On Motherhood Part III


I’ve waited on this 3rd part to the mothering discussion because it’s so unpopular. And yet, it’s true.

If you have small children, especially young children, the place of your greatest expression of power is at home with them. Working a full-time job, signing up for a ton of obligations, feeling the need to at the same time distance herself from anything that gives her pleasure and lacking a real support system is a recipe for maternal dysfunction.

There are many things the new mother may not have control over and having in-home support post birth may not be something she can do due to financial constraints or a lack of willing family members.

Of course having a tribe, or creating one, that can offer genuine support is ideal. But again- it may not be something she has – and there is much she can do without that.

The simplest is to EXHALE.

If you awaken, eat, nurse the baby, sleep, eat, nurse the baby rinse and repeat all day… you are doing wonderfully.

No shower? So what.
Your home isn’t spotless? So what

As quiet as it’s kept – you held within your body for 9 months a soul becoming human. It will take at least that amount of time for you to become totally one with yourself again.

So don’t fight it.

Much of the frustration comes from a new mother’s expectations of herself and the natural grieving that she needs to do of her maidenhood.

Yes, mama – a facet of your Human Journey has died. You are no longer maiden. You must relinquish and allow to die certain things so that you can be born again as Mother.

YOU as Mother. Not Mother taking over you.

There is a distinction there.
You as Mother means allowing an integration between the morphic field of the archetype of mother expressing through you.

Mother taking over you – is speaking into being overcome and possessed by the expectations of others.

This work takes time, takes space, takes energy. And is next to impossible to do while working away from home.

The willingness to give up this idea that you need to do everything all the time is the key to your relinquishing stress. Without the release of stress, you can not be present with your children, your Beloved or yourself. Stress hormones create a system where you are always running at a deficit and that deficit means there is simply not enough to go around.

The key is to remove the stress response. It’s easier done than said.

It sounds so difficult… but what about… but what about…

But in truth… just ask yourself this… begin here…
I wonder how can I eliminate the stress?
How can I be home with my children?
Why am I afraid to?

More to come…

In Love…

Mamaste (Mama Namaste)

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