Podcast Ep. 2 – Getting free from Shame and Guilt



Today’s podcast  overwhelmed us. We both felt waves of Divine Compassion and Love wash through us as we were recording it. You really want to hear this.



One of the things that we felt strongly was to offer everyone an opportunity to get free by being witness in the lace of their shame. There is real power in being Witnessed. If you’ve never had the experience  we highly suggest it. This witnessing is offered during our FREE consult. Whatever that place of shame is – the power of openly stating it is miraculous.  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!


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Live. Love. Lush and Fearless!

Richard and Namaste

Femininity is About Allowing


“Psychologist Jeff Allen, founder of Psychology of Vision, who coaches for relationship and business success, said: ‘Independent women look like they are tough and have their acts together, which is appealing, but really they are well-defended because they don’t want to get hurt or be vulnerable.’But to be feminine, at some level you have got to be open. ‘Being open allows connection, intuition and compassion-these are the feminine gifts.’So how do we open ourselves up to our feminine energy, especially if we also want to survive career-wise in a male-dominated world?’The feminine principle is about allowing things to unfold and happen, not always interfering.”
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I read the above today and it felt so touching so moving. Femininity is about allowing. Interestingly – so is the Law of Attraction.  Allowing. What a scary and beautiful concept.

It makes me wonder – step into curiosity about how I can allow more.

Where can I witness the unfolding and happening.

Today  I am open to the experience. I wonder what the experience will be. I wonder what will unfold and manifest if I just surrender to the process.


Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

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Go There


I wrote the poem below this afternoon – while sitting on our bed pondering the fall and feeling full full FULL – in ways I can’t describe – only experience.

I want to encourage you, exhort you – beg you.

Please “go there” .

Even if you tremble and quake in fear. Go anyway. Only you know what it means to “Go” and only you know where your “There” is.

Your Bliss is waiting.


Go there

We’re so afraid of going there.


Of delving so deeply inside that we crack open

Letting others see our moist and tender insides

The juice of our passion and joy, pain and suffering dribbling down our chin as we are eaten and suckled by the Purpose for which we are born

Devoured by our own divinity.


We are so afraid to go there.

To become all that we truly are – to spend ourselves in our own emotion

Feeling it fully – not weakened or watered down

Not made cute or neutralized

Fierce and burning hot as the sun, Feeling ourselves embraced by being, experiencing and utterly FEELING whatever it is we feel.


The fear of going there.

Going there in love.

Spending ourselves openly without fear and feeling it.

Exploding with it, Devoted to it – even if it hurts.

No protection, no guarding

Rolling over so that our soft underbelly is exposed

Purring as we expand into the Infinite


And this is what life is about – this is what I stand for.

Go there.

Be willing to go there.

You’ll be vulnerable -Yes.

Pained at times – Yes.

Lonely on occasion – Yes.

Misunderstood – Yes.


And yet

Your soul will know what it is to be free – to fly and soar in ways you’ve only dreamt of.

Aren’t you tired, irritated, angered even- at the constant knocking of your dream at the door of you life?

Do you rage inside at the words not spoken, the promises broken, the half-steps and comprises you make – to the something More that you Are?

Watching as others take tentative steps- your frustration opens and beckons and saying


Yes-  I too must go there.




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Love Inc.

Goood morning sweetlings! This morning Richard and I are absolutely THRILLED to have a guest post by the  soul-full, amazing…

 Diane Taylor! 

Diane is sharing an amazing post with us entitled “Love Inc.” – snuggle up honey buns and get ready for something luscious!


Love Inc.

This week in my “real job” my company announced to its investors, partners and employees a new strategic plan for 2013-2015. With a challenging economy and results not trending in the right direction, it was time to take a deeper look and commit to a plan that will lead us to sustainable success. The analysis has been done, the direction set and it is now time for action. Action, which will attempt to enhance the company’s position for all shareholders.

Wait a minute, I promised to write about how to enhance your “Love Relationship” this week. Yes, it is true, my memory is not always the strongest, but I have not forgotten!

