On Motherhood Part II


Second part on mothering- The More Beneficial Way

First let me say, my love that some of this may cause instant internal resistance, that’s okay. Save it until later or not… But this is not an invitation to debate.

1. Exchange External Expectations for Goddess Gathering – you, dear mama, have no control over what other people think about you as a mom. It’s true. The plethora of parenting books, seminars, and experts have nothing to do with you. Nothing at all. Instead of allowing expectations to inform upon your decisions I suggest following the path of our foremothers and engaging in gathering. When a woman goes out to gather, she is only seeing that which will benefit and have actual use in what she is doing. She’s not concerning herself with other tribes, if she is alone, she’s not concerning herself with other families. She’s gathering ONLY what is needed by her family at that time. She has seasonal awareness and that informs upon her gathering ability. In like manner… Begin to turn your face less outward and more inward towards your own maternal insight, allowing the wisdom of a few close elders as well.

2. Exchange Internal Expectations for Perfect Imperfection and Forgiveness. Your parents did the best they knew. Yep. It’s true. And they made so sucky decisions from your point of view. Yes, it’s true. And guess what?… So will you with your children. It’s unavoidable. Forgive your parents and then you can forgive yourself. There is no such thing as a perfect childhood because it’s not MEANT TO BE. Childhood is simply the entry point of divinity into human experience. Your job is facilitating this aspect of divinity in learning to be human. That’s it. Yes, darling… On a larger level most of what you’re trained to worry about as a mom… Doesn’t matter. Breathe that in. Your beautiful child is meaning to be…


That’s imperfect, messy, raw, sometimes painful and always complex. Your job is not to protect them from that complexity, but to teach them how to adapt to and integrate it…

Wait for part three darling…

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