Do You Feel Safe Sharing Your Greatness?

In the Sacred text there is a story, sit a bit, my love, here’s tea and pastry….and let us open our Eye to it…

The Divine showed Yosef his greatness, and Yosef in his innocence shared with his brothers, who were angry at his arrogance, bound him, took the symbol of his father’s favor, and sold him into slavery.

There are deep layers we could go into here, and perhaps we will another time, but for today….What is here for us as Feminine women specifically?

In the story we are everyone. We are Yosef and the Brothers. And there is a drama playing out today in like manner.

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Download – Core Truths


The tendency is to attempt to accomplish through force the alteration of the physical (be it body or anything that can be observed and experienced through the senses) so as to manifest that which is desired expression.

This, while understandable, lacks the understanding of certain core truths.

The physical is only the revealed form and mirror of that which is resident in the other bodies.

The spiritual body is always whole and complete. It is integral by its very nature. It is the secret place of the most High, the TRUTH inviolate.

Since the spiritual body is TRUTH and the physical body is revealed form… From whence cometh any misalignment?

This is created at the mental and emotional levels.

In ideal form the Spiritual body (representing the Divine Masculine seed ) communicates with the mental body which then meets the emotional body (representing the Divine Feminine space of gestation). The Spirit body says what is and the emotional body says it is good. When it is called good all that is birthed from there is good.

That is ideal.

In this space that we are currently living, most of us have a mental body already full of that which surrounds us. It can then no longer receive with clarity that which spirit speaks and so what is filtered to the emotional body is clouded and cluttered and from there we see Manifestations in the physical that reflect this.

This is why renewal happens at the mental level and it is known that the renewal has occurred by that which is FELT at the emotional level.

Our work is predominantly about correcting this misalignment, creating space and renewing the mind, learning to receive from Source, and to reframe the emotional. We don’t speak much to the physical (some, but not a great deal) not because of a devaluing of it but because it is the result not the cause.


