Interview with a Radiant Survivor

Today we have an awesome interview with Erica Tucci author of “Radiant Survivor” an amazing book of inspiration and transformation! Check out what Erica has to say and Look at her blog and


What perspective have you previously had on life that was most profoundly affected by Gratitude?


We all have both masculine and feminine aspects within our psyches. Before my stroke, I operated more out of my masculine side, being very driven, controlling and ego-based with a “what’s in it for me?” mindset. After my stroke, I began to shift to a more nurturing, feminine consciousness, where I started asking instead “how can I serve others?”

I began to realize more that life wasn’t just about “me”; it was about “we.” It’s not to say that I had no concern for others since I already had a fledgling healing arts business, but I felt I was more concerned with the recognition I would get by being successful and “what would people think of me?”

When I had my stroke, my perspective changed significantly. First, I was so grateful for just being able to survive my ordeal, with the unwavering goal of fully recovering. And as I went through my recovery (and continue to go through it), I realized that what was really important in life were the relationships I had with myself and others, and most importantly with my inner “Godliness,” my inner Divinity. It wasn’t about my material possessions or the recognition from others or how I looked. As I moved to a more heart-centered place, I saw how powerful these relationships were in fulfilling my deep desire to use my situation as an inspiration to give hope to others that they too could survive any life challenge that they may be facing. Although it may sound inane to some, I looked at my stroke as a gift from heaven and am thankful for the blessings I have received from having it.

I see life with such a different perspective now, one in which I don’t take anything for granted any more. And I take one day at a time, one moment at a time because we never know from one minute to the next what will happen. I certainly didn’t expect to have a stroke!


How did you come to realize that increasing Gratitude could be a key element in Thriving? 


To elaborate on what I have just said, it’s so much more uplifting if we focus our attention on what we have, not what we don’t have. Again, that means looking at life “in the present.” Don’t be concerned with what the future may hold for you; it hasn’t happened yet. And don’t fret about what happened in the past; that’s over with…Kaput! Enjoy each moment of every day as much as you can.

See the joys in the little things…a beautiful flower as it opens up, the sun on your back, a child’s smile, a hug, etc. Cherish your loved ones. Seek out what gives meaning to your life and go after it passionately. Live your life to the fullest! As I moved down the road to recovery, attempting to enjoy my life as it was, and thinking about how I could use my situation to help others, that’s when I decided to write my book.

I was already an author of three books and I loved to write. So I put my writing cap on once again (luckily I was left-handed since it was my right side that was paralyzed from my stroke!). And as I wrote it, I realized that doing so became a part of my healing since writing was always very cathartic for me. And each day of my continued progress in my healing, I feel the messages in my book resonate more and more strongly in my heart, and I AM GRATEFUL for what I have learned from having a stroke.


How do Belief, Gratitude and Receiving work together in your life?


Believing in yourself means to me that you have a deep self love, knowing that you have a special gift to offer the world, whatever it may be, and that no matter what the challenges are in your life, you can overcome them. Believing in yourself comes from within, from that heart center where the Divine fiber of your true essence resonates. When you surrender to that power within – with its self love, self admiration, self awareness – you begin to feel grateful for who you are and what you have in your life. Life takes on new meaning. You “receive” or encounter more joy, more inner peace, more pleasure in your life. And as this inner contentment grows within your heart, it can’t help but radiate outward to touch other people’s lives too.

As I mentioned above, what’s really important in life are relationships you have with yourself and others, and your communion with your inner Divinity. As I learn to live from this place in my heart, my life has begun to flow more organically, with grace and ease.

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