You can have WHATEVER you want….if you are willing to CHANGE.

If we are to get something we haven’t had before we must be willing to go where we haven’t been and do what we haven’t done.

In short in order to have the life we want – we have to be willing to change the life we have.

But change can be challenging.
Down right difficult at times.

When in the midst of change, it can feel less like an invitation and more like being clubbed over the head with a 2×4, if we do not know how to yield to it.

And lets face it most of us don’t.

In business do we keep doing what we’ve always done- rather than make the changes that are necessary? Would we rather keep taking half-steps, making light weight choices and hanging out with broke folks believing the party line that “It (success) can’t be done without losing one’s integrity, faith, love, self etc;” Do we hold those that are successful in contempt, believing that their apparent success is somehow secretly tied to some sort of moral failing or hidden vice that we dont know about?

Are we willing to change our world view, go balls-to-the-wall with passion towards what we want – understanding that there are ethical ways to build wealth without selling out, start hanging with folks doing what we want to do – going where we want to be and begin developing the habits that support that future, imagined state of being.

Check out our class on how to work 2-4 hours a day in your OWN business. 

Think about it. No matter what or where your desire is- if you want something different than what you have right now –  it’s gonna require something of you and the hardest thing it requires, is change.

Want to lose weight? Get healthy? Stop hanging with people who have unhealthy habits. Commit to your Temple. Start moving. Burn more calories than you take in. Don’t be luke warm. Hang with people who are healthy.

Is it easy? Hell no – at least not at first. But if you keep at it, it will pay off eventually.

Want a loving relationship? Stop being around people who always have something negative to say about men or women. Commit fiercely to love. Double down on the future that you WANT to have, instead of always looking backward. Begin to focus on what you love, how you desire to express love. Listen to people who already have what you WANT – stop taking love advice from people who don’t have a healthy relationship.

Want to build wealth? Be successful? Go where successful people are. Do the habits they do. Commit to the process. Work the pattern. Understand how they see the world, how they see money, how they see business – and shift your perspectives accordingly. (Sign up for Wealth Building Help NOW)

Your assignment – should you choose to accept it – is to do this now. Find the place where change is needed to create the abundance you desire in whatever area you desire it – and begin to change NOW –

Be Awesome,

~Richard and Namaste

Lessons in Alchemy: Cosmic Compersion

Those on the Path of “Conscious Mastery” and “I Am Embodiment” as the consciousness expands beyond the little “self” consciousness and the connection to the collective and I Am consciousness (that is always present but not always known) becomes known and visible then have the ability to know more clearly the distinction between what they are experiencing and what is in the mind and heart of others.

No longer running and being blown to any and every idea, they are aware of what is for them and what is, in fact, an emotion attached to an idea that is not for their direct localized individual experience at this time and place but belongs to another localized expression (person). Once this distinction begins to occur… Everything changes. Continue reading “Lessons in Alchemy: Cosmic Compersion”

Download – Core Truths


The tendency is to attempt to accomplish through force the alteration of the physical (be it body or anything that can be observed and experienced through the senses) so as to manifest that which is desired expression.

This, while understandable, lacks the understanding of certain core truths.

The physical is only the revealed form and mirror of that which is resident in the other bodies.

The spiritual body is always whole and complete. It is integral by its very nature. It is the secret place of the most High, the TRUTH inviolate.

Since the spiritual body is TRUTH and the physical body is revealed form… From whence cometh any misalignment?

This is created at the mental and emotional levels.

In ideal form the Spiritual body (representing the Divine Masculine seed ) communicates with the mental body which then meets the emotional body (representing the Divine Feminine space of gestation). The Spirit body says what is and the emotional body says it is good. When it is called good all that is birthed from there is good.

That is ideal.

In this space that we are currently living, most of us have a mental body already full of that which surrounds us. It can then no longer receive with clarity that which spirit speaks and so what is filtered to the emotional body is clouded and cluttered and from there we see Manifestations in the physical that reflect this.

This is why renewal happens at the mental level and it is known that the renewal has occurred by that which is FELT at the emotional level.

Our work is predominantly about correcting this misalignment, creating space and renewing the mind, learning to receive from Source, and to reframe the emotional. We don’t speak much to the physical (some, but not a great deal) not because of a devaluing of it but because it is the result not the cause.


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The Dance of Evolution


The Dance of evolution…

As you grow and evolve, you will find yourself shedding friends, loves, interests…

It will be hard because what is connected to them are memories. Emotions. Beauty.

And what comes next is full of the Unknown. Mystery. And sometimes fear.

You will be tempted to fight “for” relationships that simply can not exist in your new form.

The closer you come to your new state the more you will desire to cast about for safety in the Familiar. Desperately looking for an anchor, the struggles of Attachment do not always go gently.

The more you will feel like a Stranger in a Strange land.

