Lessons from Yoni Eggs – Wabi Sabi

Yoni eggs are often considered as a fabulous tool for creating more sexual pleasure and increasing vaginal toning. And while I’ve written about that quite a bit HERE– they are ALSO fabulous healers with many additional uses and lessons to teach. I thought I’d share a few of those lessons here from time to time.
Because I’m active in the Yoni Egg community I have the opportunity to hear the concerns of women when it comes to the use of Yoni eggs. One thing I’ve noticed is concerns over imperfections in the eggs.

While I’ve had this concern come up  extremely infrequently with my clients – I’ve had women approach me with pictures, questions, and fears of eggs they’ve purchased from others wanting to return them for fear that something was wrong with them.

It kept niggling at me and I couldn’t understand why – when I went into meditation about what the lesson was Spirit said “Self-Acceptance”.

Have a cup of tea and let’s talk darling.

Yoni eggs are made of naturally occurring materials. The are Earth Grown – not factory produced. This means that they often include occlusions, inclusions, and other distinctions that should not be considered imperfections but character traits.

We live in a world where we’ve been taught that excellence and quality are known by perfection. Perfection being known by lack of distinction. This idea of perfection affects women profoundly in every area of life.

Women look at a slight bulge in the belly and call it fat.

A few stretch marks and call that disfigured.

A partner who can’t read her mind is called “indifferent”.

Children who get less than straight A’s are called “rebellious”.

This perfectionist tendency is pervasive in our culture. There is little to no room for learning, growing, and being… well, HUMAN.

When you begin to embark on a healing path this quest for the Perfect can still show up. And show up in ways that can be deceptive.

We call it “Not settling” – which sounds good- but in reality, understanding the beauty in what *IS* is not settling- it’s actually elevating one’s life by infusing it with contentment.

In other words – your sense of self-worth is not increased by judging others more- it’s increased by judging you less.

What does this have to do with Yoni Eggs?

When your sense of Self Value is synonymous with being critical and scrutinizing with a fine tooth comb of judgement everything around you – this energy pervades everything.

Including your relationship with your Yoni Eggs.

Instead of looking at what the egg has to offer to you – you look at it with eyes of judgement, skepticism, maybe even fear.

As an example, I’m sharing a photo below of some yoni eggs that I own. Some have been purchased from other purveyors (I like to support other women too!), some are mine, one was an egg that a client returned and I felt drawn to accept into my life.

Yoni Egg Wabi Sabi


As you look at the eggs above- do you see the flaws? The imperfections? What’s lacking?

Can you go a little deeper?

Can you feel the energy? The healing? The Strength?

Here’s the truth- we tend to judge our yoni eggs in the same way we judge ourselves (and likely judge our yonis!)

And in this, we miss a Great gift.

Within the realm of Crystal healing, there is what are known as “Empathic Crystals”. Empathic Crystals are crystals that were mishandled at some point in their mining or formed in spite of less than ideal circumstances. Rather than being harmed by this- is gives these crystals a unique empathy for human suffering and pain and a DEEPER ability to heal their human companions from trauma, abuse, and injury. The help change the world around you and  offer you a huge dose of compassion and kindness for yourself and others.

This from a Yoni Egg that is often rejected by the woman who likely MOST needs it.

Yoni egg Crystals are by definition “wabi-sabi” – they embody the beauty of imperfection. They help us learn that the imperfect defines our lives yet does not diminish our joy and our ability to live lives of excellence.

In fact, it can be the actual embodiment of the sublime.

This is not to say that we Yoni egg purveyors should not attempt to offer the best quality eggs we can. Nor is it to say you need to take an egg that has an obvious deep gash in it and place it within your Yoni- that is not prudent. A good rule of thumb is to see if you can FEEL any sharp edges and if you feel with your intuition that an egg is unsafe – please follow that dear heart. But make sure it’s your intuition and not your fear, not your perfectionism, and not a lack of self-acceptance showing up. Need help figuring it out? Try this  or Feel free to reach out!

Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

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Sexual Empowerment and Monogamy

I’ve been a sex educator formally since 2006. I began studying sex and sexuality far before that though. Even in my conservative religious experience as a leader I spent quite a bit of time talking to women about sexuality and how to experience sexual pleasure.

Sexual empowerment is a big buzzword right now. It goes hand in hand with other buzzwords like “women’s empowerment”, “consciousness” and “polyamory”. All of these things are fine and wonderful in and of themselves.

But what if you have no interest in Polyamory?

What if you’re single and have no interest in casual (uncommitted) sex?

What if you have no desire to be “out there” and graphic when it comes to the experience of your sexuality?

This can be very challenging because much of what is written today about Sexual empowerment easily paints a picture of naked spreadeagled women at an orgy as if that’s the ONLY way that Sexual empowerment can be expressed. I’ve noticed and heard from a number of women (and men!) who desire monogamy or who feel that the current conversation around sexuality excludes them:

  • Women who enjoy expressing sensuality that is not overt.
  • Women who have a different type of energy.
  • Men who desire a committed relationship
  • Women for whom the “free love” sort of sexual empowerment doesn’t resonate.


These women and men have expressed concern and frustration. Often feeling like there is nothing for them in the realm of sexual expression. I’m writing this to say…

  • You can be sexually empowered and be Monogamous. – Sexual empowerment is not about how many patners you have
  • Sexual empowerment is not synonymous with Exhibitionism. – while there is nothing wrong with being exhibitionistic – it is not indicative of how empowered you are.
  • You can experience any Sacred Sexual practices alone if you’re not in a committed relationship.
  • Your sexuality is YOURS and should feel authentically fulfilling to you – not jarring and distasteful.
  • All practices within the world of Sexuality aren’t for everyone.
  • You don’t HAVE TO explore anything you don’t WANT to.


My Beloved and I have been in polyamorous relationships. They were enjoyable and we loved the people very much. And while we occasionally teach on polyamory, we are not currently in this type of dynamic – and we’re not seeking it at this time.  I guess that means technically we’re ~gasp~ monogamous. Yes I know that’s unheard of within the realm of Empowered and Conscious sexuality. In addition -we have no desire for other sexual partners,  and yet- we are totally content. The last few events we’ve attended we have had a number of people come up to us and come out:

“Yes we’re monogamous… even though we get odd looks”,

“We’re in a committed dynamic without other sexual partners and we love it”,

“We had other partners but found we didn’t like it – so we stopped”


In each case, these wonderful loving, liberated, conscious  people felt at least a smidgen of shame.

As if they were “selling out”.

As if they needed to prove how open, progressive, and conscious they were by claiming relationship styles that really do not work for them.

And they aren’t the only ones.

Time and time again I receive messages and emails from people wondering where they fit. Wondering if they have to become someone they aren’t in order to be empowered.

The thing about empowerment is it is all about the power within. It’s the power to express what IS within.

If how you’re showing up sexually and relationally is just a mirror of someone else – no matter how empowered it seems – it’s just another weight on you.

When hordes of women were leaving home and going into the work force – the unfortunate downside was that these same women then ostracized the women who DESIRED to stay home and raise their families. Those women were called traitors to the cause. I have met many women who said that they longed to stay home with their children- but didn’t because of fear of being ostracized.



The key is not to trade one sort of shame for another. To exchange the fear and baggage of sexual oppression for the push and pressure of expressing a sexuality that is not authentic to YOU.

Here’s a newsflash:

Your sexuality is NOT about making a political statement.

At its core it’s about you, and how you desire to connect to yourself, your partners, your Creator and your pleasure.

If you need permission to be Monogamous here it is.

If you need permission to be modest – you got it!

Want permission to be celibate? Go for it!

Want to explore your Juiciness within the realm of privacy – AWESOME!

