balance…. and it shows through her irritation. Your retreat leaves YOU out of balance as well, which doesnt feel good and contributes to your irritation as well. Her feminine essence NEEDS your masculine essence to step forward, not retreat.

How to ‘step forward’ – and get off the Irritation-Go-Round!!!

You are an awesome Man in SO MANY WAYS – lets face it, you MUST be amazing, because she’s so into you!!!!  In order to have a great relationship, clear communication has to be one of your highest priorities.  Staying ‘in your head’ – e.g., just thinking about whatever she just said without response…is ‘stepping back’. Keeping your thoughts to yourself most of the time is ‘stepping back’. Actively sharing what’s in your noggin with the person you’re in relationship with is letting your masculine essence rise to the challenge and is stepping forward –  and will yield major benefits for both of you…but you have to take the leadership role and DO IT – real talk.  Being a leader is stepping forward. Embracing your strength, being present and being engaged is stepping forward.  Even being vulnerable and sharing what you truly think and believe with her is a form of stepping forward. And you can begin doing all of these things starting today.  You CAN really get off the Irritation-Go-Round forever!!! What’s awesome about this is that you can start right now – there are no complicated forms to fill out, ingredients to mix or batteries to purchase. No salesman will call.  So get started – take some small steps today in the direction you want to go. STEP FORWARD.

Blow her mind;

You Need To Do This TODAY…YOU spontaneously start a conversation!!  It can be about anything you’ve been thinking about . This establishes you as a more active participant in the relationship and is a reversal of the passive, receiving mode most men are in with their women. Dont be passive and receiving !!– YOU are ACTIVE and GIVING, let her receive your thoughts. Watch her reaction! She’s probably VERY interested in what you have to say, which will no doubt please AND inspire you….KEEP TALKING!! Her Divine Feminine wants to dance with your Sacred Masculine – give it a chance!!! If you step forward, she’ll dance with you in harmony – you’ll be shocked, surprized and amazed – and the irritation that has been plaguing your relationship will begin to dissipate like fog in the sunlight.

Now….What if  you didn’t start the conversation?  Not to worry!! use this handy transitional phrase guide to Join the Conversation and begin GIVING your thoughts instead of just receiving and being quiet and thoughtful.  

Say this; ‘Im glad you brought that up – I’ve been doing some thinking about X_____….(and then actually start telling her what you’ve been thinking!)

Other handy phrases;

  • This is what I believe.
  • This is my dream for ________.
  • I’ve been thinking about this.
  • These are my thoughts
  • This is my vision, I really want to ________.
  • I want to talk to you about something that’s been on my mind
  • Got a moment?

Make her your cheerleader!!!

Trust me on this – more communication is always better for your relationship.  Tell HER you’ve been thinking about how the two of you communicate and tell her that you are committed to getting better at the art of conversation.  In fact – use this article as a conversation starter.  Resist the temptation to take this on as a Secret Mission, the fantastic results of which you’ll unveil in some dramatic fashion when you Get Good At It.  Its ESSENTIAL that she’s onboard as your partner in crime here. Why is it important that you do this together?

  • You must change the pattern of her always talking (GIVING) and you always sitting there listening (RECEIVING) – remember POLARITY!!!
  • Getting GOOD at the free exchange of ideas between you sets you up for success – if she feels she knows whats on your heart then she can trust you. Trust means security and feeling secure and safe is at the TOP of the list of Good Things for her. (for many women, not feeling secure is a major contributor to feeling irritated and out-of sorts much of the time)
  • Talking together becomes a source of pleasure instead of something we must engage in when there’s a problem.
  • Trying to effect a major change like this without involving her is sorta like winking in the dark….YOU know what you’re doing, but nobody else does.
  • We almost always resist change – Changing old behavioral patterns and getting off the Irritation-Go-Round is going to feel strange at first for BOTH of you. Doing this together improves your communication.

Give it some time, stay at it. Let me know how its going. Most guys are NOT doing this with the women in their lives – so congratulations for being a visionary and a trailblazer. YOU sir, are a major badass and soon to be the envy of your fantasy football league. You are now taking some major steps toward having the relationship of your dreams!!!!

Be Amazing.


Hey – we are all about helping peeps reclaim the amazingness of their relationships.  If your dance together is jacked up – if we can help you get back in step in as little as 30 minutes we will. Its free. We are good like that. Setup your chat time now.

