How to Manifest

Big title ‘eh?

I hear talk of manifesting pretty frequently – and I use the term a great deal.

Did you know manifest means “to spread” or “to show by actions”?

Pretty awesome huh?

And it changes the way we’ve been using the term quite a bit.

You want to manifest wealth? That means spread it, or show your wealth by your actions.

You want to manifest the super juicy relationship of your dreams? Then spread love. Show your love by your actions.

Want to manifest influence, health, self-esteem – then do that which you hope to manifest.

Manifest pic

BE what you desire to HAVE.

It is truly that simple, darling!

So tell me -what ARE you manifesting today?

Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

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Happy Day!!

You need to be Happy. 

Seriously abundantly happy.

Yes- I know you’ve been hurt and disappointed, you’ve been fearful and distrusting, right now there are a ton of stressors and things on your to-do list.

But what I’d like you to do is to think to yourself – what does happy look like for me today?

What do I do when I’m happy?

What smells, tastes and sounds make me feel happy?

And commit.

Commit to being happy. Commit to FEELING what happiness feels like in your body- in this way, you’ll be more aware of when you’re truly unhappy and when you’re merely bored. When you’re sad or joyful.

Happiness is a path worth Cultivating! On this the international day of happiness – Get up, and do you biggest baddest happy dance!

Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

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Your Intuition is Incorrect


Yep I said it.

And it’s a statement I never thought I’d say.

In fact for years I’ve taught women how to connect with their intuition and how to learn to follow it.

The other day  I heard Spirit say “Intuition is sometimes wrong”

This surprised me so much I missed a step in the middle of my Zumba routine.


As is the norm I then received a total Download of information in one big chunk. I’ve been wanting to share it here since then – so here goes.


Intuition is a wonderful, powerful tool in our tool chest- but like most tools it only works when correctly applied.

And sometimes it can be absolutely wrong.

To understand this we first have to go into what intuition means.

Intuition comes from root words meaning to look at, to consider, to watch over.

You looking at and considering something can only be accurate and bring about the Highest and Best result to the degree that the lens  you’re viewing it through is clear and non-distorted.

When we have limiting beliefs, blockages, and mis-alignment – all of these things cause a distorted view of what we’re seeing. This distortion then alters the intuition you receive.

It becomes Fear.  Judgement. Unrest.

Fear Hath Torment  ~The Bible

Fear is such a horrid, horrid, thing dear heart. It suffocates hope. It slays our dreams. It causes us to view anything unknown as suspect. It causes us to distrust others and ourselves.

But there is a cure for these distorted lenses. There is a help for the fear.


Love is powerful and unbreakable. Love is Divine.

Okay okay, thats all well and good and bit sappy – but practically how does that work?

It works like this – we can easily go through 7 components of intuition and notice quite clearly if the decision is coming from love or fear. Love encourages, builds up, strengthens, softens, expands and connects. Fear discourages, tears down, makes brittle, hardens, constricts and disconnects.

Sometimes when we look within there is Fear – and we mistake that Fear for clear insight. It is important to begin to know the distinction – the more you expand in this way the more sharp your TRUE intuition- your Intuition based on your Divine Nature – not your fear based on your unawakened experience.

Click the link below for the PDF file of “Is it Intuition or is it Fear?” This PDF will help you figure out which one you’re in. Knowledge is power.

Is it Intuition or Fear?

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A love affair gone wrong

That seems like an odd title for a blog by me I suppose.

But some love affairs do go wrong.

They take far more than they add. They cause pain, and anxiety and fear.

They torment us at night and keep us from sleeping.  They cause us to dismiss our dreams, our longings, our Purpose.

And, in the end, they do not serve us.

Such is our relationship with “How and “Why”.

Here’s the thing – there are questions you WANT to ask. Questions you should ask. Questions the Universe eagerly offers up answers to.

What? – This is the question that concerns you. It asks what is the inspired action you are to take.  This speaks to what is your part in co-creation.

