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What do you Get with your One Year FULL Access Enrollment?

  • ALL Classes - currently over 12 classes, bonus lessons, workbooks and more for one year. All classes are online, pre-recorded and include videos and worksheets. You can work through them as quickly or as slowly as you need to, whenever you desire!  

  • Access to Members Only Private Forum

  • All videos, ebooks, workbooks, affirmations and meditations created by Namaste

  • Invitation to occasional Student Calls, Email Insights, Webinars and more!

Don’t Take My Word For It

“…I Love Namaste!! – I hired her during one of the most difficult times of my life,  I had lost a boyfriend, left an organization that I was working with and I felt lost. I felt she had a skill set that was broad enough and wide enough to encompass all of my crazy! I knew she’d help me get back centered. She’s helped me filter out my belief systems, help get me back to this place where I’d be open again to men and to life. I was feeling really shut down. Every time I get off a call with her – I feel MORE like myself and like the weight is gone – that I can be who I am, be where I am and Go have it. If you really want to access that place of power within yourself in a way that harmonizes with yourself and your feminine, I highly recommend her..."

Lauren Sheehan

“Spending time with Namaste is like taking a breath of fresh air and just being in her presence slows me down and helps me to appreciate the moments in-between. Being so goal-oriented had made me an anxious, driven person who no longer had any idea what she was working so hard to get. Now, I hope to reach out to my two adult daughters and show them what I have learned. I wish to show them something besides how to succeed, I will show them what peace looks like. Thank you, Namaste.”

Veronica Petterson

“I loved reflecting upon the videos and the practices I had time to review while at work. At times I could definitely “Feel” the invocation you gave us that we ARE the feminine the sacred feminine and I loved that. I got a visceral and a deeper sense of that. I’ve done a lot of chakra work and studies over the years and Namaste has some very unique insights and powerful guided activities …”


Owner, Raw Princess

Here's a small taste of  What You'll Get Inside The School of Feminine Transformation

The Sacred Feminine Intensive - This class focuses on building, cultivating and harnessing Sacred Feminine in your life. This intensive class is high on the “woo” scale – touching the very essence and core of what it means to be a Feminine criatura (creature) and to connect deeply with your Goddess energy. It will challenge you, push you, nurture you and… (more juicy details here!

The Feminine Spirit – Cultivating Spirituality and Spiritual practices and insights that feed, honors and fulfills our Feminine Essence. More than the lightweight Goddess classesyou normally see – this  goes deep into the belly of your connection with the Divine to create real relationship that’s practical and useable. Seeing the Divine in the Feminine and connecting to the Feminine in the Divine Now!!!! (more juicy details PLUS BONUSES here!…) 

The Nest-  Coming from words meaning  “to sit down” or “a resting place” The Nest is a break from it all – but this is different.It’s a space to simultaneously Rest and Relax and also gain practices and tools that will help you take that feeling with you into your life. Your life will be changed. (more juicy details here…)

The SWEET Spot – Want to create a business that brings you both joy AND money? A biz based on pleasure and your innate feminine way of doing things? Join us on the SWEET Spot -Succulent Woman’s Ecstatic Entrepreneurial Transformation and find out the tools and techniques for taking your biz from idea to actualization totally in your Feminine. More info here: (get more juicy details here!)
Moon Mysteries and Hormonal Happiness  PMS, menopause,  irritability and feeling out of control. Your menstrual cycle doesn’t have to be a roller-coaster of misery. In this class Namaste introduces supplements, herbs, rituals and practices to take your moon from misery to marvelous – this has a big dose of “woo” as she shares secrets to bring you into moontime and hormonal balance  (more juicy details here)
  • PLUS - A private, Member's Only Forum affirming your unique feminine way of doing things - You enjoy Private and Exclusive, Unlimited Access to a Community of conscious, vibrant and caring Women. (valued at 650.00)
  • A total of 12 Amazing Classes that's over 40 videos + 15 workbooks+ Unlimited Members Only Forum+ BONUSES from my network of dynamic feminine business women and educators!! 
  •  If purchased individually this whole package is valued at over 1500.00!!!



    I look forward to personally greeting you and welcoming you to the next chapter of your life.

    You are SO worth it. Welcome.

    Namaste Moore