SOFT and School of Alchemy Forever Access – Last Chance!

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The Teachers:
We have a combined 60+ years in Spiritual Leadership, a Happy Healthy Marriage, eight children and own multiple businesses. We’ve learned from the best, leaving corporate jobs to create our own businesses without stress and while maintaining internal congruence and dynamic relationship polarity. We are fluent in over a dozen healing modalities as well as metaphysics and alchemy. It comes down to this my loves…We walk our talk. Our experience, training and life way is in coherence with the tools, techniques, and processes we teach and the frequency we transmit on. Femininity and Masculinity working as complements is possible and HAPPENING… Just ask our students.

The work:

We are called to help you heal your relationship with:
Your core (yourself)
Your kind (your own essence as masculine or feminine)
Your compliment (your partner of the polarized essence from you)
Your creator (The Divine intelligence that both resides within you and exists in all things)

Through this deep soul healing and practical living, your LIFE is transformed on every level.

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What do you get:
Okay okay… You are wondering my love…What’s in it?
* The SOFT Feminine Business School
* The SOFT Wife School
* The SOFT Mothering School
* The SOFT Body School
* The SOFT Know Thyself School
* The SOFT School of the Feminine Spirit
* Monthly classes and coaching added
* Four Feminine Incubators – Mastermind Groups to support you
* E Zine Archive
* Bonus sessions

School of Alchemy:
* Mystery School
* Business Alchemy School
* Life Alchemy School
* Monthly Group Coaching
* 15% Discount in Desired Thingz
* Affiliate Status

This membership will replace anything else you could buy and many things you can’t afford. But hurry, when March ends so does this price. You’ve been asking the Universe for Teachers, you’ve been seeking your tribe…
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Courtship Masterclass!

You asked and we heard you! On Sunday, March 26, is the Long Awaited Courtship Masterclass!! With a Divorce rate over 50% just “letting it happen” no longer works.

Finally, ladies and gentlemen, you can have a step by step process to Date with Intention and Court for Marriage. This includes direct guidance from Richard Moore for men on How To Court a Woman!!

Some topics:
* When is sex appropriate? Is it part of courtship at all?
* Learn what you should know about your prospective mate…before you commit.
* How should SOFT women govern themselves in courtship juxtaposed to “THE RULES”?
* Learn how to let a Man know that you are interested in a feminine way after he has shown interest
* Introverted? we reveal 7 ways that being an introvert actually gives you the advantage in dating and courtship with intention!!!
* Discover The Way To Talk To Him That Will Instantly Establish You as Unique and Precious and Set You Apart From Any Women He’s Ever Known!!
* Learn to decipher the hidden courtship messages that others often miss

This is so much succulence loves and promises to be worth its weight in PLATINUM! This is a MASTERCLASS so bring snacks because it will be long…LOL and of course those who purchase WILL get the replay and anything extra we decide to throw in there.

Join us on Sunday darlings!


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Do You Desire to Be Seen?

Feminine Lessons:

There is nothing wrong with the desire to be seen, my love. In fact, it is one of our core needs and greatest nourishments as feminine women. Unfortunately, this need is often demonized and so rejected that it has become a huge shadow for many of us.

Like any hunger, it persists when resisted and comes out inappropriately in ways that don’t serve our deeper soul, nor the stage of life we’re in, often creating breaks in our integrity.

One of these ways is in believing we desire to serve when what we are really wanting is to be seen. Service is then just the vehicle, and as such-if you confuse these two- you will often find yourself burned out and resentful, feeling taken advantage of and unsatisfied… Going from one service opportunity to another… Whether that service is relational, spiritual or vocational.

The solve?

*Acknowledge your need to be seen.
*Accept it and celebrate it as a natural normal aspect of your feminine experience.
*Bring it forward and make it conscious and it can no longer run your life from the unconscious space.

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I Am Thankful To Be A Woman

This morning I awoke so thankful to be a Woman. In my entire life, I have never felt sadness or despondency because I am a woman.

I am the most protected creature on earth. In history, hundreds of thousands of men have died to protect me in wars. Kingdoms have risen and fallen based on the love of me. I am the muse that has inspired poets, epic novels, and ballads. I am the Divine conduit of Beauty.

My curves are the intoxication of men who throughout time have learned new trades, invented fascinating contraptions and gone through great lengths just to see me smile.

I am She for Whom men learned to hunt, the oasis and solace for masculine hearts, the gestation, incubation, and Portal for all of humanity.

I would never deign to “strike”, for my work is conceived in the belly of the goddess, birthed in love and brought up in the knowledge of my Authority and Responsibility. It is Sacred and Irreplaceable. Mine is not to threaten, nor demand, nor coerce… But to inspire, invite and awaken. I know who I AM.

I stand in great respect and awe of my Sisters in other cultures and countries. I appreciate their way of life, their deeply held beliefs, their unique feminine expression. I support their religious distinctions, family structures, morality, and understanding. I presume nothing… I Only love.

