Sowing Wildly

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.” ~Henry David Thoreau

We often have-

Innovative ideas

Wonderful wisdom

Inspiring insights

Delightful Desires

All of which we do very little or nothing with.

We don’t share them.

We don’t put them out there…we hold them into ourselves, often because we’re waiting for just the PERFECT opportunity.

“When I’m standing in front of 10,000 people THEN I’ll share this.”

“I don’t want this to be stolen from me and used by someone else – so I’ll wait”

“When all my ducks are aligned – perfect website, marketing, logo etc. – THAT will be the perfect time.”

“When I have the perfect home, mate, materials then I’ll do it”

But this misses a very important key.

There is a concept in many faiths of “sowing and reaping”

It is also called the Law of Cause and Effect.

What it comes down to is very simple -whatever you sow you will reap. Do not sow sparingly worried about the outcome – just know that whatever you put out there, you are going to get back a harvest from, like after like.

This concept is often looked at in the negative: “Don’t put bad things into the world or karma will get you” – and this too is an oddly human trait to look at things in the most negative way possible.

But let’s look at it from another angle:

Whatever you sow you will reap- As I go through the world – I don’t have to live in fear of others stealing my ideas or inspirations. I don’t have to with hold my “seed” for waiting for the perfect opportunity. In fact doing so may mean I miss the “season” for planting.

It’s time to cast your seeds in action.

How the seed comes up – is really outside of the scope of our concern.

Our concern is only with putting the seed out there, so cast care to the wind!

Do not sow sparingly worried about the outcome – To sow sparingly – holding back because we fear that this is our “one” idea, or we don’t have enough or “what if I use this all up and there is no more”  comes from a world view of lack. When we understand that we are connected to Source energy in a Universe of magnificent abundance – and we TRULY believe that abundance is available for ME (Yes YOU!) then there is no position of “saving” seed. We understand that how and where the seed comes up – is also outside of our scope of control. It may spring up exactly where and how we planted it – or come back in new and amazing way that we could not anticipate. This is the Joy Factor!


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Originally posted 4/2011

Saturday Sex-o-matic! Forced Sex Fantasy?

Good morning,

We get a lot of questions and one of them is “Why don’t you guys talk more about sex on the blog?”

Good question! We normally consider sex and our particular brand of Sex and Sensuality education to be something that is best experienced and not intellectualized about.  That said- that does not mean there is no merit to a good intellectually stimulating conversation. There are ways to educate about how to have a fulfilling sexually connective experience  online.

So we’re going to start talking sex on the blog.

If you have a question shoot us a note. Want a particular topic covered? Let us know.

Because there’s absolutely no reason to ever have bad alcohol or bad sex.

This weeks topic  is one we saw posted on a blog we follow.

Is it normal to have sexual fantasies that involve forced sex?

The original blog post can be found here.

We could go into all of the facts and figures about this type of question, all of the statistics and such – but really if you want all of that click the link above.

More importantly, we’ll say this THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU.

Fantasies are just that- fantasy.  They don’t mean you’re a horrible person.  Sexual fantasies in particular often provide a way for us to play with our shadow and spaces within ourselves that we often reject.

We would invite you to take the opportunity to play and experiment with your partners – without judgement of looking for “what does this mean??”

Judgement or fear of judgement gets in the way  of sexual and sensual enjoyment all the time. Along with judgement is FEAR. Fear of being judged, fear of being less, fear of our desires and longings being indicative of some sort of pathologic issue.

This is the downside of all of the arm-chair psychology that goes around now.

So – if you have a fantasy of being forced or you fantasize about forcing – SWEET – play with that. Talk to your partner about that. You may choose to explore that fantasy through books, through oral story telling, or through acting it out physically. We encourage you to discuss, find a place that feels good to BOTH people, develop a safe space to explore in and make sure you have ways to communicate DURING the act if you decide to go that far. Also- decompress afterwards. How was it for both people. Yummy? Scary? Both? Who knows what you might come up with. Sex is all about doing what feels good and satisfying to the 2 people involved – so the biggest thing is HAVE FUN.

Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

Richard and Namaste


Learning to love yourself!

Goood morning!!

We have an inspiring guest post by Keri Kight today! Keri is an amazing woman on a mission to help women have fabulous lives – we’re very happy to have her wisdom here on Richard and Namaste!!



