Lessons in Alchemy – Business

Lessons in Alchemy -Business

I started my first business in 1994 – home baked goods…lol – which later became event planning, gift baskets (in its heyday), then later I had a daycare (seemed like a good idea to be home with my children). I did henna body art professionally (and made a ton!) And I was a doula until I retired… all of which were more supplemental income and training in my mind.

I was trained in coaching and began that in 2008, I received my Kings vision of business in 2010 and We’ve been in business as our sole income since 2012 –

As you can imagine we’ve learned a great deal along the way… What works and what doesn’t….

One big thing is…

There are many ways to do a thing darling.
Often you can be confused when it comes to your business because there are so many ways to get “there” whatever your “there” is…

No one tells you that.
Everyone tells you that their way is THE way. But there are many nuances that people won’t reveal to you…

*Some things work excellent for businesses focused on building a business and won’t work for your human development/transformation business
* Things that work for coaches may not work for your digital product business
* Many who make millions have overhead that makes their take-home pay less than six figures.
* All that’s glossy and gorgeous doesn’t have substance behind it. Some of the most beautiful websites have made no money.
* Everyone is experimenting and learning as they go, so don’t get wrapped around the axle of trying to do what you see someone else do… Unless you want to.
* A person can only understand your business to the degree that they don’t have limiting beliefs about the business you’re in.
* A person can only help your business to the degree that they understand what it is you do
* Pay attention to the FREQUENCY and the Pitch of the program, not just the promise of how much you’ll make

In short…There is more to this than money.

Don’t get me wrong, money is fabulous. Having the money to buy what you want when you want is wonderful…
But money is not the only thing… at least not for our tribe.

Our tribe craves Freedom more than money.
Spiritual connection over coins.
A life of meaning and influence over Instagram likes.

That’s not to say you can’t make millions while doing it… You can…
It will probably look different… Far Differently than most.

In the last year because of the success we’ve reached in our business, we’ve attracted more business coaches than ever before…

And I’m so thankful… Because it has clarified for us… Sometimes painfully…. Always beautifully what we are called to do.
And HOW.
Where the place of our power is…
And what we are absolutely NOT willing to do for the sake of making a dollar.


Yes, sometimes your limiting beliefs are getting in the way of your business success. And Sometimes your success is just going to take longer to manifest at the level you desire… But you can still be free in the meantime.

Sometimes your idea is not monetizable, and sometimes you just need more people with a vision around you to be able to see how it can be.

Sometimes you need to be more consistent. And Sometimes it’s working with a different rhythm than most that’s your secret sauce.

Sometimes you need to start your own thing, and sometimes you need to profit share in someone else’s thing.

Sometimes you want a business, or maybe it’s the validation you think the business will give you…

So, Which is which?

That’s for your Divinity to parse out for you my darling… We (Richard Moore and I) provide the container for that clarity and the transmission for that transformation.

Like everything… Business Alchemy is a way of life. It’s not just a few components…
For an Alchemist, business is about how To Free the Soul of Prosperity from the Act of Exchange™… Which then flows to both the customer and the owner.

We want to help you be free… And freedom doesn’t take millions or even six figures… You can get there in six months if you’re willing to do the work. Here’s our FFOFF Class – Financial Freedom on Five Figures www.myfreedomschool.com

-take this class to unleash your freedom as fuel for your success.

Join the School of Alchemy for practical business Alchemy – http://schoolofalchemy.love

We love you!-

The Culture of Co-Opting Pain

One thing I have noticed in the last 7 years is that I find more and more people who have amazing lives who feel bad and guilty about them. People who were never abused, oppressed or struggled feeling like something is WRONG with them or like they need to carry some guilt for their happiness. People who maybe have gone through challenging things who aren’t carrying deep wounds but feel like they SHOULD.

I’ve observed people attempting to do what I call the Culture of Co-Opting Pain. Where you begin to take on others identity, orientation, and perspective as a form of Empathy. It is the Shadow of empathy.

I am not for any attempt to make people feel bad, shame or like they should shrink because they are Happy, Healthy, Loved, Wealthy, Liked, and full of what they Desire.

I see more and more this pressure for people to:

*confuse authenticity with having deep insecurities or issues.
* confuse being healthy with being able-est
* confuse loving one’s body with body shaming others
* confuse enjoying one’s life- with a lack of compassion for other lives
* confuse loving one’s own gender, and sexuality – with oppressing that which is NOT one’s own orientation

In other words, the only way to prove that you accept and care for others is to identify as they identify – which is not TRUE – and is actually just another form of monoculture and rejection of the diversity that we are here to experience.

Perhaps this has been forgotten:

“You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.” ~Marianne Williamson

In other words- be YOU – be Happy… and feel free to be EXCELLENT!!

Learn more, get SOFT – bit.ly/GetSOFT

In Love,

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The Blessing of Missing Out

Most of us know about FOMO, also known as the Fear of Missing Out

It’s the driving force of many actions these days, the Fear of Missing Out causing us to fill our days in unconscious ways that are not aligned with our joy, desires or purpose…

There are many ways to release this FOMO, but one of the best is to make peace with your past.