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I Remember How It Felt

I remember how it felt

Being stretched impossibly


The Fear meeting the unstoppable


Bear down


Turn back

I can’t

Ring of Fire

I am not able

to stretch

this wide

Visions of myself torn


I feel around inside find

The deeper terror

Not that I can’t

But that I can

Bear down


Something new to come

Nothing remains the same

You know nothing

This is wisdom

Surrender to the fire

And birth


-Namaste Moore


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Evening Spirit Whispers

Evening Spirit Whispers… Are you listening??

~~~~When you absolutely accept yourself you are relieved of any need for others to accept you.

It is ONLY in absolute self-acceptance that others acceptance or rejection becomes irrelevant.

This is a space you allow, not force.
You be, not speak.
It’s not judging needing acceptance. Just knowing that the need is the arrow pointing to your heart.

Interestingly, not having the need for others acceptance creates space for the confident expectation and insight that you already have it.


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Divine Channeling

Divine Channeling


You are a facet of Divinity. You decided to have a human experience over multiple incarnations. Part of this human experience is to engage with multiple tools that are here to aid you in various levels.
* Some help you to remain embodied in your human form
* Some help you to remember your Divine self
* Some aid in your connection to the other forms of your self that are also in Human form
* Some help you to connect with the forms of your self that exist in Non-human form
* Some help you to recall the adventure you wanted to have in this incarnation

The problem is that you easily and often forget that the tool is a TOOL and forget what the tool is to help you DO and BE. And so you wind up being a fantastic tool collector and an amazing disciple of the tool itself utterly distracted from the greater point.

Here is your Cosmic Reminder. Remember?

We love you and you are supported.


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A Lesson on Archetypes

quote you are the change


My loves,

I don’t identify as any one thing- for I contain Universes. The aspects I do identify as are by virtue of being the embodiment of that energy in this world at this time, in this incarnation – Feminine, Companion, Queen, Mother, Priestess, Oracle, Alchemist etc;.

This is what archetypes are. They are specific aspects of Divine energy resident within the energetic signature of us all. Similar to totems- some are with us our entire lives, some come for a season.

Archetypal energy is descriptive, not prescriptive. It is not advised to pick an archetype you like and attempt to make yourself fit into that. Many are naming themselves archetypes based on who they’d like to be, or what is the most celebrated as opposed to who they really are- this is not advised. As you name a thing- so you give that thing power in your life- and yet the experiences, energy, gifts etc; that you have are based on who you ARE not on a version of yourself that you feel you SHOULD be.

When you look at who you are, how you are showing up as opposed to an idealized version of you- you can see YOUR archetypes and begin to do the work of powerfully being. As you transmute how you see this archetype you are then transformed from a vessel of dishonor to a vessel of honor based on your own perception – for ALL archetypes contain Divinity and Honor and it is only our perception or expression of them that makes them less than that.

Understand beloved, that the archetypes that are yours at any season or point are present because it is an energy that is needed in the sphere in which you hold influence. When you deny them expression out of your own rejection – you then keep the world from having precisely what it means.

Indeed, you ARE the change you’ve been looking for.

In Laughter, Love, and Lustiness,

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Ending the Sexism, Healing the Masculine

Good morning beloveds,

This morning while riding around something profound dropped into me. It literally took my breath away in part because it was and is the answer to a question I’ve had a for a very long time.

Where did this battle of the sexes begin?

This morning as I was meditating on Yoni love, and the need for us as women to be willing to adore and express worship to the lingam as well – Spirit dropped in and said “The Feminine did a great wrong to the Masculine” as I opened up n curiosity to this message it began to unfold before me.I saw ancient man – who worshipped women for her ability to create who saw it as magic.  I saw ancient women knowing the secret of her blood, the secret of creation – that it required both man and woman to create another human being.  I saw her telling these secrets to her daughter and it being a secret withheld from man. The Secret of why they worshiped us. I saw the look of hurt, betrayal, and then anger on the face of ancient man when he realized – when he realized that woman had denied his power. Denied his Divinity.  Denied that LIFE was not a dyad between woman and the gods- but was a triad between man and woman and the Divine.

It hit me like a blow to my belly… I began to share with Richard and He began to tell me the effect that this long forgotten betrayal has had on the global psyche of men.  How and why men distrust women. How it shows up.  I saw how with this new rising of the Feminine we also must see and understand the Feminine shadow that also rises. The shadow that seeks to deny MEN their place at the table, their creative ability, their Divinity and necessity in creation. How this story plays out THIS time is up to us ladies.

Watch the video below— share it widely… We are the answer we’ve been waiting for.

I love your face,


Tears, Freedom and Precious Time

Sometimes you just need a good cry.

Mercury Retrograde tends to bring up irritation, fear, and – if we allow it – tears.
I’m really taking this time to dig deep and open fully to my Truth and Awakened State.
I accept Divine Invitations.
I’m allowing myself to become more vulnerable more raw, more tender.
And that means tears.
I give myself the freedom to cry.
No need to hold it in or hold it back.
I watch as the rain pours down, drenching central TX (which rarely happens). I watch as buildings are flooded and rocks are moved, I watch  the landscape totally transformed as I walk along the woods on the mountain behind our home.
Isn’t it amazing what water can do?
I’m reminded of a quote by Lao Tzu – one that I have lived my life by:

In the world there is nothing weaker than water, yet for doing that which is hard- nothing surpasses it

And I’m watching this truth enacted all around me.
And within me.
Nothings wrong – which is part of the reason why these tears are so freeing.
They aren’t born of pain, anymore than rain is a sign of some Divine displeasure.
They’re here as a sign of change, an invitation to softening more deeply into myself, my purpose, my passion.
So I allow them.
I sat on my Kings lap a couple days ago and wept. And He kissed my forehead (as He does) and held me.
There is something so beautiful about being with someone who knows how to hold space for you. To simply BE with you and know you’re not broken because your eyes are leaking. 
In fact these leaks are signs of great transformation.
It’s been my observation that Transformation doesn’t take place in great sweeping externally observable shifts.
But in small micro awakenings.
Small tendrils of longing finding fertile soil.
These things grow if we allow them. If we give them space without rushing off into the next thing.
I’ve often had to remind clients of this as they seek external validation for a process thats occurring inwardly.
Relax. Soften.
And I’m mindful of that in myself.  Watchful. Cautious.
I notice when I feel like I simply MUST do X, or go off to Y.
And I sit down. I journal. I drink a cup of tea while watching the rain.
This is such a precious, precious time.
Mercury Retrograde precious?
Because all of the emotion is unearthed… ready for the plucking.
I get to feel it, dive into it, it’s here for me.
I also get to release all that doesn’t serve. But not in flurry of decluttering. But in a lingering loving goodbye. 