 You have to love yourself before you can truly allow another to love you

How strongly do you love yourself?


Do you love your mind, body and soul? Do you praise your body and the amazing things that it can do? Do you acknowledge your strengths and pursue new interests? Do you take care of your heart by making sure your needs are met?


What if I told you that it’s impossible to have a true, strong connection with another human being IF you aren’t loving yourself?


It’s true and it can hold you back from having a beautiful, glorious life.


There are 2 things that happen when you aren’t loving yourself fully:


  1. You are sending off a message to the world that you aren’t worthy of love.
  2. You are creating a blockage that makes it harder for you to feel the love from others.


If you aren’t loving yourself, it’s similar to setting up a force field around you. It’s like having a barrier, and it makes it harder to let others into your life.


You are worthy of love. You are worthy of everything you desire, and so much more. We come from love, and when we die, we will be surrounded by love. There is love inside of you, enough for yourself and everyone you encounter. Don’t be afraid to let it out.


When you love yourself, you’re sending a message to the world that you ARE worthy of love. This message is felt by everyone you encounter, whether they realize it or not.


Does this make everyone else love you? Surely not. There are people in this world that have hate (or another negative emotion) in their heart and it makes it hard to love others. Don’t focus on the negative people. Focus on the people that love you and give you love.


There are 2 things that happen when you love yourself:


  1. You open up your barrier, allowing more love into your life.
  2. You know and feel love, and that makes you realize the beauty of spreading love.


If you want a healthy, loving relationship with another human being, you must give yourself love. When you have love inside of you, it’s so much easier to send love to other people.


Who wouldn’t want to spread love?


And don’t worry. Love is an endless, never ending, expansive, beautiful feeling. You can’t run out of it, and you can’t destroy it. You will always have love to give, and there will always be love to give yourself, either from you or someone else.


I want you to give yourself a compliment today. Tell yourself that you’re gorgeous, or that you look amazing in your new outfit. Acknowledge how glorious you are, and you’ll start to feel it.


So go out there today, give yourself some love, and send some off to other people, either close to you, or strangers that you encounter.


Keri tinyBio:  Keri Kight is on a mission to help women build their self confidence and find their true happiness. While teaching children in the public schools, she became restless and bored, until she figured out her true passion: teaching women to love themselves. Keri suffered several years with low self worth, destroyed self confidence, and poor self esteem. Through her own experience and knowledge, she teaches women how amazing life truly is by helping them achieve real happiness. You can find her at where you can download her free guide: 5 Secrets to Living a Happy, Healthy Life.

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Podcast Ep. 2 – Getting free from Shame and Guilt



Today’s podcast  overwhelmed us. We both felt waves of Divine Compassion and Love wash through us as we were recording it. You really want to hear this.



One of the things that we felt strongly was to offer everyone an opportunity to get free by being witness in the lace of their shame. There is real power in being Witnessed. If you’ve never had the experience  we highly suggest it. This witnessing is offered during our FREE consult. Whatever that place of shame is – the power of openly stating it is miraculous.  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!


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Live. Love. Lush and Fearless!

Richard and Namaste

Femininity is About Allowing


“Psychologist Jeff Allen, founder of Psychology of Vision, who coaches for relationship and business success, said: ‘Independent women look like they are tough and have their acts together, which is appealing, but really they are well-defended because they don’t want to get hurt or be vulnerable.’But to be feminine, at some level you have got to be open. ‘Being open allows connection, intuition and compassion-these are the feminine gifts.’So how do we open ourselves up to our feminine energy, especially if we also want to survive career-wise in a male-dominated world?’The feminine principle is about allowing things to unfold and happen, not always interfering.”
Read More Here


I read the above today and it felt so touching so moving. Femininity is about allowing. Interestingly – so is the Law of Attraction.  Allowing. What a scary and beautiful concept.

It makes me wonder – step into curiosity about how I can allow more.

Where can I witness the unfolding and happening.

Today  I am open to the experience. I wonder what the experience will be. I wonder what will unfold and manifest if I just surrender to the process.


Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

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Go There


I wrote the poem below this afternoon – while sitting on our bed pondering the fall and feeling full full FULL – in ways I can’t describe – only experience.

I want to encourage you, exhort you – beg you.

Please “go there” .

Even if you tremble and quake in fear. Go anyway. Only you know what it means to “Go” and only you know where your “There” is.

