Courtship Part II


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You must be ready to get married, meaning that you have made space in your life, understand in a real way (not just ephemeral) what you desire in a husband, have done the work of healing yourself as much as you can alone and are learning what it really means to be a wife (it’s an art my loves, I promise you) – in order to begin to approach courting. If you haven’t done these things loves, no judgment just begin them before you start actively seeking someone to court

The difference between courting and dating is the difference between building a Sandcastle and building a home. Sand castles are wonderful and fun and temporary they are shifting and easily deconstructed. A home requires forethought and foundation.

To begin to court the very first thing you need to know is your values. Most people think they know their values my love, but they don’t. Not really. Anchoring them down is one of the most POWERFUL practices you can do (I teach how to do this in SOFT).

Once you know your values you want to find men who are similarly aligned and who also desire marriage. This can be one of the more challenging things many women believe, but if you believe men don’t want to marry, you attract men who don’t want to marry.

Ladies, it’s really not difficult to find a man who is looking for a wife when you allow yourself to freely desire that without hiding it or being aggressive with it. When it is born of love, not fear.

Some spaces to check- your spiritual community, dating websites with a focus on marriage (ok Cupid is not a good option for instance), recreational or industry events such as country clubs, wine tasting, etc;

There is so much more to share!

In Laughter, Love, and Lustiness,

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