Being with Longing

Recently I was talking to a woman who indicated that she really wanted a relationship …


she really was not comfortable with longing for one.

She really wanted to feel like she didn’t really want a relationship. That she’d be okay either way.

I looked at this beautiful radiant woman in front of me and I told her…

“Longing is the path that carries the actualization of Desire, you’ve got to learn to surrender to your longing”



She blinked at me with wide, teary eyes.

And I understood the fear in those depths.

When we allow ourselves to long for something we also open ourselves up to disappointment.

It’s okay.

That does not make you foolish, or weak, or less than.

Without longing, we can not have what it is we truly long for.

“Like unto itself is drawn” ~Abraham

What does this mean? It means that in the space of no Desire- you receive nothing. In the place of fear you receive what you fear and in the place of longing you receive what you long for.

Here’s the thing.

Longing is not lack.

Longing is to grow long, to lengthen to meet a desire. 

Longing is based upon a leaning towards what it is that is longed for.

It is the polar opposite of lack. Lack is about focus on what is not.

Here’s where it gets interesting- the Feminine is uniquely capable of utilizing longing. This is predominately because the feminine has a capacity to contain.  This space of containment – where we create, gestate, conceive and nurture means that we are amazingly adept as taking a seed and nurturing the longing that seed represents.

We’re fabulous at feeding it until it is ready to come forth.

It’s our unique superpower.

Today- sit with your longing. Allow yourself to feel it deeply. If tears well up, allow them to fall. If joy- allow your soul to laugh. If you must dance, or sing, or make love- do so.

In all you do – allow yourself to long for what you Desire. Your life will thank you for it.


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Attracting Your Perfect Mate Using the Law of Attraction

Hey there loves!


Today we have a Guest Blog by Tanner! Tanner is full of amazing sparkly energy that truly encourages you to get your LOVE on!! Check out her post below!!



Attracting Your Perfect Mate Using the Law of Attraction


The Science Behind Energy and the Law of Attraction


Through scientific research, it has been proven that every human is made up of energy and emits a vibration as a result of this energy. It has also been proven that thoughts have an intense effect on type of energy you emit. Positive thoughts emit energy at a higher and faster frequency that expands farther, while negative thoughts emit energy at a slower frequency that aren’t as expansive.

The Law of Attraction states like attracts like. So assuming this theory is true, you will start to attract things similar to your thoughts.

Getting Positive to Attract the Perfect Mate

So let’s take attracting a mate for example. If your thoughts are positive about attracting a mate, you will attract more positive options for mates into your life.

If you look at the basics, the more often you think positive thoughts about attracting a mate, the stronger and faster a good mate will be attracted to you.

If the thoughts are negative about attracting a mate, well, you will find yourself with less than savory options. I bet you can think of a time in your life when you kept attracting less than savory options. Now remember the thoughts you had about attracting a mate during that time. Do you recall that the longer and more negatively you thought, the worse the options seemed to get. Any light bulbs going off?

Little Known Secrets to Manifestation the Perfect Mate

However, there are a few little-known secrets to truly manifest your desired mate. Many people often get frustrated with manifestation because they aren’t aware of these two secrets:

1.     Your desire MUST be clear and focused- You have to be absolutely clear on what you want from a perfect mate. If you waver back and forth about what you want, you will send out conflicting signals to the Universe which will cause the manifestation to stall. It’s like telling a driver to turn left and then saying, no let’s take a right. They just end up going around and around in the same circle.


The best way to get clear is to get out a pen and paper and write out exactly what you want. The more details the better. Then the Universe will have no excuse for confusion. So, take some time and write out exactly what you desire in a mate.


 2.     You MUST believe you can truly find your perfect mate- This is the biggest and hardest hurdle to overcome during the manifestation process. If you don’t truly believe you can manifest your perfect mate, all you will never see the results of your desires. However, the good news is, there are many ways to overcome your lack of belief.


A belief is just a repeated thought. If you consciously change your thoughts, over time you will change your beliefs.


I have found two awesome ways to change beliefs over time:


First is to create a morning meditation ritual to focus on overcoming my limiting belief.


Second is to consciously catch any negative thoughts associated with my limiting belief before it snowballs and change it to a positive thought that I truly believe about that subject. It should be a thought that I can say without feeling anxious, nervous or bad.


For example, it may make me nervous to say, “I will attract my perfect partner within a year”, but if I say “I am working to attract my perfect partner in the right timing” it feels better because it is more believable to me.

I encourage you to try these steps when manifesting your perfect mate. I have seen miracles occur in not only my love life, but the love life of my clients through the Law of Attraction. And I know these miracles are waiting out there for you too. All it really takes is the belief that it is yours for the taking.

