Love Letters to my Beloved

rose-love-letterMy Beloved, 

It is important to me that we always seek to express our love to each other in deeper and more powerful ways. That our love continues to blossom and bloom through the ages no matter how long we are together. And tonight my heart turns towards the question


Where can I love more?”


Perhaps it is the changing of seasons or the shortening of days but I find myself turning ever more inward – and as always taking you – your Essence – with me. The weather turns cool and we head towards Halloween, or Samhain or Dia Los Muertos – all days of the Dead – honoring ancestors, ghosts, saints and more. And I too am thoughtful of the “dead” – I honor the past seasons of our Life together – the day we met, our first kiss, spending nights talking until dawn, staying out all night dancing or working through an issue until we could find ourselves back to harmony. The NRE stage is long past- or so they say – though I still feel full of New Relationship Energy for you. You continue to delight my senses, challenge my mind, inspire me, compel me – I am still in Awe of you. And that is the thing – is it not, my Heart? The more I know of you, the more Universe I realize remain to be explored in you. How vast and infinite!  


As our time together grows longer (more than 10 years, already? and yet we both know it’s been lifetimes)  as I look back over our past experiences – far from stagnant or bored – I find myself excited and mesmerized. I wonder what our future will hold on this Great Adventure we call life – and where will we go and how will we get there. The past serves as a blissful memory- the notes of which enrich the depth of the present but do not overshadow it. I am intensely thankful. As I sit here typing this listening to your breathing as you sleep, I am thankful. For each day our lives intertwine around each other there is no where else I’d rather be.  


And so – as I end this letter my King – I pause to ponder once more – How can I let more love out in your direction? How can I offer you more support and tenderness? What is it about you, you need me to understand? I delight in loving you.

Always and Allways yours,

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Is Namaste telling the Truth?

Hey there loves,

 In my speaking about the power of women inhabiting their feminine essence I sometimes I get a look from a woman.
A look that says…

“How do I know you’re telling the truth?”

I consider this to be a valid question.
Usually I get this question audibly from women who are in male dominated fields or have a career in which they are surrounded by men, from women who feel as though their success depends upon their masculine essence.
Sometimes I hear this unspoken question from the hearts of women who have put on armor due to rape or other crimes against their femininity. Or from women who don’t feel particularly feminine.
I’ve wondered how I could possibly convey the depth and profound change you can experience in your life.
The answer came in the form of one of the Huna Principles:

“Effectiveness is the measure of Truth”

What does that mean?
It means that you’ll know the truth of the POWER and DELIGHT of inhabiting and learning to live in your Feminine Essence by how effective it is in your life.
And effective is written all over this work. 
I was speaking to a student yesterday who doesn’t really like crowded spaces and she told me that she was at a VERY crowded music festival and she was able to literally get people to clear a path for her-  not by yelling, not by moving aggressively but by using one of the simple and powerful practices she learned in the sessions.
THAT is effective. Real life and practical. 
It is this type of life and experience changing shift that I want for every woman. To experience her life, relationships, and self as Sacred, Pleasurable and oh-so juicy.


Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

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Learning to love yourself!

Goood morning!!

We have an inspiring guest post by Keri Kight today! Keri is an amazing woman on a mission to help women have fabulous lives – we’re very happy to have her wisdom here on Richard and Namaste!!



 You have to love yourself before you can truly allow another to love you

How strongly do you love yourself?


Do you love your mind, body and soul? Do you praise your body and the amazing things that it can do? Do you acknowledge your strengths and pursue new interests? Do you take care of your heart by making sure your needs are met?


What if I told you that it’s impossible to have a true, strong connection with another human being IF you aren’t loving yourself?


It’s true and it can hold you back from having a beautiful, glorious life.


There are 2 things that happen when you aren’t loving yourself fully:


  1. You are sending off a message to the world that you aren’t worthy of love.
  2. You are creating a blockage that makes it harder for you to feel the love from others.


If you aren’t loving yourself, it’s similar to setting up a force field around you. It’s like having a barrier, and it makes it harder to let others into your life.


You are worthy of love. You are worthy of everything you desire, and so much more. We come from love, and when we die, we will be surrounded by love. There is love inside of you, enough for yourself and everyone you encounter. Don’t be afraid to let it out.


When you love yourself, you’re sending a message to the world that you ARE worthy of love. This message is felt by everyone you encounter, whether they realize it or not.