You see, past regret and fear is what creates the fertile soil for FOMO. Looking back on previous times and feeling like you made bad calls, missed opportunities, and simply could have done better than you did will then cause you to project that fear into the future

YOU can get free from this when you understand the BOMO- the Blessing of Missing Out.

BOMO is the deliberate opening to seeing the amazing blessing in everything you have missed out on. It is the Reframe that changes EVERYTHING.

It gives you freedom, groundedness and a deep Knowing that you need fear nothing.

When my King and I didn’t go to the show in Vegas, when we made that choice, we just knew we wanted to stay in the pool and hot tub and didn’t want to go to a show… we removed FOMO as a factor in our life… And we found BOMO.

Look at your life darling… Where has been the BOMO?

Learn more, get SOFT – bit.ly/GetSOFT

In Love,

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Namaste Moore – The Feminine Alchemist © Namaste Moore and RichardandNamaste.com   2017. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from the author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Namaste Moore and RichardandNamaste.com  with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

Lessons in Alchemy- Integral Living

There is a Universe of difference between these three statements:

I can’t
I don’t know how
I chose not to

One is a function of true possibility – and so is a lie, for there is nothing you can not do.

One is a function of ability – This is the space of potentiality….curiosity and being inquisitive as all things are learnable.

One is a function of availability- a decision made based on benefit and effectiveness. Continue reading “Lessons in Alchemy- Integral Living”

Be Brave, Mama

I recently read an article in Cosmopolitan against celebrating the gender of one’s baby.
The person who wrote it seemed to have a big chip on her shoulder against baby showers in general and even gestational markers as being things that convey to a woman that her value is in her ability to grow a tiny human.

She suggests that women have other things to be concerned about and this is what’s adding to the stress.

I’d like to offer a completely different take… Continue reading “Be Brave, Mama”

On Gender Norms

You may have noticed the idea of having or expressing gender normative behavior has become somewhat of a pejorative. I hesitated to share this due to the sensitivity of the topic and my desire to not wound those whose biologic sex and energetic gender are are not the same. That said I’ve been told that this is important enough to need saying and so I ask that it is read in the spirit of love, life and compassion that it is offered.

There are many incorrect and nonbeneficial beliefs associated with gender norms so let’s begin to unpack and clarify it. Continue reading “On Gender Norms”

The Way Through Duality

Teaching.. Consciousness and expansion into True Self as All… And the place of Masculine and Feminine essence within that paradigm…

Based on my comment to another post…It is long but worth it

The distinction between Masculine Essenced beings and Feminine Essenced beings is part of my great Work at this point in the space time continuum and it is typically not discussed in many consciousness oriented circles beyond saying that everyone has both and does both if they get to high enough consciousness- which is true in part when viewed through one facet but incomplete in many ways and definitely does not make other facets less relevant or lower in consciousness. It’s as if what is being expressed subtly is “we are one with everything” while not acknowledging that the expression of my localized self, a table and a chair each have distinct and valid positions in their current form in relationship to each other, and that distinction is also a facet and actually an expression of the Absolute not a departure from it.  Continue reading “The Way Through Duality”

Leave Her Soft

For all the little girls that will be born tomorrow and the little girls crying within the women of today….


If you love her… Leave her Soft.

Don’t harden her and toughen her up.
Let her be a princess, a ballerina, let her wear tiaras and tutus. Being Feral is just another word for being neglected and living without love. Don’t demand she hustle and grind and “use her head”.

Continue reading “Leave Her Soft”

Do You Feel Safe Sharing Your Greatness?

In the Sacred text there is a story, sit a bit, my love, here’s tea and pastry….and let us open our Eye to it…

The Divine showed Yosef his greatness, and Yosef in his innocence shared with his brothers, who were angry at his arrogance, bound him, took the symbol of his father’s favor, and sold him into slavery.

There are deep layers we could go into here, and perhaps we will another time, but for today….What is here for us as Feminine women specifically?

In the story we are everyone. We are Yosef and the Brothers. And there is a drama playing out today in like manner.

Continue reading “Do You Feel Safe Sharing Your Greatness?”

Return To The Art of Play

This has been such a RICH weekend. One of the best moments was when the Fabulous Goddess I mentor said: “EVERY MOMENT has been rich, meaningful and transformative”.

Here’s why this is so powerful. I don’t work like coaches (which is why I stopped attempting to label what I do coaching years ago). Not one-on-one and not in SOFT. There’s no to-do list. No schedule, no list of mandatory things. We soaked in hot tubs naked, we were massaged and scrubbed, we ate FABULOUS food and tried all sorts of drinks. We ENJOYED each other and in the process… in the BEING… HUGE gems were transmitted from Source. Shifts occurred. 

Continue reading “Return To The Art of Play”