Mother Wit

Super Excited about the release of this class TODAY!!! Join now and you’ll be able to join us for the LIVE members only Group Coaching and Slumber party on 6/24/16!!!

MotherWit is a class that ushers in a DIFFERENT type of Mothering. Mothering that focuses on YOU first and allows all parenting to flow from there. I have 8 children ranging in age from 15-27, I’ve homeschooled and public schooled – I’ve parented through a few different “Seasons” of parenting styles and one thing I’ve noticed is that the belief that being a mama means being depleted, exhausted and not ever having time for self is OUTDATED!!!

The problem is that WE as mothers tend to be the hardest on ourselves and each other. It is we that is putting this “yoke” around our necks and so it is we that must free ourselves.

In this class you’ll learn the 7 principles of a well-pleasured mother, how your energy impacts your child and vice versa, what your facets need to look at and may struggle with (way before you get there) and how what’s going on with your child is a BIG tell for what you need to care for in yourself.

Join SOFT by 6/22/16 and be a part of the LIVE group coaching where I’ll answer your most pressing questions personally.

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