To Creating the Love Life You Desire,





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Tanner Kennedy is a certified Dating and Relationship Coach for Women. Her mission is to help women create the love life they desire by using the theory of the law of attraction along with a healthy dose of self-love. In her recently published book, The Modern Woman’s Roadmap to Love, she shares the specific tools, skills and techniques that allow women to be in the driver’s seat to create her ultimate relationship. Tanner lives in Charleston, SC where she enjoys the being surrounding by the beautiful natural setting and the warm weather. 

The questions…



Find out the questions your Soul really has.

and then…


Don’t be afraid to ask them

And to walk in the answers …


Just for today.



Sowing Wildly

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.” ~Henry David Thoreau

We often have-

Innovative ideas

Wonderful wisdom

Inspiring insights

Delightful Desires

All of which we do very little or nothing with.

We don’t share them.

We don’t put them out there…we hold them into ourselves, often because we’re waiting for just the PERFECT opportunity.

“When I’m standing in front of 10,000 people THEN I’ll share this.”

“I don’t want this to be stolen from me and used by someone else – so I’ll wait”

“When all my ducks are aligned – perfect website, marketing, logo etc. – THAT will be the perfect time.”

“When I have the perfect home, mate, materials then I’ll do it”

But this misses a very important key.

There is a concept in many faiths of “sowing and reaping”

It is also called the Law of Cause and Effect.

What it comes down to is very simple -whatever you sow you will reap. Do not sow sparingly worried about the outcome – just know that whatever you put out there, you are going to get back a harvest from, like after like.

This concept is often looked at in the negative: “Don’t put bad things into the world or karma will get you” – and this too is an oddly human trait to look at things in the most negative way possible.

But let’s look at it from another angle:

Whatever you sow you will reap- As I go through the world – I don’t have to live in fear of others stealing my ideas or inspirations. I don’t have to with hold my “seed” for waiting for the perfect opportunity. In fact doing so may mean I miss the “season” for planting.

It’s time to cast your seeds in action.

How the seed comes up – is really outside of the scope of our concern.

Our concern is only with putting the seed out there, so cast care to the wind!

Do not sow sparingly worried about the outcome – To sow sparingly – holding back because we fear that this is our “one” idea, or we don’t have enough or “what if I use this all up and there is no more”  comes from a world view of lack. When we understand that we are connected to Source energy in a Universe of magnificent abundance – and we TRULY believe that abundance is available for ME (Yes YOU!) then there is no position of “saving” seed. We understand that how and where the seed comes up – is also outside of our scope of control. It may spring up exactly where and how we planted it – or come back in new and amazing way that we could not anticipate. This is the Joy Factor!


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Originally posted 4/2011

Podcast Ep. 2 – Getting free from Shame and Guilt



Today’s podcast  overwhelmed us. We both felt waves of Divine Compassion and Love wash through us as we were recording it. You really want to hear this.



One of the things that we felt strongly was to offer everyone an opportunity to get free by being witness in the lace of their shame. There is real power in being Witnessed. If you’ve never had the experience  we highly suggest it. This witnessing is offered during our FREE consult. Whatever that place of shame is – the power of openly stating it is miraculous.  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!


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Live. Love. Lush and Fearless!

Richard and Namaste

Podcast Ep. 1 – Being Broke makes you Dr. Jekyl and Mr Hyde

Hey there sweetpeas!

Richard and I have been wanting to put up a Podcast for some time and now we have!

In our first official podcast episode we explore The Jekyll & Hyde effect – we talk about how being broke affects your attitude and your prospects for RANSPodcastArtwork4getting out of debt and what to do about it! We also take a look at practical and repeatable ways to change and elevate your vibration and get in flow with the the positive. How to immerse yourself in the flow of abundance and stop taking steps backward in the opposite direction of what you want to experience. Lets uncover the true reasons that stop good things from coming into your life and change your life forever!!!!





Shift out of Fear

I had the opportunity to participate in day one of the Phenomenal Adela Rubio’s 21 day energy shift program. Let me tell you it’s powerful!!

One quote from her website was:

“There is nothing to fear at all; all that is needed is a little more awareness. So whatever your fear is, catch hold of it, look at it minutely, the way a scientist looks at a thing. And you will be surprised, it starts melting like an ice flake. By the time you have looked into its totality, it is gone.” ~ Osho

Based on that quote I have created the following affirmation and linked it to a mantra:




Affirmation: Today i am FEARLESS!! Under the fierce light of my own brilliance -fear melts. Rather than allowing fear to have its way with me, I grab it, face it and walk through it on my way to Purpose and fulfillment!

Optional Mantra: VAM (Repeat for 2-3 minutes)

Feel free to use these as you move through your day to energize you, center you and create movement.