So grieve beloved. Allow yourself the freedom to be sad, as you let go. To bid adieu to former selves and often to those who knew those former selves.

Rejoice in those who rejoice in your becoming… Even before they know what you will be.

Be conscious…Allow your mind to turn towards your ever present Higher Self in Remembrance.

Know the fear and replace it with gratitude. Do not confuse the fear of the unknown with love of what is known, lest you hold on tighter.

It’s time.


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Life Alchemy – Making Powerful Decisions

So loves – I’m just off the heels of my Taste Retreat which was absolutely phenomenal. Coming off of that we were noticing that we get a TON of questions about how to make powerful decisions. Many people say: “Just be fearless!”, or “Make a list of pros and cons” – but there’s a way to make decisions, come to clarity and much more that guarantees that you’ll make the BEST decision for you.

We use this with most of our decisions- and when we HAVENT used it- we’ve regretted it hugely. (Basically every mistake has been a result of not using it)

And over the years we’ve found out that most of our top successful folks use it as well.

Life AlchemyFlipping

Join us 7/22/15 at 8pmCDT ((pmEDT, 6pmPDT) as we align and alchemize your knowing to make powerful decisions by Flipping the Script!! 


Shrines to Past Pain

My Beloved King, Richard has taught me so much in our 12 years together. I frequently refer to His lessons as being a HUGE part of why I am able to do and be who I am today.

One of the first lessons He taught me was  “No shrines to past pain

This short phrase speaks to the belief that while pain may be unavoidable- building little shrines that we must kneel before and pay homage to is DEFINITELY optional.

When Richard and I were first together I was separated (not quite divorced) from my former husband of 10 years. I had a lot of “good reasons” to have shrines to past pain- or so I thought.

I had concerns about trust, concerns about abandonment, concerns about being a single mom… mostly because what I desired I’d been told time and time again wasn’t possible.

I wanted a relationship where I didn’t have to vie for control or worry about protecting myself – or my children. I wanted a relationship where I could just fall. No holding back, no making sure my boundaries were intact and respected.

Basically I wanted something that our current society has no way of creating. Having trust issues while deeply longing for a relationship based on ABSOLUTE trust s quick a sticky wicket.

I had within me my longing and my “issues”.

When things would happen – things that activated not my super powers but my weaknesses – something that would cause me to worry, doubt, being skeptical… Richard would say “We don’t do shrines to past pain”

In this he would let me know that he was willing to work through the issue with me- provided I was willing to break down my shrine- my unconscious need to go back and attend to that past pain, my inclination to leave a little offering to it.

The interesting thing is we ALL have a legacy of pain from some point in our lives OR perhaps yours isn’t even from your Life but from the lives of others in your family, your faith, your culture.  The very sensitive among us can carry shrines to the pain of the WORLD and the Species. Some of us have confined our shrine to table top size and others live in a Temple created to house our past pain.

In order to create fulfilling relationships, in order to raise brilliant little humans,

There are many ways to do that…

  • Beginning to recognize that just because you think and feel a thing – doesn’t make it true.
  • Transmutating the energy of your pain into pleasure.
  • Reframing the experience that caused the pain
  • Attend The Taste Retreat – Learn how to connect with your REAL Feminine Legacy – Ease. Pleasure. Flow.

This week on Life Alchemy – we’re going to unpack Shrines to past pain that show up as Generation curses, Ancestral memories and also discuss morphic fields. It’s going to be AMAZING. Tune in on 7/1/15 at 8pmCDT, (9pmEDT and 8pmPDT)  and be sure to call in and talk to us. We love to hear your voices!!

Life Alchemy with Richard and Namaste


In Laughter, Love and Lusciousness,

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Want to be Free ? Here’s how…

If you take a moment and apply the idea I am going to share with you to how you think about your life, the opinions you hold and the decisions that you make, you will absolutely change your life for the better and it will only take you a few minutes to do so.

Like the ubiquitous pixelated jet plane poster of the early 90’s – once you see this, its difficult to ‘un-see’ it again.

This will change your life.

One of the songs I remember from my childhood was the “one of these things dont belong here” song that was often sung by various characters on the PBS show, Sesame Street.
Whenever that bit came on, we watched it – hypnotized by the simple melody and transfixed by the idea that we could solve the problem of the picture, idea or thing that ‘Doesnt Belong Here’ before the singers Song Was Done. Remember that?
The lyric was simple and catchy – the melody was the ultimate mental velcro….aside from the melody to Happy Birthday, the One of These Things song HAS to be the most recognizable and mentally STICKY melodies in song history.

And we learned the lesson.

Through that song, the efforts of our parents and other people we loved and respected, we learned to identify with what we were in opposition to as a method of figuring out what we believed, felt or preferred about pretty much everything.

We have a long and storied history of accomplishment based upon the rapid identification of What’s Wrong With This Picture.
Or other variants of What’s Missing, What’s Different or What’s Wrong.

