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We’ve been talking a great deal these days about giving some of the BIG SECRETS we’ve learned about business and what it takes to build a thriving business that can sustain you.

We’ve spent thousands of dollars in trainings, various business options, softwares, programs, teachings and more – and we’ve learned quite a bit in that time.

We both started with a background that went from being in Ministry to climbing the Corporate ladder.  We left what many would consider “good jobs” (six-figures) to work for ourselves- doing what we love and what is our PURPOSE.

It was challenging in the early days – but we stuck with it and  learned some tools that enabled our income to increase amazingly over less than a year.

In the next few weeks we’re sharing SOME of those tools on our “Life Alchemy” show on Married to Change Radio because one of our visions has always been to help others build a business that sustains your life.

Mastermind Show

In this weeks show we’re talking about “Masterminding”!

Masterminding is a BIG buzzword in many circles – this week we’re talking Masterminding and how it can HELP or HINDER your state of Attraction.

Having studied Masterminding we came to this idea – that MOST Mastermind groups are leaving out a few VITAL principles that can make or break a Mastermind

We’d love to hear your stories – have you ever been in a mastermind?

What worked? What didn’t?

Also – what would you LOVE to Mastermind about?

Join us on Life Alchemy with Richard & Namaste and Learn how to create a mastermind group for money, love or success in ANY future endeavor!

Check out the show here

on 7/8/15 at 8pmCDT (9pmEDT, 6pmPDT)

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