Perfectly happy in your het, traditional gender expression? I celebrate you.


Your sexuality is not yet another way for you to feel that you’re “doing it wrong”. This most sacred space of your Sexual and Relational expression is not public domain for everyone to weigh in and tell you what works for you.

This space is for play.

For joy.

For holding lightly.

If you feel pressure it’s time to take a step back. If you want to explore various practices, techniques and tools – feel free to do that from the energy of liberty, curiosity, and connection – not push. Feel free to enjoy yourself. Also, feel free to evolve and change as works for you.

True Sexual Empowerment is all about the Freedom to be YOU.  This is just the beginning of this discussion I look forward to talking about it more in the upcoming weeks and months!


Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,


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P.S. In my classes and retreats we create safe containers for the exploration of YOU – all facets of you, not only your sexuality. There is no pressure to be more anything other than what you are or to “keep up with the joneses” adding more and more partners to your dance card. Working one-on-one with me I honor YOUR uniqueness, and the authentic relationship and sexuality you desire to embody and explore. If you’d like to learn more check out SOFT, my Retreat or let’s talk!

Yoni Egg Magic LIVE Session!

Hey loves! A few days ago I released my first book on  Amazon!! WOOHOO!! This book is titled “Yoni Egg Secrets” and it’s a definitive guide to yoni eggs. It’s available here **BTW if you don’t have a Kindle you can still get it! You can download free Kindle apps for all of you Android, Iphone, Ipad, Macbooks and other electronic devices** If you think yoni eggs are only for inserting and doing a few kegels and thats it – have I got news for you! You can use these amazing little powerhouses to help heal your womb issues, connect you to your Yoni, increase sexual pleasure, help with incontinence and heal a HOST of physical and emotional issues.

On Wednesday 8/14/14 at 7:30pm CDT I am talking Yoni Egg Magic darlings!!

Come join me on this free Live Webinar!! I’m looking forward to sharing some Yoni information in regard to Yoni eggs as well as how we feel about our yoni’s (vajayjay) in general. You do NOT want to miss this!! If you have private questions you can send them to me at Namaste@RichardandNamaste.com and I’ll answer them on the air! (I’ll keep the names confidential) Sign up above to  access to the Live Webinar! Live, Love Lush and Fearless! namaste signature pink


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The Hips Don’t Lie….Waist beads from the Masculine Perspective

We were walking through the store shopping – my wife reached up to get something off a shelf and I caught a brief glimpse of the iridescent fire of her waist beads around her hips.

She turned around and noticed my smile, her raised eyebrow and musical laugh letting me know without words that she felt my gaze upon her…and she loved it.

In that moment in particular I thought about how much I enjoy seeing them on her and wondered how many men are missing out on a fantastic opportunity to bring a similar type of magic into their own lives.

Bro – you NEED to gift your woman with some waist beads. Like yesterday.

First a little background on waist beads for those not in the know; The practice of women wearing waist beads as adornment originated in Africa about 500BC – which means that the wearing of waist beads is not a new ‘fad’ or something that just occurred yesterday. Waist beads have been around for thousands of years and used by women the world over as a form of spiritual protection, to promote healthy pregnancies and birth, as a non-verbal form of sensual communication to one’s partner and hundreds of other reasons as well. Beautiful waist beads and feminine curves are literally made for each other.  There is nothing sexier than seeing my wife, Namaste walk through our bedroom with her curves draped in iridescent, delicate strands of femininity.

Your whole world will be graced with a deeper level of beauty and passion when you adorn your woman’s waist and hips with sets of waist beads. Here’s five reasons why:

1. She will look amazing… When I look at my wife one of the first things that I notice is how the delicate strands of beads draw attention to her softness and accentuate her natural curves. When a woman feels beautiful and feminine she is like the sun – she literally glows and the rays of her personal energy shine on all that she touches and everyone around her. Support her in her feminine power and beauty by taking an active interest in that process – not only are the waist beads beautiful, but every time she wears a set that you selected it will make her smile and think of you. Remember how AWESOME your world is when she’s smiling. Yes, a smiling woman is a Good Thing.

