Saturday Sex-o-matic! Forced Sex Fantasy?

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We get a lot of questions and one of them is “Why don’t you guys talk more about sex on the blog?”

Good question! We normally consider sex and our particular brand of Sex and Sensuality education to be something that is best experienced and not intellectualized about.  That said- that does not mean there is no merit to a good intellectually stimulating conversation. There are ways to educate about how to have a fulfilling sexually connective experience  online.

So we’re going to start talking sex on the blog.

If you have a question shoot us a note. Want a particular topic covered? Let us know.

Because there’s absolutely no reason to ever have bad alcohol or bad sex.

This weeks topic  is one we saw posted on a blog we follow.

Is it normal to have sexual fantasies that involve forced sex?

The original blog post can be found here.

We could go into all of the facts and figures about this type of question, all of the statistics and such – but really if you want all of that click the link above.

More importantly, we’ll say this THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU.

Fantasies are just that- fantasy.  They don’t mean you’re a horrible person.  Sexual fantasies in particular often provide a way for us to play with our shadow and spaces within ourselves that we often reject.

We would invite you to take the opportunity to play and experiment with your partners – without judgement of looking for “what does this mean??”

Judgement or fear of judgement gets in the way  of sexual and sensual enjoyment all the time. Along with judgement is FEAR. Fear of being judged, fear of being less, fear of our desires and longings being indicative of some sort of pathologic issue.

This is the downside of all of the arm-chair psychology that goes around now.

So – if you have a fantasy of being forced or you fantasize about forcing – SWEET – play with that. Talk to your partner about that. You may choose to explore that fantasy through books, through oral story telling, or through acting it out physically. We encourage you to discuss, find a place that feels good to BOTH people, develop a safe space to explore in and make sure you have ways to communicate DURING the act if you decide to go that far. Also- decompress afterwards. How was it for both people. Yummy? Scary? Both? Who knows what you might come up with. Sex is all about doing what feels good and satisfying to the 2 people involved – so the biggest thing is HAVE FUN.

Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

Richard and Namaste


The Ministry Of Sex

This morning my Beloved and I were in bed and the thought occurred “This is Ministry”

Yes – SEX is ministry.

When I looked up the definition of ministry I came to this one that made me stop ” a person or thing through which something is accomplished : agency, instrumentality

WOW – Sex does something.

Not just making babies although that is awesome too.

Sex connects us  – and I’m not talking about only one type of sex. Only the deep mystical tantric sex for instance.

ALL Sex- literally connects us.

It’s accomplishes something.  It is an instrument. Now if you know anything about instruments you know that they are what they are and whether you choose to use them, ignore them, use them to build or destroy, or use them erroneously.

When we’re having sex with someone we’re serving as the vessel of connection. We’re connecting spirits, souls, intention.  We’re connecting pleasure to a person, and bringing pleasure to a person. We the embodiment of the Oneness that we are.

When I connect sexually with my Beloved – I’m bringing my essence to connect with His.  I’m opening up all that I am in my Feminine essence and receiving all that He is in His Masculinity.  My ability to show up fully in that role of acceptance, active receiving of Him and pleasure is creative, connective and fueling. His ability to show up in the role of giving, consciousness and  Focus – active giving of Himself and pleasure is  also creative, connective, powerful and fueling. We create a cyclical  microcosm of all that is.

In my Life Support practice (aka Coaching) I teach my clients how to connect with the power of not only their Feminine Essence but their sexuality.

How sex can be used to help us heal and as a catalyst to transformation in ways that other things can not.

How delicious, pleasurable sex can be had by everyone.

We tend to believe that the Divine is in a building somewhere – when in actuality the Divine is in US. We tend to think of “ministry” as something that priests and preachers do  to help others – but there is a Ministry that has the ability to set free and reconcile in ways that we aren’t even tapping into – that Ministry is sex.

More on this later.

In Laughter, Love, and Lustiness,

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