Leave Her Soft

For all the little girls that will be born tomorrow and the little girls crying within the women of today….


If you love her… Leave her Soft.

Don’t harden her and toughen her up.
Let her be a princess, a ballerina, let her wear tiaras and tutus. Being Feral is just another word for being neglected and living without love. Don’t demand she hustle and grind and “use her head”.

Let her learn to relax, at a young and tender age.. Model for her the kindness of slowing down and the Sacred Way of Heart leading head.

If you love her leave her Soft

Don’t make her into the son you never had oh Father, attempting to make a man out of her so she won’t miss you when you’re gone, sewing Competition and Coldness into a heart that longs to weave love.

Don’t project your disappointment and bitterness on her dear Mother. Being offended by her youth, her innocence a painful reminder of dreams you aborted. Her tears and tenderness a signal of Vulnerability you’ve tried to hide from.

I know dear parents you want her safe, you want to know she’ll be okay on her own. But the world doesn’t need more warriors and intellect, it’s not bleeding for lack of money or high priced degrees.
And here is what you may have forgotten…Your role is not to keep her safe from her own heart. You are not here to prevent her from feeling the ache of disappointment by the cultivation of cynicism.

Teach her the resilience that comes with hurt and loving again, the healing that comes with forgiveness. The fulfillment of following your heart and caring for others. Teach her the stillness of midnight and the newness of dawn. The perfection of mystery and the wonder of the unknown.

Teach her Love… And leave her SOFT.

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Namaste Moore – The Feminine Alchemist

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