Does this make everyone else love you? Surely not. There are people in this world that have hate (or another negative emotion) in their heart and it makes it hard to love others. Don’t focus on the negative people. Focus on the people that love you and give you love.


There are 2 things that happen when you love yourself:


  1. You open up your barrier, allowing more love into your life.
  2. You know and feel love, and that makes you realize the beauty of spreading love.


If you want a healthy, loving relationship with another human being, you must give yourself love. When you have love inside of you, it’s so much easier to send love to other people.


Who wouldn’t want to spread love?


And don’t worry. Love is an endless, never ending, expansive, beautiful feeling. You can’t run out of it, and you can’t destroy it. You will always have love to give, and there will always be love to give yourself, either from you or someone else.


I want you to give yourself a compliment today. Tell yourself that you’re gorgeous, or that you look amazing in your new outfit. Acknowledge how glorious you are, and you’ll start to feel it.


So go out there today, give yourself some love, and send some off to other people, either close to you, or strangers that you encounter.


Keri tinyBio:  Keri Kight is on a mission to help women build their self confidence and find their true happiness. While teaching children in the public schools, she became restless and bored, until she figured out her true passion: teaching women to love themselves. Keri suffered several years with low self worth, destroyed self confidence, and poor self esteem. Through her own experience and knowledge, she teaches women how amazing life truly is by helping them achieve real happiness. You can find her at where you can download her free guide: 5 Secrets to Living a Happy, Healthy Life.

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Femininity is About Allowing


“Psychologist Jeff Allen, founder of Psychology of Vision, who coaches for relationship and business success, said: ‘Independent women look like they are tough and have their acts together, which is appealing, but really they are well-defended because they don’t want to get hurt or be vulnerable.’But to be feminine, at some level you have got to be open. ‘Being open allows connection, intuition and compassion-these are the feminine gifts.’So how do we open ourselves up to our feminine energy, especially if we also want to survive career-wise in a male-dominated world?’The feminine principle is about allowing things to unfold and happen, not always interfering.”
Read More Here


I read the above today and it felt so touching so moving. Femininity is about allowing. Interestingly – so is the Law of Attraction.  Allowing. What a scary and beautiful concept.

It makes me wonder – step into curiosity about how I can allow more.

Where can I witness the unfolding and happening.

Today  I am open to the experience. I wonder what the experience will be. I wonder what will unfold and manifest if I just surrender to the process.


Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

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Go There


I wrote the poem below this afternoon – while sitting on our bed pondering the fall and feeling full full FULL – in ways I can’t describe – only experience.

I want to encourage you, exhort you – beg you.

Please “go there” .

Even if you tremble and quake in fear. Go anyway. Only you know what it means to “Go” and only you know where your “There” is.

Your Bliss is waiting.


Go there

We’re so afraid of going there.


Of delving so deeply inside that we crack open

Letting others see our moist and tender insides

The juice of our passion and joy, pain and suffering dribbling down our chin as we are eaten and suckled by the Purpose for which we are born

Devoured by our own divinity.


We are so afraid to go there.

To become all that we truly are – to spend ourselves in our own emotion

Feeling it fully – not weakened or watered down

Not made cute or neutralized

Fierce and burning hot as the sun, Feeling ourselves embraced by being, experiencing and utterly FEELING whatever it is we feel.


The fear of going there.

Going there in love.

Spending ourselves openly without fear and feeling it.

Exploding with it, Devoted to it – even if it hurts.

No protection, no guarding

Rolling over so that our soft underbelly is exposed

Purring as we expand into the Infinite


And this is what life is about – this is what I stand for.

Go there.

Be willing to go there.

You’ll be vulnerable -Yes.

Pained at times – Yes.

Lonely on occasion – Yes.

Misunderstood – Yes.


And yet

Your soul will know what it is to be free – to fly and soar in ways you’ve only dreamt of.

Aren’t you tired, irritated, angered even- at the constant knocking of your dream at the door of you life?

Do you rage inside at the words not spoken, the promises broken, the half-steps and comprises you make – to the something More that you Are?

Watching as others take tentative steps- your frustration opens and beckons and saying


Yes-  I too must go there.