When? – This is a valid question but only when asked as pertained to your knowing the timing of the action you’ve been told. When can be just as heavy as How and Why if given too much power?

Who? – This one is also tricky. Every idea we “catch” as Spiritual Beings and specifically for those of you on a Visionary, Leadership path  – is not for us to implement. Knowing the “who” can be significant. It keeps you from getting on other peoples rides. It keeps you from turning that insight that was for YOU into a message for the masses.

What about you dearling? Are you ready to break up with How and Why?

Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

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Everything Easy…

I talk a great deal about the path of pleasure and ease. It’s a worldview that changed my life from being full of stress, worry, and fear to full of joy and acceptance.

Here’s a little video of me doing housework. While this is the first time The Man has recorded it (heh!) – this is totally typical of how I do house”play”- Usually 15 minutes cleaning then 5-10 minutes of this.

Drudgery and misery are overrated –

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Detours are okay too…

I’m a Libra.

Anyone who knows Libras knows we’re known for being indecisive. This indecision isn’t really because of procrastination as some think – but more because we can see pros and cons to EVERYTHING. We tend to spend a great deal of time trying to weight things out much to the frustration of those who love us.

In my 20’s I really struggled with a few MAJOR decisions- should I stay separated from and divorce my then husband? Should I move to TX? Should I continue with my conversion to Judaism after 3+ years?

(Those answers were – yes, yes and no BTW)

On top of all of this weighing was my belief that I needed to make the RIGHT decision in order to please G-d.  I truly felt like if I made a wrong decision there could be DIRE consequences – and that fear kept me in limbo.

I talked to my youngest sibling and he said something that really helped me. He told me that I should just follow my first mind.  Later I spoke to a Rabbi and he told me I could always make a different decision if my first one didn’t work out.

I had always felt in some way that:

You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime ~Eminem

Yah – that what I thought, life was an Eminem song…LOL

But at that time (about 12 years ago) I realized something pretty powerful.

That if I ended up in a less than desirable outcome – I could always CHOOSE AGAIN. 

In other words, even if I take a wrong turn, I can find another route to wherever it is I’m trying to go.

If I steer my vessel in the wrong direction, I can find a map and chart out a new course.  Stopping is not an option. I will find my way as long as I keep my eyes on the prize.

 That is why I strive to make each step count. A positive attitude helps me move forward and, even when I am unsure of where I am, I am not lost. Instead, I choose to become a trailblazer.  

When I come to a fork in the road I trust my intuition to guide me. Being spontaneous in this way helps me release my inner self and experience success in a new way.  Spontaneity gives me freedom.

Missing a turn causes me no panic because I know that I have countless options; I am not limited to only one way. A wrong turn may lead me to find a new way. The opportunity to explore the unknown is a turn on.


Although it feels daring to get off the fast-paced highway of life and take the scenic route, detours can be worthwhile because they lead me to discover the beautiful things in life that I otherwise may have missed. The road less traveled is filled with the most stunning sights.


Flexibility allows me to prosper despite failure. Being flexible gives me the strength to keep going when I would rather stop.


So what about you dearest? I’d love to hear your answers to these questions

1. What do you do when you reach a dead end?

2. How might you become less rigid and more flexible?

3. What changes can you make to ensure that you enjoy the journey just as much as the end reward?


In Fearless Abundance and Pleasure, 


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Mess Up’s and Abundance

How to get out of a cycle of lack


Last night I decided to make bread pudding for dessert – as I was cracking the eggs my youngest  said : “Mom, how did you get so good at breaking eggs- how do you break them so perfectly”

I looked at him and said: “Practice”

Then I thought about how often it was as I was growing up that I’d want to try something and might not be able to. How often we were broke or without money – and how everything we had was very…scarce. In our home – there wasn’t much time or space for mistakes or accidents. When you only have a dozen eggs and no money for more – you can’t afford to waste them on childish inquiry and curiosity.

If you grew up poor you may know this feeling.