Strong And Silent Is Hurting Your Relationship


Men – Get OFF the Irritation-Go-Round!!! (pt 1)

I Have No Idea What We Are Talking About MEN – Do you ever feel like the woman in your life is committed to being irritated with you no matter what you do, or don’t do?  Many of us (men and women) have grown up believing that this is just part of How Things Are in relationships.  Its difficult to believe otherwise when these periodic disagreements between you often flare up like spontaneous summer thundershowers, appearing without warning and disappearing just as quickly. Namaste and I have talked with hundreds of couples and many agree with us that this sporadic irritation and disquiet in relationships is an unwanted, undesired guest. It sucks the life and enjoyment out of whatever you happen to be doing and you hate it….but it seems to be unavoidable.

I believe that a major obstacle is the fact that most men are still doing what they saw their grandfathers and their fathers do – when she starts talking, YOUR job is to listen. Right?


Dont LISTEN?  I know – it sounds crazy,  right?  I dont mean you should tune her out or be uninterested in what she’s talking about. The problem is that men have been using a flawed model for interacting with women during a conflict.  This is totally understandable – we’ve had 50 years of mis-information about what women really want from men.  For much of my life whenever the topic of “what Women want” came up in articles or books  – I can remember this theme being repeated over and over and over again;

  • Women want to be listened to.  
  • Women want a man that is really going to LISTEN to them.
  • A woman’s greatest need is to be HEARD!  Yadda, yadda yadda.

Somewhere along the line this notion that women want to be listened to has been grafted onto the masculine DNA. As a result, we men have become a nation…a WORLD OF ‘LISTENERS’ – and one of the unfortunate results of all this ‘listening’ is that HOW WE LISTEN has contributed to the dissatisfaction of millions of women that seem to be perpetually dissatisfied/disappointed with the men in their lives. For no apparent reason that most men can understand. Guys are irritated and frustrated and don’t really understand how their relationships began suffering from a low-grade fever of irritation and what’s worse, they dont know how to make it better.

Here’s a News Flash – Constant Listening is overrated.

Lets take a look at how men end up on the Irritation-Go-Round…

How many times has this happened to you?

  • She’s dissatisfied for some reason about something.
  • She wants to TALK to you about it.
  • Conversation ensues – wait. This isn’t a real conversation at all, even if it starts out sounding like one. Actually, she mostly talks and you (mostly) listen. Things eventually ‘get better’ (as in issue is dropped or resolved) or they don’t (she gets even more dissatisfied/upset/irritated – talks with more intensity/louder/more emotional)
  • At some point you’re admittedly confused – the ‘issue’ has changed.  What she seems to be irritated about NOW probably sounds completely different from what the two of you began discussing .
  • You still don’t say much of anything – meanwhile,  your sense of confusion is slowly growing.
  • Eventually, you feel you have enough data to piece together in your mind ‘what this is all about’. AHA!!!!  I HAZ A COMMENT!!!!!
  • You seize one of her many statements to this point in the discussion and either offer your brilliant solution to the ‘problem’ as you see it, or challenge the validity or accuracy of a specific factoid. (This is often the conversational equivalent of Our Hero cutting the blue wire to defuse the bomb and then watching helplessly as the countdown to detonation actually speeds up…)
  • The intensity of her immediate response to your ‘contribution’ to the discussion leads to some variation of this thought in your head; ‘why didn’t I just keep quiet?’
  • Now you’re irritated as well!
  • At some point the white towel of male conversational surrender will be tossed into the ring; “I don’t even know what we are talking about anymore!”
  • Both parties retreat to neutral corners.
  • Irritation eventually dissipates.
  • Real life ensues…until the next time.
  • Lather, rinse, repeat for the duration of your relationship.

In the Aftermath….The uncomfortable silences…the olive branches of humor or the distraction of some activity or whatever y’all do to dissipate the irritation in the air….sometimes it works, sometimes it bombs miserably and the only thing you can do is hope that a good nights sleep will restore some sense of normal to your relationship.  Sometimes one or both people apologize, which seems to work for a while but you keep wondering why this happens so often…are you just destined to constantly misunderstand each other? You can recall a time when you NEVER seemed to disagree about anything, remember that?…what happened to that time? How can you get it back?

Fear not – you CAN get the magic back…and what’s even better, you can virtually eliminate this dance of irritation from your relationship….forever.



Hey – if you are having communication issues in your relationship – we can help you feel better in as little as 30 minutes. Its free. We are good like that. Click here and lets talk.

Celebrating my Weakness

namaste hospital

Last weekend while walking down the stone stairs that lead to our Quirky House I took a mis-step, causing the dreaded inversion ankle sprain.

And what a sprain it is.

I should say here that we thought it was much much worse than a sprain given the quickness with which is became swollen and the fact that I was not able to put ANY pressure on it.


And my screaming when it first happened. Because, you know – it hurt. A Lot.


A trip to the hospital and some xrays later and we know it’s not broken. Great! I’m in a splint, ordered to rest it as much as possible, keep it elevated and use crutches.