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Of Kings and Queens

Recently I was speaking with someone who recounted to me how she noticed an issue weeks before her Beloved decided to address it. Another friend mentioned wanting to implement lifestyle changes months ago – but her Beloved was only recently beginning to move in that direction.  In both cases there was a bit of frustration  – why didn’t the men in their lives just make the changes – why did it take so long?

I’m reminded of times when I have noticed something and mentioned it to my Beloved.  He may feel it merited action at that moment – but more often it takes time for him to begin to make those changes and they aren’t done in the more sweeping manner that I would do them.

What’s going on?

While some women may want  to say “Well I knew that WEEKS ago – and if he had just LISTENED to me when I said things would have been BETTER” – with an air of smug satisfaction – that is also a good way to alienate and sow seeds of resentment in your relationship.

No ladies – he didn’t not heed your advice, insight or suggestion at that moment because he’s incompetent nor is it likely because he doesn’t respect you.

He waited – because he’s a King.

Let us take a look at the chessboard shall we?

The Queen – can make large sweeping moves. Provided there isn’t an opponents’ piece to stop her – she can literally move from one side of the board to the other in one large step.  She embodies the Feminine principle.  As women we tend to be holistic and view things at the micro level, however because of the details we absorb at the micro level – we, similar to our chessboard counterpart, tend to desire to make broad changes and moves. We notice nuances in color, in vocal tone, in texture of the relationship and ascribe major weight to these details.  We are frequently the microscopes of the relationship.

The King – Moves cautiously, meticulously – one move at a time. He can move in any direction just as the queen can – however he does so with more deliberation. The King directs the army on the macro level.  As the King goes – so does the Nation (and the game) – hence the King is not swift or sweeping in His movements. The King embodies the Masculine principle. Men are more linear thinkers and Visionaries at the macro level.  They tend to think differently than we do about matters. They are frequently the binoculars of the relationship.

Some might say that in chess the King is a figurehead only – and the queen holds all the real power – I’d disagree. Without the King – you lose. Period.  This is not to say that the queen is unimportant- she has her own skills and talents. It’s not an either/or proposition. They are DIFFERENT, and any seasoned chess player knows they work best –when they work together.

Recognizing these differences as not being a question of greater than and less than – but a matter of different spheres of insight and skill – means infusing those areas of potential abrasion with a big dose of acceptance and respect.  It means realizing that both ways are correct and beneficial for the actualization of the relationship and working together in fulfillment.

We work together with appreciation for our differences not mere tolerance.  When we can see beyond our own position into the benefit of someone else’s we play as a team.  When we bring this into our awareness we embrace the characteristics inherent in our Mate. Taking the long view, seeing things at the macro level, making deliberate and cautious decisions – the ability to move not only forward – but also side-to-side and (when needed) even backwards, simply means we have a King – and not a pawn.

Originally Posted 01/12/2012

Being Naked

I love to be naked.

I sleep naked and attempt to wear the barest minimum of clothing.

I love my naked flesh, the suns kiss touching me.

You would think that someone as comfortable with nudity as I am would be past any lessons of being “naked and not ashamed”

And yet there is always more…

When I’m preparing to do Altar Work I normally have a certain pattern I follow. I bathe and open myself to “hear” what sacred items I should don prior to beginning. Recently while going through this ritual I heard a gentle urging – “Get naked” – I immediately began to comply and then felt a moment of hesitation. I reached for one of my silk sarongs and felt an instant “No” – I paused – dropped it and turned back to the altar thinking “If I can’t be naked before the Divine….then who CAN I be naked with”

And I stepped in front of the Altar – totally naked.

I realized that in all my years of engaging with the Divine consciously – I have never been naked in front of an Altar.

Oh I’ve murmured a meditation, a heartfelt plea or a word of Thankfulness cozied in bed naked – but I was under a blanket and thus still not naked.

When I take my Sacred Baths I’m naked – and yet water offers its own form of being cloaked and covered.

But until a few days ago – I had never been totally naked in that way.

And I felt intensely vulnerable.

Not a vulnerability that says “I’m nothing” – for that is not the sort of relationship I have with the Divine – but a vulnerable that says “I’m fully exposed, fully known “

My AltarWork that day was profound – I wept freely while entreating, requesting, honoring and doing all I Do. I freely flowed from the place of Spirit and back to the more temporal – effortlessly. Once I moved past my initial discomfit – and a fear that I didn’t know I had about in some way offending the Divine by being nude – I was blissfully and joyfully liberated.

