Life Alchemy – Making Powerful Decisions

So loves – I’m just off the heels of my Taste Retreat which was absolutely phenomenal. Coming off of that we were noticing that we get a TON of questions about how to make powerful decisions. Many people say: “Just be fearless!”, or “Make a list of pros and cons” – but there’s a way to make decisions, come to clarity and much more that guarantees that you’ll make the BEST decision for you.

We use this with most of our decisions- and when we HAVENT used it- we’ve regretted it hugely. (Basically every mistake has been a result of not using it)

And over the years we’ve found out that most of our top successful folks use it as well.

Life AlchemyFlipping

Join us 7/22/15 at 8pmCDT ((pmEDT, 6pmPDT) as we align and alchemize your knowing to make powerful decisions by Flipping the Script!! 


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