2. Versatility to match her mood or style…  Waistbeads can be worn in a number of different ways that can compliment her personal style and preference. They can be worn under her clothes to enhance her personal sense of beauty and femininity, or slightly exposed when paired with low-waist jeans, pants or short tops. They can be worn over her clothing like a belt or as ornamentation, or she can even wear them fully exposed with a bathing suit at the beach or pool.

IMAG1989_13. Amazing Metaphysical properties… When different crystals and gemstones are incorporated into the style of the waist beads, they transmit energy to the woman wearing them. My wife has different sets that she wears at different times to inspire creativity, passion and prosperity – the potential combinations are endless. Here’s a short list of different semi-precious stones and crystals and the energy that they bring to the wearer;

  • Malachite is green and promotes prosperity
  • Obsidian is black and is a good grounding stone and promotes feelings of safety
  • Carnelian is reddish orange color and promotes a strong and healthy libido and sensuality
  • Moonstone is white/iridescent – promotes calmness, feminine energy, peace
  • Rose Quartz ranges from pale pink to deep shades of rose and promotes healing the heart from pain and disappointment.
  • Lapis is blue and helps with opening of the third eye – promotes deep clarity, insight and intuition

These are only a tiny sampling of the many different crystals and stones that can be incorporated into a waist bead set.

4. Supercharge her sensuality…. The energy of the beads and their location on her body honor her sexuality. The delicate beauty of the waistbeads around the waist or worn down low around the hips possess intimate appeal and can provoke intense desire. The waist and hip area are especially intimate – unlike other ‘social’ areas of the body, a woman’s waist-to-hip area is seldom seen by the general public and rarely touched casually.  A gift of waist beads for your woman is an amazingly personal and thoughtful gesture – the delicate caress of the beads in such an private and sensitive area of the body is a constant reminder of the intimacy that the two of you share. I can’t keep my hands off her when she has on her waist beads. (and she always has a set on, so YES I’m one of the happiest men that I know.) When we are out running errands and I put my arm around her, I can feel the stands of beads against her skin, hidden from view.  Hotness.

5. Celebrate her distinctive and unique taste…..Waist beads offer a unique combination of creativity, beauty and value that is unmatched by any other adornment that you can gift her with. If you go to a jeweler and purchase a ring, necklace or bracelet, the color, size and shape of the piece has already been determined in the mind of the jewelry designer and mass produced.  With custom waist beads this is never an issue. No two sets of beads are exactly alike. The waist bead sets that adorn your woman are a literal expression of YOU and can reflect your unique relationship and personality!

Namaste is a genius at combining various stones and crystals together in a beautiful arrangement of wearable art for the woman in your life!  Check out her Etsy Store at http://www.etsy.com/shop/DesiredThingz or for custom orders/questions you can email us at richardandnamaste@gmail.com



Flourite Yoni Egg

yoni eggs

Good morning darling,

Some of my Yoni EggsThis week I’ve been experiencing my Flourite Yoni Egg. First, let me say that I’d felt called to this particular crystal for some time.

I’m a Crystal Whisperer (my term for a person who works with Crystals and who crystals speak to) and Flourite is often a stone that desires to come with me whenever I travel. It’s a fabulous multitasking stone because it works on SO many levels.  That said this is the first time I’ve actually used her internally. I’ve had the egg  for 2 days.

So far I’ve felt subtle energy blocks being cleared. Strength and bravery showing up, and detachment from outcomes being infused in my cells. It’s like it’s Upgrading my Vibration another level or three.  On my Facebook page, I suggested this particular egg only for those at level 3 Consciousness or above – this was not to be snobbish. Flourite used internally is such a Powerhouse that I suggest being ready for the shifts she’s going to bring so that your life isn’t totally thrown into chaos. The intensity of the emotional changes prevent ignoring them and the acceleration of your vibration can be heady, overwhelming and challenging. After receiving all of the emotional shifts and spiritual downloads I felt nauseous for a few hours – which has now passed.