Today I will #beboldforchange
I am boldly softly Feminine.
I boldly love and adore my Husband and King.
I boldly speak the truth of the power and pleasure of Femininity and Feminine Embodiment.
I boldly invite others to honor the Potency of Masculine Feminine polarity in dynamic expression between people.
I boldly nourish, nurture, inspire and delight the Soul of Nations.
I boldly Choose LOVE over All.

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Calling Him Your King


On how we call a thing- (I have no idea why all of this is flowing from my belly tonight but I’m the Conduit so let me get out the way…)
My loves- ONLY call him “my King” if you’re willing to tie the state of your Kingdom (vision, purpose) to HIS.
If you aren’t willing to alter your kingdom for his, to make his people your people (family, children etc;) then he is not YOUR King- although he may be A King.
It’s not an issue of HAVE to, it’s a question of willingness.
Are you willing….
You’re uniting KINGDOMS and VISIONS to birth something powerful.
BTW darling – it’s easier when he’s already come into his power- but there’s nothing wrong with waiting if you are patient enough and realize you have no control over it.

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The Beautiful Paradox of Nails


You see Nails reflect mostly…
Let’s start with a story…

When I was a child I bit my nails (stress) until I was 13 when my grandmere took me to the salon to get my nails done and tips added. I stopped biting them and kept them done… in my teens.

Fast forward…
I grew up and in my first marriage struggled financially quite a bit… My nails were never done and always short and never painted. I felt that I was more authentic this way.
Fast forward again…

I got a divorce; periodically I’d get my nails painted, but they would eventually break or chip. I said I was busy… I would love nice nails BUT I had stuff to do, I had dishes to wash, I liked gardening, etc; and for a while that was okay… But then it wasn’t…

I asked Spirit about it… Yes about my nails…. This is what I was told…
Really what I was saying was…
I need to rush
I don’t have time to slow down.
I use my nails as tools.
I need not be mindful.
Because when my nails broke it was always, always because I wasn’t handling myself gently.
I was moving too fast.
I was rushing or not present.
Or irritated.
I had to LEARN.
Learn to slow down.
Learn to move gently.

Or not.
I mean they are just nails, right?

Not really…

Because everything in our lives offers a deeper lesson.
Everything. When we pay attention to the organic lessons, so much shifts…

When I started getting them done again it was pure alchemy…
– No tips, I wanted them to grow out. (I am patient with my growth, I don’t fake it)
– The SNS for strength (it’s okay to let external strength protect me, I have nothing to prove by trying to do it all myself)
– Playing with length (the longer is more seen, being comfy with that)
– Always changing (maintenance is a part of life anything you love you are willing to maintain)
And more….

There is a beautiful paradox here… An invitation that your nails can invite

Where you are now (No judgment)
Where you are feeling drawn (no fear)

You don’t have to judge where you are to allow where you’re going. Tips can be (not always) a sign of shame for where you are if you’re not where you think you should be, or a way of checking out of the process.
Nor do you have to reject where you’re going to accept your now. You needn’t anchor who you are in this moment to honor it. You are an ever-changing fluid phenomenon. Growing unceasingly and with ease.

Yes… And.

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The Seed of Being Held As Precious

Yesterday I posted:
“Being loved and held as precious by her family is the seed within a woman that grows naturally to love of herself, creating space within her to attract, receive, and respond to Masculine love. Each one feeding and seeding what comes next, never intending to replace it.”

And I was asked: “What if she did not receive the seed from her family?”

Here is the Transmission:
When the seed isn’t planted it’s the greatest causative factor as to why women will feel like if they love themselves ENOUGH, they will have no need to attract a man or will be unable to accept and receive love from a man or will not know how to respond to Masculine love.

Sadly the call of mothers doing everything and fathers being emasculated only leads to a nation of women who long for love and yet consider that longing weakness and so hold themselves in contempt and loathing while claiming Self Love. The greatest Sin (act against highest self) perpetrated in society EVER is the consistent and pervasive devaluation of Femininity and Masculinity- each is needful and necessary for the actualization of the other.

So what to do?

If a woman has not received the seed of being held as precious from her parents, it is her primary need to find it elsewhere. It is her air, her water, she can not find fulfillment no matter where she searches without it.

Let me be as clear as possible in this…THIS must be her greatest goal and her most valued Devotion. She can not go straight into Self Love without first knowing that she is worthy of it, for what is there to love? And merely saying “love yourself” is not enough. She must open herself to a Divine encounter with both the Divine Father and Mother distinct and equal. It is in that encounter that she Re-Members herself.


Self Love is the result…
The fruit that springs from this root.

Too often women seek to do this work alone. Separate from other people and from the Divine. Neither is possible or even desired as the attempt at further separation is yet a further symptom of the trauma and wound.