Our “love relationships” start off with emotion, feelings, and attraction – things that we cannot always quantify. We get swept away in these wonderful feelings.  It feels easy to give our partner what makes them happy. Things feel magical and we just go with it, trusting that the magical feelings will last forever because they are so strong. We trust in the magic rather than the action or behaviours because that is easy. Life gets busy, our behaviours change or dwindle and one day we wake up and realize the magic is gone. Magic is simply an illusion; behaviour is what sustains connection. Relationships require effort, not pixie dust.

How does this relate to business? In order to thrive in business it takes effort. We constantly look at, strategize, change direction, analyse, take action, build and do whatever is necessary to grow our profits so our shareholders will be satisfied. In order to thrive, love relationships require the same attention and focus on growth and improvement. The effort we exert in business equals profits. The efforts we exert in our love relationships equals feelings of attraction and connectedness.

We fantasize that love is different. Because we are swept away, it feels effortless. As a result we trust in something other than effort. We trust in the illusion; the magical love dust we believe protects and sustains the union. From age three onwards Cinderella teaches us that we just have to find “the one” and the magic will happen – no effort required.

But don’t be discouraged. Magic is possible! It just has to be created. Just like businesses create profits, you can create long term, sustainable and meaningful connection in your love relationship.

How you ask? It is not as hard as you think. We do not need to reinvent the wheel. We simply can apply a similar model that we use in our workplaces to become successful. Let me draw some links to clarify the connection:


Business = Love Relationship

Mission = Happily Ever After

Profits = Meaningful Connection

Investment = Focus and attention on the relationship

Majority Shareholders = You and your partner

Shareholders –Your children or other people that benefit from your profitable union

Shareholders Meeting = A date

Strategy = A plan or conscious commitment to action

Bankruptcy = Failure, divorce

Magic – Something that has to be consciously created


Business’s and love relationships are very similar – we need to continually invest and strategize in order to stay in the game and be highly profitable.

Challenge – Schedule a majority shareholders meeting.  Use this time together to be creative and discuss how you will grow your business. Develop a strategy and  an investment plan to take your business to the next level of profitability.


Diane Taylor Diane is an inspirational speaker, facilitator, coach and blogger. An expert in developing exceptional, authentic and engaged leaders, she is passionate about helping people create balance and meaning in their lives. She blogs about leadership, love and balance. A recognized leader in her field of Human Resources, Diane is also a dance and hockey mom who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.http://glowleadership.com/blog/

Podcast Ep. 1 – Being Broke makes you Dr. Jekyl and Mr Hyde

Hey there sweetpeas!

Richard and I have been wanting to put up a Podcast for some time and now we have!

In our first official podcast episode we explore The Jekyll & Hyde effect – we talk about how being broke affects your attitude and your prospects for RANSPodcastArtwork4getting out of debt and what to do about it! We also take a look at practical and repeatable ways to change and elevate your vibration and get in flow with the the positive. How to immerse yourself in the flow of abundance and stop taking steps backward in the opposite direction of what you want to experience. Lets uncover the true reasons that stop good things from coming into your life and change your life forever!!!!





Shift out of Fear

I had the opportunity to participate in day one of the Phenomenal Adela Rubio’s 21 day energy shift program. Let me tell you it’s powerful!!

One quote from her website was:

“There is nothing to fear at all; all that is needed is a little more awareness. So whatever your fear is, catch hold of it, look at it minutely, the way a scientist looks at a thing. And you will be surprised, it starts melting like an ice flake. By the time you have looked into its totality, it is gone.” ~ Osho

Based on that quote I have created the following affirmation and linked it to a mantra:




Affirmation: Today i am FEARLESS!! Under the fierce light of my own brilliance -fear melts. Rather than allowing fear to have its way with me, I grab it, face it and walk through it on my way to Purpose and fulfillment!

Optional Mantra: VAM (Repeat for 2-3 minutes)

Feel free to use these as you move through your day to energize you, center you and create movement.

Dance Powerfully!!

 Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

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Want to work on getting past your Fears? Contact us for a FREE Consult on Vanquishing Fear! Yes, you CAN go from fear-full to Fear-LESS!! 


A most common and celebrated Abuse

Good morning my darlings,

Looking at my Facebook scroll, news feed and the like on any given day I’ll see tons of articles on abuse.