The bad thing about this is it sets up a belief in your energetic memory that says “You can’t afford to make mistakes, they cost too much.”

This belief keeps you from trying new things. Taking risks. Breaking eggs. Making messes.

It had for years kept me in a state of angst and turmoil. Always worried and concerned. And so it seemed that the Universe gave me things to be worried about. At some point I decided I wanted to see what it was about me that created this expression. Where were those ideas housed and how was I attracting them towards me.

I realized –

In order to get out of a cycle of lack – you have to be willing to make mistakes.

There is no other way. This is how we learn – from our screw ups, mess ups, and imperfect actions. When we are in a state of lack we deny ourselves those opportunities for fear that we will not have enough when we need it.

Fear of being without makes us not take chances, explore, expand. Conversely – messing up, getting shells in our eggs, bleaching the clothes on occasion and making an utter fool of ourselves is a means by which abundance is expressed. We recognize that if we mess up a bit it’s okay. That life will provide us with another opportunity to try yet again. And because we live in such a punishment based world many might think – well what’s the difference between good mess ups and “bad” mess ups with penalty or karmic bad-stuff. One thing that shows the difference is a word you hear Richard and I use a great deal around here.


When we mess up following our passion. When we follow our Love – while the outcome may not be a desired one – we will always be made more because of it.

When we mess up following our fear and neglect –  we often end up feeling regret.

Our relationships are a good place to apply the mess up principle: 

When we’re in a lack mentality we  begin to view anything that happens with our Love’s as being a deal breaker, indicative of something major, the tip of the iceberg. Our vibration of lack  creates all sorts of limiting beliefs that that constrict the dynamic and make it dry, analytical…. empty. 

When we’re in an Abundance mentality we understand that  just because he forgot to take out the trash doesn’t mean our relationship sucks. Just because we didn’t have a mind-blowing orgasm doesn’t make our sex life dead. Just because he says that some super-model is hot doesn’t mean you’re not. Abundance shifts things. It expands your possibilities.  It makes imperfections in relationships mere character builders,  not destructive tendencies. 

Today Darling, insert a bit more mess into your life. Allow some mistakes. Allow the abundance to flow through your f-ups! 

Living. Loving. Lushly, 

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Thankful Desires

During this time of year where we have Thanksgiving and Christmas so close together I’ve often wondered about the irony.


Why have the day that we spend in so much gratitude followed by one of the most commercialized days of the year?


Normally I sort of scoff at all of the consumerism, promising myself not to go overboard on spending and not to give into the pressure of  “Buy! Buy! Buy!”


In fact I even had an excellent blog post planned on how to NOT have a Holiday season based on acquisition. (Which I still may do mind you!) It was all very lofty and self-righteous as only we enlightened sorts can be.


But there was something niggling at me about it. It’s just didn’t feel “real” to me.


This morning it suddenly occurred to me that as a person who coaches and speaks on helping people get clear and honest on what their Desires are- why am I then promoting a sense of “Bad! Bad!” about the having of desire at this time of year.


The reality is wanting, longing, desiring is a good thing.


Whether it be in business, in love, in health, or in life in general – knowing what you want is the key to finding your fulfillment.


This is why the tendency to juxtapose thankfulness and desire is so  – erroneous.

Because the two are not mutually exclusive.

In fact- contrary to being enemies the two do  a profound dance that can help you unearth some powerful insights.


The reality is knowing what you’re thankful for can HELP you get clear on what you’re really desiring.

We’ve all read, heard, seen and know about the importance of “knowing what you want”. This isn’t news. It seems like everyone is talking about it. Danielle LaPorte created a whole system in regard to it. Oprah Winfrey does Life Class about it. Even Abraham- Hicks talks about “Knowing what you are Wanting”.


And while we’re all aware of the need to know what we are wanting- in this current technological age – we’re frequently so  cerebral that we can have trouble connecting the dots between how we want to FEEL and what we want.


The feelings part gets us stuck every time.