Then I saw the following quote when I opened a “Daily OM” –

“There is a freedom in being naked that few enjoy because we have been learned to be embarrassed.”

When I read this I realized that often we have learned to be embarrassed – not only in social situations when we spill a bit of wine or mispronounce a word – but even when with those we love, or- worse yet- with ourselves.

We’ve forgotten the freedom in being exposed and seen without wondering about the critiques of others, without the ever present inner critic telling us to be better or more.

We’ve learned to cover ourselves in lovely things- to wear our degree’s as collars of validation, our occupation or employer as a crown of accomplishment, our financial acumen (real or imagined) as the most luxurious fur coat.

There is a freedom in being naked.

In stripping ourselves of these external trappings and standing before ourselves – naked. Marveling as a child in seeing our toes and navel, feeling sun on our naked emotions, our exposed thoughts, letting a loved one touch and see our essence covered in the skin of our thoughts.

We become regal and noble and all that is wonderful in that vulnerability.

We are Naked… and in this state we are Actualized.


~Originally Posted 1/12/12

Celebrating my Weakness

namaste hospital

Last weekend while walking down the stone stairs that lead to our Quirky House I took a mis-step, causing the dreaded inversion ankle sprain.

And what a sprain it is.

I should say here that we thought it was much much worse than a sprain given the quickness with which is became swollen and the fact that I was not able to put ANY pressure on it.


And my screaming when it first happened. Because, you know – it hurt. A Lot.


A trip to the hospital and some xrays later and we know it’s not broken. Great! I’m in a splint, ordered to rest it as much as possible, keep it elevated and use crutches.

I’ve been in bed mostly since Saturday, causing a bit of cabin fever. Groceries needed buying, school supplies needed getting – so yesterday we went shopping.

We get to the store and my Beloved tells me that I should use one of the motorized carts. I pout. I squirm.

“Those are for the elderly and people with REAL medical issues” I say to Him with big doe eyes that say “don’t make me do this”

“Those are for people who need to sit while shopping” He says back – pulling the cart out and nudging me towards it.

I’m challenged, uncomfortable but I sit in one.

The clerk comes over to unplug it and to tell me how to use it.

I feel embarrassed, awkward. “Why is this bothering me?” I wonder to myself. I tuck the question inside as we wander from aisle to aisle.

As I’m riding around the store I muse about what ‘s been coming up for me lately. Words like Vulnerability and Imperfection, Acceptance and Flexibility.  I’ve been wondering – where can I be more vulnerable – where am I still guarded – still feeling the need to appear “strong” and “perfect”.

I am buzzing down the aisle when it hits me – why being in this little motorized cart in HEB bring me such discomfort.

I feel weak.

Not weak as in I’m going to pass out.

Weak as in – my lack of ability to do everything for myself, without aid or help is impaired. Weak as in “I need help”. Weak in a way I’m definitely not used to feeling.

I look at my gorgeous Beloved  and our son as they walk down the aisles with me, calling me “speed racer” and grabbing items as I call them out from the list. They joke with me and they both handle me gently. Tenderly.  I realize a few things.



  1. It is one thing to ask others to help you when you CAN do it myself – it feels completely different to have to rely on assistance. There is a softening that becomes available in that opportunity if you let it. Soften into it.
  2. Weak comes from a word that means vulnerable.(I know this because I looked it up on my phone while in the store – huzzah for the internet!)  To explore vulnerability is to explore and embrace weakness. Not as something to be overcome, but as a simple facet of being. You’re going to be weak sometimes and it’s okay.
  3. This is a perfect example of powerful surrender- as I ride through the store I surrender to the moment, surrender to my need to be handled gently, to receive assistance – surrender to my external lessening – and find that in that surrender I find something precious. By surrendering to that feeling of weakness, I reclaim those weak spaces internally, reclaiming them as valued.
  4.  I’ve been taught that as a woman to be strong is to be Powerful. That I need to show up in strength 24/7. This is exhausting, depleting, and utterly false. The truth is I need to show up as ME- whatever that me looks like in that moment. Sometimes strong sometimes weak, sometimes in Yes sometimes in No. Sometimes  whole and sometimes broken. It’s all good.

As the lessons fall into place like dominos I smile.  I feel the self-consciousness ebb. I relax into my Beloved caring for me, stop worrying and learn to celebrate my weakness.


Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

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