I always like to tell of ways that you can involve your partner/mate in your experiences. My Beloved actually picked out the egg for me from a basket full of  eggs.  He really felt into which one was “my” egg. That made the egg even more precious to me.  Also – while my egg has been tucked snuggly inside of me, during our affectionate time He placed a finger inside of me and felt it. There was something so touching, intimate and sacred about that simple act. He said it’s like I have a secret tucked inside.

 I’m looking forward to seeing how long she want’s to stay in.  I’ll come update this page with the number of days I keep her in.

Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

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Yoni Self Massage

Good afternoon loves!

Yesterday I went to an awesome gathering of Beautiful Women – a new Body Church that’s starting locally here in Austin by Qi Dada Ras  (check her out peeps- she’s luscious!). At the end of the class, she gifted all of the ladies with a delightful coconut oil created specifically for Yoni massage – mentioning that I do a lot of Yoni work.

Since then I’ve gotten some messages asking about how to use the oil  and I realized that I don’t have anything up on here about how to do a SELF Yoni massage- nor are there many resources online for how to do Yoni Massage alone, or my unique take on Yoni Massage.

This is a big deal- because while Yoni Massage is FABULOUS and connective when done as a couple- there is also something delicious about a woman’s ability to massage herself in this way.


First What is Yoni? 

If you look up Yoni you’ll get a number of different interpretations from vagina, to vagina and vulva, to vagina, vulva and womb. For the sake of clarity – I like to make the distinction of calling all parts of the Sacred Gates and Passages the Yoni (Vulva, Clitoris, Vagina, and Cervix) and I call the Temple itself (uterus, ovaries, pelvic bowl) the Womb.

Why do a Yoni Massage? 

It is vital to recognize as women that we are Divine Incubators. This means that our natural state is one of receiving, multiplying and releasing. Everything that is created must Incubate through the Sacred Gates and Temple of the Feminine. While the Masculine holds the seeds, the Feminine is the precious soil which nourishes and offers it up. Nature does not make a distinction between our Incubating things that serve us and things that do not.  What this means is that trauma, pain, negative and limiting beliefs, abandonment, violations, and fears – all of it -once experienced tends to be held in our Yoni and our Womb and we need to release it. In addition to the releasing – we are performing an act of sublime Self Love and Nourishing. Healing is always two stages. Releasing the DisEase and Feeding that which Builds.  During a Yoni Massage, you get to experience both with your own hands.

I have specific techniques for releasing these traumas, baggage and more  for those who work with Richard or I in a Baggage Drop Session , however, I will share one way of releasing trauma from your Yoni with you – just enter your name and email in the box at the top of the page to receive the Yoni Self Massage PDF – INSTANTLY!.

If you’d like to learn more- I invite you to take part in The Moon Mysteries Class that is part of my ongoing full access School of Feminine Transformation.

Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

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Are you thirsty?

Are you thirsty?

Thirst is a natural phenomenon.

It is the bodies way of letting us know that we are dehydrated that we are in need of one of life’s most fundamental elements we need water, moisture refreshment.

I’ve noticed the term being used in some circles with a measure of scorn

As if to be thirsty is synonymous with being less than, and to want something, to desire anything is an overt admission of weakness, of lack and ultimately of being a failure.

Isn’t it interesting that when we are thirsty in a very literal sense that we readily soak up the brightly colored images, our mouth is open for massive waves of effervescent juices and waters to flow over us to quench our thirst

We can almost taste it when we imagine it.

And that is a Good Thing.

I have a thirsty soul.

I have a hungry heart.

Are you hungry?

