Flourite Yoni Egg

Good morning darling,

Some of my Yoni EggsThis week I’ve been experiencing my Flourite Yoni Egg. First, let me say that I’d felt called to this particular crystal for some time.

I’m a Crystal Whisperer (my term for a person who works with Crystals and who crystals speak to) and Flourite is often a stone that desires to come with me whenever I travel. It’s a fabulous multitasking stone because it works on SO many levels.  That said this is the first time I’ve actually used her internally. I’ve had the egg  for 2 days.

So far I’ve felt subtle energy blocks being cleared. Strength and bravery showing up, and detachment from outcomes being infused in my cells. It’s like it’s Upgrading my Vibration another level or three.  On my Facebook page, I suggested this particular egg only for those at level 3 Consciousness or above – this was not to be snobbish. Flourite used internally is such a Powerhouse that I suggest being ready for the shifts she’s going to bring so that your life isn’t totally thrown into chaos. The intensity of the emotional changes prevent ignoring them and the acceleration of your vibration can be heady, overwhelming and challenging. After receiving all of the emotional shifts and spiritual downloads I felt nauseous for a few hours – which has now passed.

I always like to tell of ways that you can involve your partner/mate in your experiences. My Beloved actually picked out the egg for me from a basket full of  eggs.  He really felt into which one was “my” egg. That made the egg even more precious to me.  Also – while my egg has been tucked snuggly inside of me, during our affectionate time He placed a finger inside of me and felt it. There was something so touching, intimate and sacred about that simple act. He said it’s like I have a secret tucked inside.

 I’m looking forward to seeing how long she want’s to stay in.  I’ll come update this page with the number of days I keep her in.

Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

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