Dance Powerfully!!

 Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

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A most common and celebrated Abuse

Good morning my darlings,

Looking at my Facebook scroll, news feed and the like on any given day I’ll see tons of articles on abuse.

  • “How to end abuse”
  • “Rates of abuse globally”
  • “The latest allegation of abuse”

  Is it any wonder that often people think the world sucketh muchly and people are at their core cruel?   This morning I woke up and as I was scrolling through and taking note of some of the messages – I also noticed another – much more dangerous subtext.

  • “I suck”
  • “I f*ck up”
  • “I’m constantly wrecking my world”

  Even at the event Richard and I attended as educators this past weekend there was a reoccurring theme of “sharing how much you’ve f*cked up”   As I sat pondering these things I heard whispered into my heart

“How many nights will you do violence to your soul?”

It nearly brought me to tears. How often do we do violence to our SELVES? Often we speak ill of ourselves, handling ourselves roughly- without compassion, without love, without patience or gentleness.

And here’s the kicker… We usually KNOW that we are doing it.

We’ll even say it with a sort of pride “I’m harder on myself than anyone else” As if to be so is a badge of merit.

If we were speaking of treating anyone ELSE that way – we’d be horrified. Yet to do it to ourselves – our sense of Self – which is so sacred, so tender, and so utterly dependent on us for care. For us to feed our hearts and souls the poison of judgement and a cold critical eye – this is a celebrated and embraced abuse.

We do not show humility by our being “harsh” and “hardened” with ourselves. We do not teach the world, our children, or those we consider to be more vulnerable – how to overcome bad by turning it inward.  In short, the world is not served by our claiming our mistakes, faux pas’ and learnings are “f*ck ups” and not offering in their retelling an inner hug and measure of compassion to ourselves.

Even in this  note – my intention is not for you dear heart to begin to offer even more cruelty to your precious Self in condemning your treatment of your Soul, for cruelty is rarely undone through cruel methods.

No – what I would offer is that you might consider your Self – ALL of your Self – not only the “good” parts- but the difficult to love parts as well  – as Sacred.

That you will wrap your imperfections in tenderness and fierce compassion.

That You will  exercise a lavish and flamboyant self love.

That you will become enraptured by your broken places and barren spaces. 

That you might fall in Love with wild abandon – with your precious and sacred Self… and watch how your experience of the world shifts is response.

Let us begin with this, “I love you”.

Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

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Time is not Fixed – Next Level Law of Attraction



“The Tale of Benjamin Buttons” was a great movie about a man who lived life – backwards. He began as an old man and died as a baby. It’s profound and deeply moving.  It challenged how we felt about time and encourage us to think outside of the box about it.


Last month a client mentioned to us that he had decided to be a specific age – no matter how old he got. It reminded me of how we’ve said things in times past like “I’m celebrating the 10th anniversary of my 25th year” or something similar.


Now it’s time to take that to another level.


As a co-creator and a Life Magician – a person who believes that you are infinite and have infinite potential – you have to realize something.

Time is not fixed.


It is something that you can play with just like you play with Attraction, Magnetism and  Belief.

The same way you play with Creating Reality and Actualization.


So let’s start here.

Step out of the mundane and the boring.

You do not have to live chronologically.


On our Birthdays (8/25 and 9/25) we have decided that we will choose how old we will for the year.  We will decide what age we desire to experience, using intuition, reflection and inspiration – and we will embody that age for the year.

It may be older – Why wait until you’re 80 to experience the wisdom of an 80 yo when you can do it now?

It may be younger – Do you have a year that you WISH you can do over? You can!


Here’s the thing- we not only make the decision but we also take some specific actions – like Quantum Leaping – jumping into other versions of ourself available in alternate universes and experiencing their knowing. I call the version we do – Quantum Time Jump – because not only are we leaping into other versions we’re also leaping into other time streams of that self.


Whether you truly “believe” in Quantum Time Jumping or believe it is merely a visualization exercise – it can be an amazing tool to use Time differently – to tap into the Power of the Infinite in a practical way.


Another Tip is to use the principle pathway of the Law of Attraction to  make this more real. That is the pathway of how you feel. If you go into this without anticipation, excitement and enthusiasm about the exercise you may find yourself having less that optimum results.  If you apply pleasure and upper level emotions to the process you may be stunned at what you tap into. Wisdom far beyond your years.  Cells that recall their longevity. Expansion of what you believe about getting older.  It’s magical!


Try it out!  And come back tomorrow for pt. 2 of “Time is not Fixed”


If this type of Higher Level Magician-ship appeals to you – come work with us!  

We’ll even give you the first session free!