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Our Self Help E-books are an awesome way to get great information with a small investment! Here are our current offerings.  Check back frequently because we have MUCH more to come!

All E-books are only $7.47!!

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Soul Satisfaction: A 19 page e-book with the intention of creating an experience. Soul Satisfaction is a self help ebook that takes you through 7 core principles – offering ways to play and explore these ideas in your own life to experience a Satisfied Soul. It is suggest that the book is used as a 7 Week practice. Enjoy!




The Freedom Zone: Tapping Into Your Life: This 28 page self help ebook is a great guide to learning the how to’s of Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as EFT). It includes case studies, a diagram, the basic sequence as well as insight into why it works and why it doesn’t. Perfect if you’re wanting to experience EFT on your own or as a supplement to the EFT Coaching we offer.

2 Replies to “E-Books”

  1. I purchased your book through amazon. Where can I purchase yoni eggs? I love your wisdom and videos. I have a lot of healing to do. I was sexually abused as a child and I am ready to heal.

    1. Greetings Valerie!

      Thank you so very much gorgeous!! We offer Yoni Eggs on our Etsy store (We’re restocking this week!) – its at http://etsy.com/shop/desiredthingz

      Feel free to reach out if you’d like to work together – the School of Feminine Transformation has a ton of information that can be helpful on your journey!

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