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Why Women Need Their Masculine Beloved

I am so happy to see so many women acknowledging their need for their King/Husband/Masculine Beloved!

This is VITAL to our well-being and yet it can be so challenging because so many of us have been taught NOT to need him. Either through our upbringing, through our experiences with having our heart broken, through being taught that need breeds codependent behavior or abuse or any number of things…

The truth is you need him because without him you’re living a life where you ARE compensating for the lack of him. Without him, you can’t occupy your space fully because you end up trying to do both. The desire to “not need a man” is one of the most soul-sucking, depleting and stress causing ideologies ever taken up by women.

It causes us to see stress as a necessary aspect of life, to work harder than we should and to see challenge as a virtue that we need.

Here’s a secret darlings, as Feminine Women, you’re not made to be stressed. That’s not what you’re built for. You’re built for beauty and pleasure and all the”push” and irritation you may have felt towards “those women” who don’t work hard or seem to live a life of joy only separates you further from the truth that… That is YOUR birthright as well!

Here’s a list of over twenty ways that I need my husband just before noon…I wrote these down yesterday as they occurred, this is after being together 14 years darlings…

*Wakes me up with kisses (affection)
* Orders things for our family (providing)
* Carrying heavy bags (protecting)
* Opens doors (protecting)
* Tips drivers (providing)
* Protects me with his presence (security)
* Gives me hugs and touches (affection)
* Lets me lay on him when I’m tired (affection and protecting)
* Expressed concern over my well-being (protection, care)
* Makes sure I eat (providing)
* Gives me his coat or buys me one if I get cold (protection/providing)
* Gives me directions so I’m safe (protection/guidance)
* Looks out for me, aware of my movements (security)
* Understands me (comfort)
* Anchors be when I feel unsettled or concerned (protection, providing, leading)
* Makes me laugh (companionship)
* Affirms my femininity (companionship)
* Stands guard so I don’t have to armor up ever (protecting)
* Holds my hand, touches my back (affection, protecting)
* Guides me through crowds (leading, protection)
* Drives while I provide lovely conversation (leading, protection)
* Negotiates purchases and rentals (providing)
* Makes decisions (protection, providing, leading)

Many women may say… “But I don’t need that”..the metaphor I like to use is that when your body is lacking an essential nutrient, your body doesn’t say “I need this”, typically for a very long time you’ll function without it. But you will see the *evidence* of the lack in various places and perhaps not realize the reason why.

It’s the same here… Without out all the ways a Healthy polarized dynamic works… You experience a great deal of deficiency, and call it life. Stress, fear, depletion, exhaustion, irritability, anxiety, anger, lack of patience, sadness, and more… All stemming from a lack of intimate masculine connection.

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Put Down Your Sword and Shield

You’ve fought long and hard.
You’ve defended yourself fiercely.
You’ve proven your point, held your own…
And in the end, you’ve found yourself tired.
“Is this all that my life is meant to be?”

Something tender remains.
Delicate and brilliant…
You can feel it… Unfurling within you…

It’s time my love.
Put down your sword and your shield
And come home

Learn to live, breathe and occupy this solace:


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Yoni Egg Lessons – Yoni Egg Certification

Yoni Egg Certification

Yoni Egg Certification

Some Yoni Egg purveyors list their gems as “GIA Certified” and have language that will lead you to believe that this makes the Yoni Egg “safe and non-toxic” for use.

This is simply untrue loves.

We have contacted GIA (the Gemological Institute of America) just to verify their process and pricing (we originally did this in 2015).

According to GIA:

* GIA provides Identification Reports

* These reports are mailed and include a pdf file.

* Identification Reports cost $120 -$200 for 1 Yoni Egg sized stone.

*The process of Identification exposes the stone to standard gemological testing including but not limited to radiation.

* Identification Reports do not indicate toxicity, but identify the type of stone, if that specific stone is natural or man-made, contains dyes or fillers (impregnated) and the like.

* Identification Reports have nothing to do with gems being safe for Yoni Insertion.

What does this mean for you as a buyer darling?

It means that any business claiming to sell GIA certified Yoni Eggs has simply sent a sample stone to GIA at best and received an identification report on that sample.

The identification report is only good for the exact stone that is sent to them… It is not a certification of a “lot” of stones.

In short the GIA identification report you receive, unless it is sealed with the egg you receive is not for that egg.

Which is good actually.

If it was for that specific egg that would mean the purveyor is actually paying $145 for a Yoni Egg that they are selling to you for $40 AND it has most likely been radiated.

Which makes it a Yoni Egg you wouldn’t want to insert in your Yoni.

At the end of the day darling, “GIA certification” is not needful, nor does it ensure the stone is safe for Yoni use. GIA will issue identification reports on any type of stone including stones not safe for Yoni insertion such as Lapis and Malachite.

Fear is never a good place to try to build a build a healing practice from, nor is fear a good thing to base your healing based business on. Build your Yoni Egg practice on trust.

Be free loves.

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