Do You Feel Safe Sharing Your Greatness?

In the Sacred text there is a story, sit a bit, my love, here’s tea and pastry….and let us open our Eye to it…

The Divine showed Yosef his greatness, and Yosef in his innocence shared with his brothers, who were angry at his arrogance, bound him, took the symbol of his father’s favor, and sold him into slavery.

There are deep layers we could go into here, and perhaps we will another time, but for today….What is here for us as Feminine women specifically?

In the story we are everyone. We are Yosef and the Brothers. And there is a drama playing out today in like manner.

When the Divine in you gives you a Vision of your Greatness, do you feel safe to share it? I’m not speaking of the Great things you want to do (although that occurs on occasion as well) I’m speaking of the Radiant Beauty you ARE.

For the vast majority of women, the answer is no.

In women, we are by and large wonderful at offering support when our Sisters are down, but one of the greatest wounds that women carry is the wound of being Great and Radiant in the presence of each other. You can see it in many of the statements and memes that are written, feel it in your own body…

We do not desire to have ourselves torn apart by our Sisters, to be placed in bonds and told to be smaller, or that we are arrogant, or have our Sisters come against us.

We are also the Brothers, seeing the statement of our Sisters as a put down of ourselves, wanting to be seen as great ourselves without a willingness to share that with others. Believing that binding her will give us something.

It is time to understand and to Embody true Sacred Sisterhood. To celebrate and rejoice and hold space, not only for our Sisters brokenness but for her Beauty as well. Not only for when she’s doing bad but for when she is Fabulous… And she KNOWS IT. Often we can celebrate if a woman has some greatness if it’s come through her overcoming an obstacle or some challenge as if she’s earned it. But what about if it’s given to her? What if it came through pleasure instead of pain?

Are we willing to mature in this way?

Let’s begin here, I want to see you…

* Tell me something amazing that the Divine/Source has told you about yourself? Share your Vision of the Greatness you ARE!
* Tell me a celebration of the Greatness in ANOTHER woman, not her trials or struggles, but her Beauty alone.

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Return To The Art of Play

This has been such a RICH weekend. One of the best moments was when the Fabulous Goddess I mentor said: “EVERY MOMENT has been rich, meaningful and transformative”.

Here’s why this is so powerful. I don’t work like coaches (which is why I stopped attempting to label what I do coaching years ago). Not one-on-one and not in SOFT. There’s no to-do list. No schedule, no list of mandatory things. We soaked in hot tubs naked, we were massaged and scrubbed, we ate FABULOUS food and tried all sorts of drinks. We ENJOYED each other and in the process… in the BEING… HUGE gems were transmitted from Source. Shifts occurred. 

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On Healing Your Parent Wound

On healing your parent wound:

Parents have many pressures…

If a Parent celebrates a child’s intellect- they will be accused of pressing the child to get good grades
If a parent makes no note of the child’s intellect, they are accused of not acknowledging their intelligence.
If a parent says a child is beautiful- they are pressuring them in regard to their looks
If they never call the child beautiful- they are undermining their sense of beauty.
If a parent buys the child everything they’re indulgent
If they don’t but the child everything- they are selfish and teaching the child lack
If a parent makes the decisions they deem best, they are accused of denying the child’s agency.
If they allow the child to decide what they think is best, the patent is considered foolish because after all, that’s a child.

If I choose I could go on and on… Continue reading “On Healing Your Parent Wound”

Do You Desire to Be Seen?

Feminine Lessons:

There is nothing wrong with the desire to be seen, my love. In fact, it is one of our core needs and greatest nourishments as feminine women. Unfortunately, this need is often demonized and so rejected that it has become a huge shadow for many of us.

Like any hunger, it persists when resisted and comes out inappropriately in ways that don’t serve our deeper soul, nor the stage of life we’re in, often creating breaks in our integrity.

One of these ways is in believing we desire to serve when what we are really wanting is to be seen. Service is then just the vehicle, and as such-if you confuse these two- you will often find yourself burned out and resentful, feeling taken advantage of and unsatisfied… Going from one service opportunity to another… Whether that service is relational, spiritual or vocational.

The solve?

*Acknowledge your need to be seen.
*Accept it and celebrate it as a natural normal aspect of your feminine experience.
*Bring it forward and make it conscious and it can no longer run your life from the unconscious space.

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