The Truth About Expectations


Every time you have an expectation of anyone that they will behave in a way that makes sense to you- you set yourself up for disappointment because Expectation=judgement.

Too often this truth is frowned on and those who are too tender to truly absorb it due to pain will see this as a form of abuse of self. It is not.

Nor is it a way of checking out of one’s humanity as I have heard it described- it is the living, vibrant deeply aware PRESENCE of being PRESENT and not attempting to control AnOther, define AnOther, or demand from AnOther that actually allows space for TRUE love. For as I do it to “AnOther” I do it to myself – for in reality there is NO OTHER (ha!)

To love is to be happy with.
Beauty is the promise of happiness.

Thereby seeing the beauty in every experience, becoming a committed explorer and adventurer into the beauty that is ALWAYS present but not always perceived- is the beginning of Love.

As we learn to love- to be happy with – in all circumstances we come closer and more infilled with the Divine Presence – or rather we unleash the Divine presence that is already present and yet being ignored.
WE understand that the Divine is ALWAYS All WAYS happy with.

Grok that and life becomes much easier.

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