As a result, even as adults, most of us are still playing that game and we continue to use that method of thinking for damn near everything.

Whenever most people are asked what they believe, what they prefer or how they feel – they find it difficult to articulate our preferences in a positive fashion. By this I mean that we seldom have the words to articulate or explain just WHY we prefer X idea, item or situation over Y or Z idea, item or situation based upon the POSITIVE merits of X, Y or Z.

Instead, just like in the Sesame Street game – we repeatedly rely on our skill in deductive reasoning;

I like X because I absolutely hate Y.

I love the Bears because I hate the Packers.

I love eating healthy foods because I hate high fructose corn syrup, Monsanto and processed foods.

We may feel like we have identified something positive about ourselves and our world view by once again skillfully pointing out the negative.
Over and Over and Over again.

– by ready identification with what we DONT want, or what we DONT prefer.

What is less commonly known or understood is that this way of looking at the world and ones place in it is a stunningly effective means of insuring that one’s life is WAY more difficult than it has to be.

Constant identification with what is NOT desired is rooted in a LACK mentality – which only brings more LACK into your life.

We live in a universe that is constantly responding to our desires, bringing us more and more of what we dwell on, what we think about and what we truly believe.

And this is taking place all the time.

Every single day.

We get what we focus on – and when our worldview is firmly fixated on identification of what we DONT want…well, we tend to get MORE of that, whatever it is.

Getting your head around this idea takes a moment.

You may have been brought up to believe that you are just a leaf being tossed about by the winds of life.

Its not true.  You are actually amazingly efficient and powerful – and you are constantly using that very power to bring things into your experience.

We (Namaste and I) have spent years looking at this, turning this concept around and implementing it in our lives.

Words are important – your words become the clearest avenue into understanding what you truly believe about yourself and about your life.

Once we realized this truth – once it really sunk in…we began to pay much closer attention to the things that we said to each other and about ourselves.

The very next thing was to try to boil this concept down to something that could be easily understood and shared with everyone we knew.

We began to focus on how to crystallize this down to a thought form that is manageable and easily understood.

That was the birth of the idea of  Freedom From Vs Freedom To.

Are you amazingly good at the One of These Things game in your own life? Do you usually focus your attention on what you DONT want, DONT prefer or spend time musing about The Worst That Could Happen?

That’s Freedom From thinking…. the idea of trying to get somewhere positive by identification of what you are in OPPOSITION TO, you DONT want, or want to be free FROM.

Some examples are:

“I want to be Free from Poverty”

“I want to be Free from Disease”

“I want to be Free from Racism/Sexism and a host of other isms!”

Freedom from has it’s place – the pain of what you desire to be free from can be an incredible catalyst to change – it can by the energetic alarm clock that wakes you up. And, much like an alarm clock  – once you’ve awakened you need to  – TURN IT OFF.

What do you need to turn to?

Freedom To.

Freedom to is more of an expansive vision, worldview and palette of preference. People with a freedom to perspective tend to look at what is, or even might be possible in any given circumstance.
As a result Freedom To people tend to identify more with what they DO want – and their lives reflect that simple truth.

Lets take a look at our earlier examples through a Freedom To lens;

Im a Democrat because of these factors that appeal to me about being a Democrat.
No need to bash Repubs or anyone else for that matter – what the other parties do or dont stand for is irrelevant.
Im a feminist because of X positive things that cause feminism to appeal to me and make me feel good. No need whatsoever to bash Men.
Im into making healthy food choices because I feel better when I do so….in fact I have a hundred reasons why I feel better, and I can talk about those things without blasting the Monsanto corporation, fast food or sugar.

There are a million examples on how to do this.
Can you see the difference?
Everything comes down to Freedom TO vs Freedom FROM.
Get better at identifying what you think, prefer and believe from a positive place of what you actually LOVE instead of what you OPPOSE.

By doing this you attract more of what you WANT to be Free TO do, have, experience.

Trust me – You’ll begin to feel better almost immediately as a result – and you’ll begin to see the results of this tangibly!

If you’d like to know more about working with us to get yourself FIRMLY on the track of Freedom to and uplevel your life schedule a FREE discovery session.

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The High Cost of Always Being Right

I dont remember the exact conversation that we were having…but I do know that I insisted that I was right about something. In fact, I was so sure that how I was seeing things was the exact right way to see them that in expressing my viewpoint I just kept repeating the same sentences over and over again, as if by sheer repetition of my perspective that my Namaste would understand and agree that I was right! LOL…. In her gentle and thoughtful way, she asked me a question about the nature of what I was trying to communicate and whether or not I believed she could really understand why I felt the way I did just from my repetition of what I believed happened.