Your Bliss is waiting.


Go there

We’re so afraid of going there.


Of delving so deeply inside that we crack open

Letting others see our moist and tender insides

The juice of our passion and joy, pain and suffering dribbling down our chin as we are eaten and suckled by the Purpose for which we are born

Devoured by our own divinity.


We are so afraid to go there.

To become all that we truly are – to spend ourselves in our own emotion

Feeling it fully – not weakened or watered down

Not made cute or neutralized

Fierce and burning hot as the sun, Feeling ourselves embraced by being, experiencing and utterly FEELING whatever it is we feel.


The fear of going there.

Going there in love.

Spending ourselves openly without fear and feeling it.

Exploding with it, Devoted to it – even if it hurts.

No protection, no guarding

Rolling over so that our soft underbelly is exposed

Purring as we expand into the Infinite


And this is what life is about – this is what I stand for.

Go there.

Be willing to go there.

You’ll be vulnerable -Yes.

Pained at times – Yes.

Lonely on occasion – Yes.

Misunderstood – Yes.


And yet

Your soul will know what it is to be free – to fly and soar in ways you’ve only dreamt of.

Aren’t you tired, irritated, angered even- at the constant knocking of your dream at the door of you life?

Do you rage inside at the words not spoken, the promises broken, the half-steps and comprises you make – to the something More that you Are?

Watching as others take tentative steps- your frustration opens and beckons and saying


Yes-  I too must go there.




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Love Inc.

Goood morning sweetlings! This morning Richard and I are absolutely THRILLED to have a guest post by the  soul-full, amazing…

 Diane Taylor! 

Diane is sharing an amazing post with us entitled “Love Inc.” – snuggle up honey buns and get ready for something luscious!


Love Inc.

This week in my “real job” my company announced to its investors, partners and employees a new strategic plan for 2013-2015. With a challenging economy and results not trending in the right direction, it was time to take a deeper look and commit to a plan that will lead us to sustainable success. The analysis has been done, the direction set and it is now time for action. Action, which will attempt to enhance the company’s position for all shareholders.

Wait a minute, I promised to write about how to enhance your “Love Relationship” this week. Yes, it is true, my memory is not always the strongest, but I have not forgotten!

Our “love relationships” start off with emotion, feelings, and attraction – things that we cannot always quantify. We get swept away in these wonderful feelings.  It feels easy to give our partner what makes them happy. Things feel magical and we just go with it, trusting that the magical feelings will last forever because they are so strong. We trust in the magic rather than the action or behaviours because that is easy. Life gets busy, our behaviours change or dwindle and one day we wake up and realize the magic is gone. Magic is simply an illusion; behaviour is what sustains connection. Relationships require effort, not pixie dust.

How does this relate to business? In order to thrive in business it takes effort. We constantly look at, strategize, change direction, analyse, take action, build and do whatever is necessary to grow our profits so our shareholders will be satisfied. In order to thrive, love relationships require the same attention and focus on growth and improvement. The effort we exert in business equals profits. The efforts we exert in our love relationships equals feelings of attraction and connectedness.

We fantasize that love is different. Because we are swept away, it feels effortless. As a result we trust in something other than effort. We trust in the illusion; the magical love dust we believe protects and sustains the union. From age three onwards Cinderella teaches us that we just have to find “the one” and the magic will happen – no effort required.

But don’t be discouraged. Magic is possible! It just has to be created. Just like businesses create profits, you can create long term, sustainable and meaningful connection in your love relationship.

How you ask? It is not as hard as you think. We do not need to reinvent the wheel. We simply can apply a similar model that we use in our workplaces to become successful. Let me draw some links to clarify the connection:


Business = Love Relationship

Mission = Happily Ever After

Profits = Meaningful Connection

Investment = Focus and attention on the relationship

Majority Shareholders = You and your partner

Shareholders –Your children or other people that benefit from your profitable union

Shareholders Meeting = A date

Strategy = A plan or conscious commitment to action

Bankruptcy = Failure, divorce

Magic – Something that has to be consciously created


Business’s and love relationships are very similar – we need to continually invest and strategize in order to stay in the game and be highly profitable.

Challenge – Schedule a majority shareholders meeting.  Use this time together to be creative and discuss how you will grow your business. Develop a strategy and  an investment plan to take your business to the next level of profitability.