Here’s where we get to the magic in this post.


If you know what you’re thankful for – and by thankful I mean knowing what you feel a real sense of appreciation and gratitude for – this will tell you what you’re REALLY wanting AND how you want to feel.


In other words your gratitude has the hidden gift of revealing to you your inner core desired feelings.



The Man (my amazing husband) and I started a gratitude practice a few months ago. Everyday we write down 10 things we’re thankful for and why.  Every night we think of the thing that happened that day that we are MOST thankful for.


If I read over my gratitude journal I begin to notice a theme emerging.


If I wanted to I could even graph it (how’s that for cerebral?!)


An example might be an entry like:


“I’m thankful for my Vita-Mix because I’m able to make amazing green smoothies that keep my body feeling clean and strong.”  (This is a real entry by the way)


From this I could say I want a strong body.

I desire to FEEL – clean, healthy and a sense of well being in my body


I find that I have numerous entries like this or along these lines indicating that this feeling is pretty darn important to me.


If I look at all of my entries I notice I have 5-7 of these types of themes running throughout. My gratitude is revolving around 5 -7 different types of feelings and desires.


I can then use this information to create a perpetual Christmas – giving  myself these core feelings and wantings on an ongoing basis.

I can communicate these things to those I love and those who love me – making it easier for them to know what to gift me with.

I can use this as a touchstone -I know what to say yes to and what to decline based on knowing how I want to feel and what I’m wanting.


Try it yourself:


*Keep a gratitude journal for 30 days.

*Every day write down 10 things you’re Thankful for and WHY. It is important that the why be real and actually not theoretical and philosophical.

*Do not read the entries for 30 days

*At the end of 30 Days  re-read the journal

*Keep a list of repeating themes

*Notice what your desired feelings and wanting are based on it.


Namaste speaks: The Veil is Lifted…


For all of my life, I’ve been an Oracle and a Magic Maker.

It’s been a love/hate relationship of sorts. I’ve run from it from time to time – seeking something different.

But mostly- more than running- I’ve hidden it.

I simply wouldn’t say what I was- I’d let people figure it out for themselves, or not.

And usually, they would.

Spiritual, Woo sorts would always ask  – “What are you?”, “You have a psychic gift don’t you?”

Non-woo types would say:  “You know things.” “You’re magical”, “Whenever I’m around you things happen!”

And I’d smile and nod and still keep my veil firmly in place.  Frankly I didn’t want to be seen as one of “those” people. I didn’t want to have to deal with the judgment, the misunderstanding and all of that – that tends to go with it. I didn’t want to seem arrogant. I didn’t want to deal with the expectations.

But no more. In the last few months, I’ve been prodded and  whispered to. The word that keeps coming up is “Visibility”.

And I’d come back with “What? I’m writing, I’m posting, I’m doing everything…”

and I’d hear back “you need to be more visible”.


(Spirit and I have that sort of relationship – no pretense no BS)

So here it is…here I AM.

The reality is this… if you come to me – for coaching, for counsel, for education. If I speak at your event, or you come into my sphere- it is highly likely that Source, your Higher Power, whatever you wish to call that energy – will have a message for you that will not come from me but will travel THROUGH me.

It happens.

I’m not saying this to tell you how to respond. The message isn’t mine anyway. Believe or not. Accept it or reject it. I love you either way. 

I’m putting this out there to lift my own veil – to stand  Naked and Unashamed. It’s time to be completely and complexly me…it’s time to be fully seen.

Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

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Podcast Episode 3- Giving, Receiving and Ego

Good morning!

In this podcast we talk about Giving and Receiving- here’s a couple BIG take aways!

“The contract is between the Giver and the Universe/Source – it is not between the giver and the receiver”

“Sometimes we give to feed our ego – real giving is given – and then letting it go when it leaves your hand”

Listen to the Audio to receive more – and be sure to like, share and comment – we’d love to hear from you – How are you giving these days? How are you receiving?

Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

~Richard and Namaste