Hungry to feel his deep rich laughter vibrate inside you as he holds you in his arms

Thirsty to feel his gaze upon only you to feel that place in your heart slowly uncoiling, opening

Hungry for the heat of that love warming you to the core as you languidly stretch and relax in the warmth of that deep love opening up to him like a blossom turning its face to the sun.

Is that weakness?

I have a thirsty soul. I have a hungry heart.

Im hungry to bask in the music of her laughter

Her beautiful eyes tell me how much she believes in me

Within my embrace I feel her opening to me

Sharing with me her secrets, her whispered sigh in my ear –

she is my oasis she quenches my thirst with the refreshment of her essence.

Is that weakness?

Being thirsty isn’t for the weak

hunger isn’t for the desperate

It is truly what elevates the strong and makes us what we truly are

thirst is the motivator

Stay thirsty my friends? Fuck that.

Open your mouth state your desires

Open your heart get fed.

For everyone that seeks, finds.

Keep knocking until that door opens

Open your mouth so that it may be filled

Open your heart so you may be fed.

That’s not weakness. That’s righteousness.


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If this resonates with you and your Feminine essence is in need of transformative healing go here….


Podcast: Pop That Thang…

Today we’re talking abut sex. We hear a lot of talk about what men can do and what they should do to please a woman – but what about women?

In today’s podcast we’re asking some questions: How do men really feel about sex? What makes it good or bad  and what every woman should know.  We also give a brief mention to www.strokeskills.com (Guys go take a peek). Grown folks, real talk. (please excuse Namaste’s sore throat)

Take a listen – Get the Class

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The Clitoral Experience

I made an interesting commitment recently.

I decided to experience life as a clitoris. 

Sounds a bit wild and kinda crazy I suppose.

The reason why I made this commitment is because I spend a lot of time talking to women about sourcing life from a space of pleasure.

This doesn’t mean never experiencing pain. In fact, if you’ve checked our 50 Shades of Gray or the work of Jacqueline Carey, Laura Antoniou, or a host of other authors – you realize that even pain can give way to pleasure…

What I mean by sourcing life from a place of pleasure is that you’re always expectant of the good thing. You’re always enticed by your Longing. You allow your Purpose to seduce you.

You may indeed take the same actions- but there is an incredible difference in relaxing into the joy of the experience and constricting into “I have to make this work” mode.

So back to being a Clitoris.

The clitoris is the only body part that has no function EXCEPT for pleasure.

It does not age.

It does not lose its ability to create pleasure. It has a profound amount of nerve endings. Upon pleasurable stimulation it swells, expands, opens to the sensation. And while we notice most ready what’s occurring outside – that same swelling occurs inside.

The clitoris is fully content with its space and purpose. It expands and contracts based purely on feeling. And…

It can cultivate more and more pleasure.

Making the commitment to live as a clitoris for a few days has been interesting.

I’ve found myself taking even more pleasure in my own company.

Moving with my own rhythms. Enjoying my inner counsel.

Becoming sensitive to the slightest point of connection I embrace the vulnerability. Periodically I feel an impulse, a sensation – I move with it, swell with it, allow myself to FEEL it.

I feel on a visceral level what expands me and what contracts me. EVERYTHING becomes important I can learn the value in subtlety.

Allow the experience to open me and move me. Leaning in from a place of pleasure, acceptance with no push.

It’s delicious. Sacred. I feel like I have an extremely pleasurable secret.

I invite you to try out this practice. Become a clitoris for 24 hours. You won’t regret it!

Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

namaste signature pink




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Sex-o-matic Saturday – Review: Sex Butter

Hey there you sexy thang!

We decided to start doing reviews on books, practices and products (including toys!) for creating a Fabulous sex life! With all of the professional review sites out there why would we do this? A few reasons.

1. We’re a couple and there are very few (if any) couples out there reviewing things from BOTH perspectives within a relationship. It’s amazing how many places talk about sex “for women” or “for men” but HELLOOOOO sex by and large is not a solo practice.