  • “How to end abuse”
  • “Rates of abuse globally”
  • “The latest allegation of abuse”

  Is it any wonder that often people think the world sucketh muchly and people are at their core cruel?   This morning I woke up and as I was scrolling through and taking note of some of the messages – I also noticed another – much more dangerous subtext.

  • “I suck”
  • “I f*ck up”
  • “I’m constantly wrecking my world”

  Even at the event Richard and I attended as educators this past weekend there was a reoccurring theme of “sharing how much you’ve f*cked up”   As I sat pondering these things I heard whispered into my heart

“How many nights will you do violence to your soul?”

It nearly brought me to tears. How often do we do violence to our SELVES? Often we speak ill of ourselves, handling ourselves roughly- without compassion, without love, without patience or gentleness.

And here’s the kicker… We usually KNOW that we are doing it.

We’ll even say it with a sort of pride “I’m harder on myself than anyone else” As if to be so is a badge of merit.

If we were speaking of treating anyone ELSE that way – we’d be horrified. Yet to do it to ourselves – our sense of Self – which is so sacred, so tender, and so utterly dependent on us for care. For us to feed our hearts and souls the poison of judgement and a cold critical eye – this is a celebrated and embraced abuse.

We do not show humility by our being “harsh” and “hardened” with ourselves. We do not teach the world, our children, or those we consider to be more vulnerable – how to overcome bad by turning it inward.  In short, the world is not served by our claiming our mistakes, faux pas’ and learnings are “f*ck ups” and not offering in their retelling an inner hug and measure of compassion to ourselves.

Even in this  note – my intention is not for you dear heart to begin to offer even more cruelty to your precious Self in condemning your treatment of your Soul, for cruelty is rarely undone through cruel methods.

No – what I would offer is that you might consider your Self – ALL of your Self – not only the “good” parts- but the difficult to love parts as well  – as Sacred.

That you will wrap your imperfections in tenderness and fierce compassion.

That You will  exercise a lavish and flamboyant self love.

That you will become enraptured by your broken places and barren spaces. 

That you might fall in Love with wild abandon – with your precious and sacred Self… and watch how your experience of the world shifts is response.

Let us begin with this, “I love you”.

Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

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P.S – If you’d like a sacred container to hold you, love you, accept you as you Transform – I invite you to join: http://tinyurl.com/GetSOFT


Ready to Get Free?

If you are like most extremely busy people,  you are very probably reading this at the expense of doing something else. And you can probably think very easily about at least two or three OTHER things that you ought to be doing instead of reading this. Like the work they pay you for. Or washing clothes, or cleaning up or any one of a hundred things.

Here’s an amazing fact – by the time you finish reading this little article, something or someone is likely to disrupt your reading with an interruption of some sort.

Bill Jensen the author of the book Disrupt! says; “We’ve now entered an era of continuous personal disruption. You will experience at least 100 times more major disruptions in your lifetime than your parents experienced. And your daily routines? They’re disrupted before you have your first cup of coffee. I’ve read research that estimates our attention span is less than 10 seconds, thanks to the constant interruptions.”

What does that have to do with living your dream? Everything. 

Namaste and I enjoy a life that involves a tremendous amount of freedom…as we define it. We get up early, eat a good meal, workout on occasion and spend the better part of the day talking to clients, answering emails and working on the biz. If we want to stop mid-morning to go swimming, take in a movie or pause in the middle of the afternoon to have a glass of wine and talk, we just do. No checking in with some supervisor or boss, no more “Im sorry – I’ve been called into an important meeting that I can’t get out of” no managers poking their heads into our office asking us ‘hey, you got a minute?’…you know those org chart powered interruptions that you know you cannot flat out refuse and keep your job…we don’t have to deal with that because this particular home based business belongs to US.

And we love it. 

After working a ‘job’ and establishing a very successful ‘career’ in the corporate world, I found myself wanting more out of this life – and what I wanted had more to do with autonomy and speaking and living my truth than with finding some way to make millions without doing anything, like so many ‘systems’ out there seem to promise. As I contemplated moving out of the corporate environment and into having my own business, I realized some basic truths about the life I was living.

