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Welcome to the School of Feminine Transformation – SOFT

 The School of Feminine Transformation is a Womb for the opening and cultivation of Feminine Essence in the lives of women. Feminine essence based principles, techniques, practices and tools are played with here, and used in the creation of extraordinarily orgasmic lives and juicy relationships.

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14 Day Health Reformation Act

  • Topic: Detox, Cleansing, Green Smoothie Recipes,

  • Hours of Video:  2+ hours

  • Weeks to complete class:  2-14 weeks

  • Statement of Truth: I can reset my Well Being with ease


7 days in 7 Ways Class:

  • Topic: Sexuality and more powerful Orgasmic Experience with practices

  • Hours of Video: 1 hours 20 minutes

  • Weeks to complete Class: 1-7 weeks

  • Statement of Truth: Orgasmic Pleasure is available to me and I can always receive more, and more and more.


  • 3 Pre-recorded Slumber Parties

  • Full Moon Attraction and Manifesting Lab

  • 2 Ebooks

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Mother Wit – Motherhood is an amazing endeavor and while we get a lot of “to-do’s” in regard to our children- we get very little guidance and support in regard to cultivating ourselves within our motherhood. Finally here’s a motherhood class that takes care of you. 


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  • Access to Students only Private Forum

  • All videos, ebooks, workbooks, affirmations and meditations created by Namaste

  • Invitation to occasional Student Calls, email Insights and more!  

Make this your year of Living a fully embodied life of Pleasure, Passion and Purpose! Leave no facet of yourself behind with The School of Feminine Transformation! 

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Applause for Namaste

“…I just want to say thank you to Namaste for presenting such wonderful information and challenging all my hidden places to come to light, for supporting and guiding me through the things revealed, and for giving me the space and wisdom to clarify and define what I learned.” K.B

“I loved reflecting upon the video and the practices I cici edited by chris flaig1had time to review while at work. At times I could definitely “Feel” the invocation you gave us that we ARE the feminine the sacred feminine and I loved that. I got a visceral and a deeper sense of that. I’ve done a lot of chakra work and studies over the years and Namaste has some very unique insights and powerful guided activities …” ~CiCi Owner, Raw Princess

   I am a spaz – everyone knows.  With this class I was able to learn to clear blockages I did not even know I had. Thanks to Namaste, I am now well on my way to being the luscious creature my friends and beloved knew existed buried inside of me. Namaste gave me the skills to flower. ~Alex Busch  

LaurenSheehan TestimonialI Love Namaste!! – I hired her during one of the most difficult times of my life,  I had lost a boyfriend, left an organization that I was working with and I felt lost. 

I felt she had a skill set that was broad enough and wide enough to encompass all of my crazy! :)

I knew she’d help me get back centered. She’s helped me filter out my belief systems, help get me back to this place where I’d be open again to men and to life. I was feeling really shut down. Every time I get off a call with her – I feel MORE like myself and like the weight is gone – that I can be who I am, be where I am and Go have it. If you really want to access that place of power within yourself in a way that harmonizes with yourself and your feminine, I highly recommend her.  ~Lauren Sheehan


Spending time with Namaste is like taking a breath of fresh air and just being in her presence slows me down and helps me to appreciate the moments in-between. Being so goal-oriented had made me an anxious, driven person who no longer had any idea what she was working so hard to get. Now, I hope to reach out to my two adult daughters and show them what I have learned. I wish to show them something besides how to succeed, I will show them what peace looks like. Thank you, Namaste. ~Veronica Petterson  I felt very empowered throughout my time with Namaste. There was total acceptance from the jump which helped me to feel free to express myself openly and honestly. She didn’t come from a stance of telling me what is wrong with my life. It was a collaborative effort that included setting attainable goals and solutions that I took ownership of. My divine self is nurtured, honored and awakened through Namaste’s encouragement. It’s nice to have someone in my corner allowing me to be myself as it only awakens my gifts and nurtures my self-acceptance. ~K.O.

 “… I’ve done a lot of chakra work and studies over the years and Namaste has some very unique insights and powerful guided activities …” C.C

 “ I am very impressed with how even though I am repeating the same rituals I get stronger results and changing as needed with Namaste.” T.K

Who is Namaste? 

NamasteHdsht1Life Alchemist. Creatrix. Femininity Catalyst. A Force of Nature: Namaste has spent her life  seeking means of stroking and sustaining the Feminine ember. Embracing education both Auto-didactic and formal, she has been called the “bodhisattva of femininity” by her clients. Namaste has studied many methods of Healing as well as Life Transformation. A certified Life Coach, Ordained Minister, Licensed Art of Feminine Presence Teacher and Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, she is Founder of SOFT – The School of Feminine Transformation, a system of Empowered, Embodied, Enthusiastic Feminine Living. Namaste believes that living life embracing our authentic feminine selves is living life ecstatically. She speaks from a place of experiential knowledge and wisdom when she says


“I have come to evoke and kindle you to aid in fulfilling your deepest bliss with Passion, Purpose and Presence. Within any desire is the potential for it’s fulfillment”.

 Namaste is most turned on by helping women and couples manifest Love, Passion and Succulence.

Holistic in world view she brings various modalities and ideas to bear as she witnesses and inspires you to step within yourself to Greatness. Some toys in her playground include: Law of Attraction and other Cosmic Laws, EFT, Oxytocin Awakening, NLP, Chakra clearing and charging, Menstrual mysteries, OM’ing, Muscle Testing, Intuitive Health Choices,  Tantra and other forms of Sacred Sex, and much much more!


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