On Single Motherhood


I don’t care for the term “single mother” … Even when I was divorced and parenting.

No mother should be single.
She didn’t make the babies by herself and even if that relationship didn’t work out she should not go through the world thinking herself single.

Singleness is a western fiction…. but I digress…

Mothering is best when done with support. We’re built for it. Other people… Family members, friends, Godparents, male and female supporting this amazing journey of a Human BEING.

I see now there is a trend of women choosing single parenthood. I understand, the need for connection is very strong and our world has tilted and no longer teaches us how to connect. I get it.

But I’d beg any woman considering it to reconsider. The mentality and limiting beliefs that drive one to want to solo procreate WILL impact the child. Trust me.

We are all creating in our image. Procreating in marital (meaning committed) partnership is an energetic formulae Beloved, allow me to translate for you.

The masculine and feminine, from a place of extreme honor and appreciation one for the other and commitment one to the other, have within that esteem decided to embody that appreciation, celebration, respect and LOVE into a BEING, human combined with mystery. The Crystallized form of Love and Divinity.

Did you know that?

Regardless of what happens next, this is the formula that created.
In many spiritual traditions, it is understood that the energy that created a child will inform upon the child’s character. I’ve seen this enough to know that while I didn’t used to like the idea… There is some merit to it.

Things happen… Children are created in less than ideal circumstances… There is much that can be done to free them from those blocks…
It doesn’t change the truth in the original intended formula.

Hmm… I’ll stop there for now…

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