Divine Channeling


You are a facet of Divinity. You decided to have a human experience over multiple incarnations. Part of this human experience is to engage with multiple tools that are here to aid you in various levels.
* Some help you to remain embodied in your human form
* Some help you to remember your Divine self
* Some aid in your connection to the other forms of your self that are also in Human form
* Some help you to connect with the forms of your self that exist in Non-human form
* Some help you to recall the adventure you wanted to have in this incarnation

The problem is that you easily and often forget that the tool is a TOOL and forget what the tool is to help you DO and BE. And so you wind up being a fantastic tool collector and an amazing disciple of the tool itself utterly distracted from the greater point.

Here is your Cosmic Reminder. Remember?

We love you and you are supported.


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  1. Channeling is a psychic healing art in which the channel receives and conveys love, healing and guidance from the higher realms by the power of Spirit. Channeling Divine guidance may include communicating with archangels, ascended masters, star beings, deceased loved ones, spiritual deities, nature spirits, fairies, and spiritual guides. i received this definition from http://www.ask-angels.com/spiritual-guidance/channeling/ is this the type of channeling that you are writing about?

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