I recognized that the company I worked for would take up as much of my life as I let it.

I was spending 60-70 hours a week pushing tremendous amounts of energy, willpower and intellect in the pursuit of my employers definition of success. Additionally, much of my time in corporate was spent managing the constant stream of daily interruptions…disruptions that I would have to overcome if I was to be successful in pursuit of my Specific, Measurable, Actionable Realistic and Timely “goals”. The kick in the head was that as SOON as I achieved the ‘goals’, the bar was immediately raised and what I had just achieved became the new ‘normal’……

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 11.52.25 AMYou know the drill. You’re probably living it. 

I made a good living in corporate – nobody was ‘taking advantage of me’ – Honestly, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with making a profit, having goals and the corporation trying to get as MUCH as they can out of me while Im in their employ. I traded my expertise in a specific area for a paycheck in recognition that they MUST pay me less than my output is worth in order to make a profit and keep the lights on. Everyone knows this is the way of big business and I honestly don’t have a problem with corporations. (well, except for the idiots @Monsanto and Bayer that are making chemicals that are killing all the bees and jacking up vegetables on a molecular level, THAT shyt is both ridiculous and inexcusable…but I digress)

What about YOUR Dreams?

Working for a corporation isn’t a Bad Thing. But disruptions SUCK. The constant disruptions inherent in working in the modern office leave little time to focus on the Main Thing (whatever you get paid for), and that means there is even LESS precious time for you to focus on YOUR dream -which I’ll call WIN (Whatever Is Next!). You get on your grind on Monday (lets keep it real, you start THINKING about work on Sunday) and you hit the ground running Monday morning and keep blazing until you get to Friday. Saturday and Sunday are spent doing the stuff you didn’t have time to do during the week and then it starts all over again.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat until DEAD.

That cannot be the Story of Your Life. YOUR Whatever Is Next is amazing, wonderful and uniquely YOU. What do you see yourself doing when you think, “if money was NO issue, if I could replace my income – you know what I’d do? I’d ________________.”

It doesn’t matter what it is…making Art, playing Music, building houses for the homeless, volunteering, sharing YOUR special gifts and talents with the world….

What is it? What would you DO?  That, my friend is what this is all about.
Have you ever thought about Whatever Is Next for you? What’s your WIN??? I know…you don’t have time. Or, you keep getting interrupted.


What if I told you that you could live your life and make a good living doing it?

If there was a way for you to share your truth with the world and get paid for it, would you be willing to try it?

We are living the life of our dreams – Namaste and I continue our work with individuals and couples specifically on having their best relationships ever. To figuring out how to communicate better. To have amazing sex! To helping people be their most authentic, most amazing selves. THAT is what we do – that’s our ‘lifes work’ if you will. That’s what we said we would do if we left our corporate jobs to pursue our dream.  And guess what?

That is EXACTLY what we are doing!!!

So what’s your dream? What do you want to do?

If you are ready to Get Free of cubicle land or wherever you are working now and want me to show you how to make a living blogging and creating residual income with a blog similar to the one you are reading then click on this text and I’ll send you information on how easy it is for you to get started!!!

Time is not Fixed – Next Level Law of Attraction



“The Tale of Benjamin Buttons” was a great movie about a man who lived life – backwards. He began as an old man and died as a baby. It’s profound and deeply moving.  It challenged how we felt about time and encourage us to think outside of the box about it.


Last month a client mentioned to us that he had decided to be a specific age – no matter how old he got. It reminded me of how we’ve said things in times past like “I’m celebrating the 10th anniversary of my 25th year” or something similar.


Now it’s time to take that to another level.


As a co-creator and a Life Magician – a person who believes that you are infinite and have infinite potential – you have to realize something.

Time is not fixed.


It is something that you can play with just like you play with Attraction, Magnetism and  Belief.

The same way you play with Creating Reality and Actualization.


So let’s start here.

Step out of the mundane and the boring.

You do not have to live chronologically.


On our Birthdays (8/25 and 9/25) we have decided that we will choose how old we will for the year.  We will decide what age we desire to experience, using intuition, reflection and inspiration – and we will embody that age for the year.