2. We LOVE sexuality and sensuality and we aren’t ashamed or embarrassed to talk about it.  We can add our personal, compassionate and deeply authentic take on it.

3. We’re Very WOO – In case you don’t know – the woo, it is strong with us (said in Yoda’s voice). The Woo Shyt is what we call our Profound spirituality that weaves together all traditions into the All That Is. So we intend to speak on the woo side of stuff when we get a Spiritual download or insight  on any of the items or practices we review.

4. We tend towards the natural. We’ll mention if an items is natural and if it isn’t what it’s made of provided we can find the details.

5. We’re adventurous – We have tried a LOT of things and plan to try more. We believe Sexuality should be FUN and the experience of pleasure is a worthy state to live in.

With that in mind let’s get to the good stuff! Our first review!


Sex ButterNamaste: We’ve been following Bonnie  online after we somehow got connected on Facebook. I saw her posts about her product and noticed two things immediately that caught my attention.

1. It’s a solid- or rather a semi solid.

2. It’s natural.

This piqued my interest.  After a bit of time I asked Bonnie if I could have a wee sample to try out.

We had been looking for a suitable lube specifically for our Orgasmic Practice. (We’ll do a review on this soon we promise!). It needed to be easy to apply and long lasting without being tacky.  We were wondering if sex butter might do the job.

When the samples arrived I was happy to see that the butter retained it’s solid consistency even in TX.  I opened the containers and inhaled. The smell of  peppermint wafted out. I went to see what the essential oils used in the butter are- but they are not listed individually. The website only says “A proprietary blend of essential oils”  hmmm.

I rubbed a bit between my Fingers and was surprised how quickly it melted and how slippery it stayed.


Her experience: It was WONDERFUL, especially  during the Orgasmic practice. The essential oils cause an increase in sensation meaning its very easy to stay low and focused during The Practice.It seemed to last and last (although I’ll let Richard speak to that as I’m not really sure how many times he had to reapply , I was …ahem…otherwise focused heh!)  It also causes increased sensitivity so your partner may want to use a lighter touch than normal. If you don’t have an Orgasm practice that you do, I would still suggest using Sex Butter as part of your foreplay experience as opposed to only using it directly before intercourse.

I used it prior to any stimulation just to check out it’s enhancement ability. Works great without making you feel like your vajayjay’s on fire.

His experience:  It was very slippery and lasted for a long time, longer than I expected! I did have to ‘refresh’ it occasionally..when it goes from being a semi-solid to a liquid, it feels very much like an expensive lotion. Similarly to lotions, its going to be absorbed into the skin over time and need re-application. I was very pleased with the length of time that it lasted before I had to replenish. Besides the transformation from a semi-solid into slippery-ness (is that a word?) I really appreciated the fact that there were no adverse or unwanted additional changes in consistency – it never got sticky, tacky or gooey! During intimacy the lube of course transferred to me. It was tingly but not in an unpleasant way. If you’re going to use it as a male enhancement of sensation you’d have to use a LOT, also if you want to apply it as a lube on yourself and your a Guy, again you’re going to need a LOT. I’d suggest using it on your female partner and then letting her excitement create extra lubrication 9if you know what I mean) versus using it on yourself Bro.


Taste: The taste was simply “minty” – it was cooling, not overly oily (that really surprised me) making it great if you want to blend some oral into things while using it.

Pros: Natural, organic ingredients, Long Lasting, increased genital sensitivity, okay taste, safe for use with silicone toys

Cons: No ingredient list for essential oils, oil based so not suggested for use with latex condoms. A bit pricey at 29.95 per jar.

Big O’s: All together we’d give it 4 Big O’s out of 5. It’s a great product!

Website: www.sexbutter.net

***Please note – while we have received samples of this product from the manufacturer we are not affiliates at the time of this writing, nor were we hired to review this. ***