Lessons in Alchemy: Cosmic Compersion

Those on the Path of “Conscious Mastery” and “I Am Embodiment” as the consciousness expands beyond the little “self” consciousness and the connection to the collective and I Am consciousness (that is always present but not always known) becomes known and visible then have the ability to know more clearly the distinction between what they are experiencing and what is in the mind and heart of others.

No longer running and being blown to any and every idea, they are aware of what is for them and what is, in fact, an emotion attached to an idea that is not for their direct localized individual experience at this time and place but belongs to another localized expression (person). Once this distinction begins to occur… Everything changes.

Much frustration lifts as you start to fall in love with the feeling of observing others excitement, with the feeling of loving others uncovering…
You experience what I call cosmic Compersion, where the act of others living a well-lived life feels for you… Satisfying, delightful… Even glee filled. You fall in love with others actualization.

On some level, you recognize that they ARE you…
Feel into that.

You can feel if you allow without the need to rationalize, the expansion.
Suddenly… Things like striving, hustling, run run run… Must do… Fall away…
And from that depth, the reality of what your Being Knows and Desires begins to arise, take form and inspire movement.

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