It may be older – Why wait until you’re 80 to experience the wisdom of an 80 yo when you can do it now?

It may be younger – Do you have a year that you WISH you can do over? You can!


Here’s the thing- we not only make the decision but we also take some specific actions – like Quantum Leaping – jumping into other versions of ourself available in alternate universes and experiencing their knowing. I call the version we do – Quantum Time Jump – because not only are we leaping into other versions we’re also leaping into other time streams of that self.


Whether you truly “believe” in Quantum Time Jumping or believe it is merely a visualization exercise – it can be an amazing tool to use Time differently – to tap into the Power of the Infinite in a practical way.


Another Tip is to use the principle pathway of the Law of Attraction to  make this more real. That is the pathway of how you feel. If you go into this without anticipation, excitement and enthusiasm about the exercise you may find yourself having less that optimum results.  If you apply pleasure and upper level emotions to the process you may be stunned at what you tap into. Wisdom far beyond your years.  Cells that recall their longevity. Expansion of what you believe about getting older.  It’s magical!


Try it out!  And come back tomorrow for pt. 2 of “Time is not Fixed”


If this type of Higher Level Magician-ship appeals to you – come work with us!  

We’ll even give you the first session free!


Of Kings and Queens

Recently I was speaking with someone who recounted to me how she noticed an issue weeks before her Beloved decided to address it. Another friend mentioned wanting to implement lifestyle changes months ago – but her Beloved was only recently beginning to move in that direction.  In both cases there was a bit of frustration  – why didn’t the men in their lives just make the changes – why did it take so long?

I’m reminded of times when I have noticed something and mentioned it to my Beloved.  He may feel it merited action at that moment – but more often it takes time for him to begin to make those changes and they aren’t done in the more sweeping manner that I would do them.

What’s going on?

While some women may want  to say “Well I knew that WEEKS ago – and if he had just LISTENED to me when I said things would have been BETTER” – with an air of smug satisfaction – that is also a good way to alienate and sow seeds of resentment in your relationship.

No ladies – he didn’t not heed your advice, insight or suggestion at that moment because he’s incompetent nor is it likely because he doesn’t respect you.

He waited – because he’s a King.

Let us take a look at the chessboard shall we?

The Queen – can make large sweeping moves. Provided there isn’t an opponents’ piece to stop her – she can literally move from one side of the board to the other in one large step.  She embodies the Feminine principle.  As women we tend to be holistic and view things at the micro level, however because of the details we absorb at the micro level – we, similar to our chessboard counterpart, tend to desire to make broad changes and moves. We notice nuances in color, in vocal tone, in texture of the relationship and ascribe major weight to these details.  We are frequently the microscopes of the relationship.

The King – Moves cautiously, meticulously – one move at a time. He can move in any direction just as the queen can – however he does so with more deliberation. The King directs the army on the macro level.  As the King goes – so does the Nation (and the game) – hence the King is not swift or sweeping in His movements. The King embodies the Masculine principle. Men are more linear thinkers and Visionaries at the macro level.  They tend to think differently than we do about matters. They are frequently the binoculars of the relationship.

Some might say that in chess the King is a figurehead only – and the queen holds all the real power – I’d disagree. Without the King – you lose. Period.  This is not to say that the queen is unimportant- she has her own skills and talents. It’s not an either/or proposition. They are DIFFERENT, and any seasoned chess player knows they work best –when they work together.

Recognizing these differences as not being a question of greater than and less than – but a matter of different spheres of insight and skill – means infusing those areas of potential abrasion with a big dose of acceptance and respect.  It means realizing that both ways are correct and beneficial for the actualization of the relationship and working together in fulfillment.

We work together with appreciation for our differences not mere tolerance.  When we can see beyond our own position into the benefit of someone else’s we play as a team.  When we bring this into our awareness we embrace the characteristics inherent in our Mate. Taking the long view, seeing things at the macro level, making deliberate and cautious decisions – the ability to move not only forward – but also side-to-side and (when needed) even backwards, simply means we have a King – and not a pawn.

Originally Posted 01/12/2012