The kind of goodbye you give to those dying.
To a lover you know you won’t see again.
Saying good bye to What Was – is part of this Transformation.
I wonder if the caterpillar sighs a tender goodbye to it’s state as it surrenders into a butterfly?
How wonderful it is to be able to do that with our own seasons of transformation as we become- lovingly letting go of what was.
How delightful is the journey – when we’re not rushing towards the destination. 
In love,
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How to avoid being infected

I adore art, learning from amazing people, beauty in all it’s forms.

Some years ago there was an amazing artist I followed. Her work was amazing, and her personality was quirky and totally her own. I bought her products, got involved in her classes and was enjoying myself immensely.

One day I was googling her name seeking out any and all tutorials she may have made and I came upon a website where a number of people had written not-so-favorable things about her.

Smashing her character.

Making fun of her personality.

Mind you this had nothing to do with me.

But I’ll admit that all of this negativity cast a big damper on my fun.

I found myself beginning to see the flaws others had seen – even though I didn’t want to. I eventually was able to push out the negativity and enjoy her again- but in the mean time I found myself listless and disconnected.

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re in love with someone- a teacher, a man or woman, an idea, a dream. They light you up, make you happy… you feel satisfied and hopeful.

Then someone or a group of someones start tearing it apart. Calling it worthless.  Questioning his/her value to you. Causing you to doubt your own heart?

Most recently I noticed this with another teacher I adore- however being older and wiser- I opted to not take that ride – not because I couldn’t withstand it – but because why would I allow the damper on my joy?

And that’s the problem isn’t it?

So often we accept the gossip, the negative video, we click on the link and watch the TV program because of FOMO.

Fear of Missing Out.

One of the insidious lies negativity whispers to us is that we’ll miss out on something “needful” by not tuning in.

By not listening.

That we’re being “naive” and putting our head in the sand.

I mean of course you’re a pretty smart cookie and you can listen/watch/read/ about the negativity and it won’t hurt you at all, right?


Negativity is an infection darling. Of the worse sort.

We tend to think we’re inoculating ourselves against negativity by our exposure.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

Inoculating yourself against negativity by exposure is like letting an Ebola patient cough on you hoping it’ll keep you from getting Ebola.

It *might* work- but is it worth the risk?

You may be wondering what to do instead…

  • Supersaturate yourself with positivity – put it on the radio, in your social media feeds, in your inbox, on youtube, everywhere.
  • Be part of the solution  – turn down any invitation to engage with negativity
  • Protect your mental garden – try not dwelling on any form of negative thought for 7 days.

What do you do love?

How do you protect your mind and cultivate a mindset that is congruent with the version of yourself you’re seeking to Embody?

Want to actually FEED the positive in your life? Check this out!

Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

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Lessons from Yoni Eggs – Wabi Sabi

Yoni eggs are often considered as a fabulous tool for creating more sexual pleasure and increasing vaginal toning. And while I’ve written about that quite a bit HERE– they are ALSO fabulous healers with many additional uses and lessons to teach. I thought I’d share a few of those lessons here from time to time.
Because I’m active in the Yoni Egg community I have the opportunity to hear the concerns of women when it comes to the use of Yoni eggs. One thing I’ve noticed is concerns over imperfections in the eggs.

While I’ve had this concern come up  extremely infrequently with my clients – I’ve had women approach me with pictures, questions, and fears of eggs they’ve purchased from others wanting to return them for fear that something was wrong with them.

It kept niggling at me and I couldn’t understand why – when I went into meditation about what the lesson was Spirit said “Self-Acceptance”.

Have a cup of tea and let’s talk darling.

Yoni eggs are made of naturally occurring materials. The are Earth Grown – not factory produced. This means that they often include occlusions, inclusions, and other distinctions that should not be considered imperfections but character traits.

We live in a world where we’ve been taught that excellence and quality are known by perfection. Perfection being known by lack of distinction. This idea of perfection affects women profoundly in every area of life.

Women look at a slight bulge in the belly and call it fat.

A few stretch marks and call that disfigured.

A partner who can’t read her mind is called “indifferent”.

Children who get less than straight A’s are called “rebellious”.

This perfectionist tendency is pervasive in our culture. There is little to no room for learning, growing, and being… well, HUMAN.

When you begin to embark on a healing path this quest for the Perfect can still show up. And show up in ways that can be deceptive.

We call it “Not settling” – which sounds good- but in reality, understanding the beauty in what *IS* is not settling- it’s actually elevating one’s life by infusing it with contentment.

In other words – your sense of self-worth is not increased by judging others more- it’s increased by judging you less.

What does this have to do with Yoni Eggs?

When your sense of Self Value is synonymous with being critical and scrutinizing with a fine tooth comb of judgement everything around you – this energy pervades everything.

Including your relationship with your Yoni Eggs.

Instead of looking at what the egg has to offer to you – you look at it with eyes of judgement, skepticism, maybe even fear.

As an example, I’m sharing a photo below of some yoni eggs that I own. Some have been purchased from other purveyors (I like to support other women too!), some are mine, one was an egg that a client returned and I felt drawn to accept into my life.

Yoni Egg Wabi Sabi


As you look at the eggs above- do you see the flaws? The imperfections? What’s lacking?

Can you go a little deeper?

Can you feel the energy? The healing? The Strength?

Here’s the truth- we tend to judge our yoni eggs in the same way we judge ourselves (and likely judge our yonis!)

And in this, we miss a Great gift.

Within the realm of Crystal healing, there is what are known as “Empathic Crystals”. Empathic Crystals are crystals that were mishandled at some point in their mining or formed in spite of less than ideal circumstances. Rather than being harmed by this- is gives these crystals a unique empathy for human suffering and pain and a DEEPER ability to heal their human companions from trauma, abuse, and injury. The help change the world around you and  offer you a huge dose of compassion and kindness for yourself and others.

This from a Yoni Egg that is often rejected by the woman who likely MOST needs it.

Yoni egg Crystals are by definition “wabi-sabi” – they embody the beauty of imperfection. They help us learn that the imperfect defines our lives yet does not diminish our joy and our ability to live lives of excellence.

In fact, it can be the actual embodiment of the sublime.

This is not to say that we Yoni egg purveyors should not attempt to offer the best quality eggs we can. Nor is it to say you need to take an egg that has an obvious deep gash in it and place it within your Yoni- that is not prudent. A good rule of thumb is to see if you can FEEL any sharp edges and if you feel with your intuition that an egg is unsafe – please follow that dear heart. But make sure it’s your intuition and not your fear, not your perfectionism, and not a lack of self-acceptance showing up. Need help figuring it out? Try this  or Feel free to reach out!

Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

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