Diane Taylor Diane is an inspirational speaker, facilitator, coach and blogger. An expert in developing exceptional, authentic and engaged leaders, she is passionate about helping people create balance and meaning in their lives. She blogs about leadership, love and balance. A recognized leader in her field of Human Resources, Diane is also a dance and hockey mom who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Podcast Ep. 1 – Being Broke makes you Dr. Jekyl and Mr Hyde

Hey there sweetpeas!

Richard and I have been wanting to put up a Podcast for some time and now we have!

In our first official podcast episode we explore The Jekyll & Hyde effect – we talk about how being broke affects your attitude and your prospects for RANSPodcastArtwork4getting out of debt and what to do about it! We also take a look at practical and repeatable ways to change and elevate your vibration and get in flow with the the positive. How to immerse yourself in the flow of abundance and stop taking steps backward in the opposite direction of what you want to experience. Lets uncover the true reasons that stop good things from coming into your life and change your life forever!!!!





Shift out of Fear

I had the opportunity to participate in day one of the Phenomenal Adela Rubio’s 21 day energy shift program. Let me tell you it’s powerful!!

One quote from her website was:

“There is nothing to fear at all; all that is needed is a little more awareness. So whatever your fear is, catch hold of it, look at it minutely, the way a scientist looks at a thing. And you will be surprised, it starts melting like an ice flake. By the time you have looked into its totality, it is gone.” ~ Osho

Based on that quote I have created the following affirmation and linked it to a mantra:




Affirmation: Today i am FEARLESS!! Under the fierce light of my own brilliance -fear melts. Rather than allowing fear to have its way with me, I grab it, face it and walk through it on my way to Purpose and fulfillment!

Optional Mantra: VAM (Repeat for 2-3 minutes)

Feel free to use these as you move through your day to energize you, center you and create movement.

Dance Powerfully!!

 Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

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Want to work on getting past your Fears? Contact us for a FREE Consult on Vanquishing Fear! Yes, you CAN go from fear-full to Fear-LESS!! 


A most common and celebrated Abuse

Good morning my darlings,

Looking at my Facebook scroll, news feed and the like on any given day I’ll see tons of articles on abuse.

  • “How to end abuse”
  • “Rates of abuse globally”
  • “The latest allegation of abuse”

  Is it any wonder that often people think the world sucketh muchly and people are at their core cruel?   This morning I woke up and as I was scrolling through and taking note of some of the messages – I also noticed another – much more dangerous subtext.

  • “I suck”
  • “I f*ck up”
  • “I’m constantly wrecking my world”

  Even at the event Richard and I attended as educators this past weekend there was a reoccurring theme of “sharing how much you’ve f*cked up”   As I sat pondering these things I heard whispered into my heart

“How many nights will you do violence to your soul?”

It nearly brought me to tears. How often do we do violence to our SELVES? Often we speak ill of ourselves, handling ourselves roughly- without compassion, without love, without patience or gentleness.

And here’s the kicker… We usually KNOW that we are doing it.

We’ll even say it with a sort of pride “I’m harder on myself than anyone else” As if to be so is a badge of merit.

If we were speaking of treating anyone ELSE that way – we’d be horrified. Yet to do it to ourselves – our sense of Self – which is so sacred, so tender, and so utterly dependent on us for care. For us to feed our hearts and souls the poison of judgement and a cold critical eye – this is a celebrated and embraced abuse.

We do not show humility by our being “harsh” and “hardened” with ourselves. We do not teach the world, our children, or those we consider to be more vulnerable – how to overcome bad by turning it inward.  In short, the world is not served by our claiming our mistakes, faux pas’ and learnings are “f*ck ups” and not offering in their retelling an inner hug and measure of compassion to ourselves.

Even in this  note – my intention is not for you dear heart to begin to offer even more cruelty to your precious Self in condemning your treatment of your Soul, for cruelty is rarely undone through cruel methods.

No – what I would offer is that you might consider your Self – ALL of your Self – not only the “good” parts- but the difficult to love parts as well  – as Sacred.

That you will wrap your imperfections in tenderness and fierce compassion.

That You will  exercise a lavish and flamboyant self love.

That you will become enraptured by your broken places and barren spaces. 

That you might fall in Love with wild abandon – with your precious and sacred Self… and watch how your experience of the world shifts is response.

Let us begin with this, “I love you”.

Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

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