I’ve been in bed mostly since Saturday, causing a bit of cabin fever. Groceries needed buying, school supplies needed getting – so yesterday we went shopping.

We get to the store and my Beloved tells me that I should use one of the motorized carts. I pout. I squirm.

“Those are for the elderly and people with REAL medical issues” I say to Him with big doe eyes that say “don’t make me do this”

“Those are for people who need to sit while shopping” He says back – pulling the cart out and nudging me towards it.

I’m challenged, uncomfortable but I sit in one.

The clerk comes over to unplug it and to tell me how to use it.

I feel embarrassed, awkward. “Why is this bothering me?” I wonder to myself. I tuck the question inside as we wander from aisle to aisle.

As I’m riding around the store I muse about what ‘s been coming up for me lately. Words like Vulnerability and Imperfection, Acceptance and Flexibility.  I’ve been wondering – where can I be more vulnerable – where am I still guarded – still feeling the need to appear “strong” and “perfect”.

I am buzzing down the aisle when it hits me – why being in this little motorized cart in HEB bring me such discomfort.

I feel weak.

Not weak as in I’m going to pass out.

Weak as in – my lack of ability to do everything for myself, without aid or help is impaired. Weak as in “I need help”. Weak in a way I’m definitely not used to feeling.

I look at my gorgeous Beloved  and our son as they walk down the aisles with me, calling me “speed racer” and grabbing items as I call them out from the list. They joke with me and they both handle me gently. Tenderly.  I realize a few things.



  1. It is one thing to ask others to help you when you CAN do it myself – it feels completely different to have to rely on assistance. There is a softening that becomes available in that opportunity if you let it. Soften into it.
  2. Weak comes from a word that means vulnerable.(I know this because I looked it up on my phone while in the store – huzzah for the internet!)  To explore vulnerability is to explore and embrace weakness. Not as something to be overcome, but as a simple facet of being. You’re going to be weak sometimes and it’s okay.
  3. This is a perfect example of powerful surrender- as I ride through the store I surrender to the moment, surrender to my need to be handled gently, to receive assistance – surrender to my external lessening – and find that in that surrender I find something precious. By surrendering to that feeling of weakness, I reclaim those weak spaces internally, reclaiming them as valued.
  4.  I’ve been taught that as a woman to be strong is to be Powerful. That I need to show up in strength 24/7. This is exhausting, depleting, and utterly false. The truth is I need to show up as ME- whatever that me looks like in that moment. Sometimes strong sometimes weak, sometimes in Yes sometimes in No. Sometimes  whole and sometimes broken. It’s all good.

As the lessons fall into place like dominos I smile.  I feel the self-consciousness ebb. I relax into my Beloved caring for me, stop worrying and learn to celebrate my weakness.


Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

namaste signature pink


Believing in YOU

It only takes one person to change things around….with you and I believing, that’s TWO!!! No More Excuses – lets get started building that dream!!!!!

The Ministry Of Sex

This morning my Beloved and I were in bed and the thought occurred “This is Ministry”

Yes – SEX is ministry.

When I looked up the definition of ministry I came to this one that made me stop ” a person or thing through which something is accomplished : agency, instrumentality

WOW – Sex does something.

Not just making babies although that is awesome too.

Sex connects us  – and I’m not talking about only one type of sex. Only the deep mystical tantric sex for instance.

ALL Sex- literally connects us.

It’s accomplishes something.  It is an instrument. Now if you know anything about instruments you know that they are what they are and whether you choose to use them, ignore them, use them to build or destroy, or use them erroneously.

When we’re having sex with someone we’re serving as the vessel of connection. We’re connecting spirits, souls, intention.  We’re connecting pleasure to a person, and bringing pleasure to a person. We the embodiment of the Oneness that we are.

When I connect sexually with my Beloved – I’m bringing my essence to connect with His.  I’m opening up all that I am in my Feminine essence and receiving all that He is in His Masculinity.  My ability to show up fully in that role of acceptance, active receiving of Him and pleasure is creative, connective and fueling. His ability to show up in the role of giving, consciousness and  Focus – active giving of Himself and pleasure is  also creative, connective, powerful and fueling. We create a cyclical  microcosm of all that is.

In my Life Support practice (aka Coaching) I teach my clients how to connect with the power of not only their Feminine Essence but their sexuality.

How sex can be used to help us heal and as a catalyst to transformation in ways that other things can not.

How delicious, pleasurable sex can be had by everyone.

We tend to believe that the Divine is in a building somewhere – when in actuality the Divine is in US. We tend to think of “ministry” as something that priests and preachers do  to help others – but there is a Ministry that has the ability to set free and reconcile in ways that we aren’t even tapping into – that Ministry is sex.

More on this later.

In Laughter, Love, and Lustiness,

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