It took me about 3 more laps around the metaphorical conversation track before the light finally came on!!! Eventually I realized that my insistence that I was right kept me from fully participating in the discussion and delayed reaching a place of understanding. Being ‘right’ actually became a barrier to intimacy and communication! We actually laughed about it when we unraveled what was happening, but since that time I’ve been thinking about how many people we know who struggle with this very issue, on an ongoing basis – often with disastrous consequences in their relationships, personal lives and even in their careers.

Some of us will sacrifice almost anything in order to be the last one standing. In the aftermath, a person who had been surrounded by closeness, togetherness or even love, now sits alone safe in the knowledge that he or she is right in their viewpoint even though they have alienated everyone around them.  The ego is a mighty powerful entity left unchecked. Have you ever attempted to reason with a child who knows everything? It is their way or no way at all. They simply cannot understand the concept of another persons point of view.  Children go through a stage where they are extremely self-absorbed. The world revolves around their desires and needs. This is a normal stage of childhood where the child is asserting their individuality and independence. The problem arises when the behavior is carried over into adulthood, then it can have a negative effect on intimacy, communication and our relationships.

People who need to be right have little patience for others.

They perceive their ideas as the right way to do things and their viewpoint as the right way to think.  A differing opinion is a direct affront to their sense of well-being and they can become extremely aggressive in their defense of themselves.  They tend to alienate others due to their insistence on being right. The importance of the issue in question doesnt seem to have any relevance.  Anger and a lack of empathy seem to be the rule of thumb. Have you ever been discussing something fervently with your spouse and at some point you lose the thread on what it was that you were even talking about? But you still have all the emotion and the anger and you are still pressing your ‘point’ even though you no longer know what your point is? You may be firmly in the grip of the Being Right disease!!!

If you cant say ‘Amen‘ then say ‘ouch‘ as my pastor used to say!!

Men and women are very different.  We each have a totally unique set of DNA that will never be replicated short of cloning.  I dont think the same as my Namaste does and vice-versa.  Our brains are wired differently. What seems totally natural and easy for me to do may be close to impossible for her and vice versa. When we have had different ways of looking at a particular issue I’ve discovered over time that its easy to get caught in the thought pattern; ‘If I can see this so clearly, why in the world cant you?  The reality is that just because I can see things a certain way does not mean that she can.  Nor does it make me better or right. Just different. Websters dictionary states the following as a definition of the word right: conforming to facts or truth; most favorable or desired. Can someones opinion or idea be right because it is considered as conforming to the truth or a fact? By the way, whose truth? Or better yet, two viewpoints can each conform to the truth so which one is more right? Can someones communication on a subject be the most favorable or desired?  That is highly relative and I think that is the point.  It is all relative.

There’s a difference between ‘right’ and ‘self righteousness’.

When we simply MUST be right – that seems to be more akin to the definition of self-righteous which Websters defines as being convinced of one’s own righteousness, especially in contrast with the actions and beliefs of others -we come across as self-righteous, i.e., someone who feels that their way of seeing and doing things is inherently superior to that of others. Why do we feel such an intense need to be right? Myriad reasons come to mind: self esteem issues, low self-confidence, the past running the present, remnants of childhood adaptations, ego-centric behavior, a ‘win at any cost’ mentality – the list goes on and on.  I am of the opinion that it isnt so much the reasons (although it is important to understand why we do certain things) behind why we need to be right rather the self-knowledge that we are indeed involved in this kind of self-destructive behavior. We are responsible for how we communicate, what we say to each other, for how we react to each other. When we are caught in the grip of self-righteousness its very easy to lose sight of this basic fact. What are the costs of being right? We come across as a know-it-all, which alienates those we love and negatively impacts our relationships. We isolate ourselves. We turn away intimacy, connectedness and love.  We become an island unto ourselves. Most impactful is the fact that we close ourselves off to the beauty of what our relationship has to offer because we think we know best. We will never recognize where the next opportunity for growth or depth in our relationship lies if we do not remain open to possibilities.  To remain receptive to the opportunities that are being offered to us, we must keep an open mind and heart. We must learn to listen to what she or he has to say. We must be aware and conscious of what is being offered to us at any given moment. We must realize that there is much to gain from listening and not speaking. If I am too busy pushing my agenda, I cannot possibly hear what is being said and therefore I may miss out on what could be an opportunity to experience deep learning and personal growth. Maybe you’re not a spiritual person and you don’t believe that the universe is sending messages all the time for what is best and highest in your life, as I do. Then consider this; Looking at Screenshot 2014-08-12 18.23.37the big picture versus the immediate helps put things in perspective.  If you don’t get your way, is it a matter of life and death?  Will you even remember this incident ten years from now?  Some things are simply not worth the effort and being right all the time fits into that category. Think of what it is like to be heard?  How do you regard someone who takes a sincere interest in you and what you have to say?  Those people who hold a genuine curiosity about others are magnets. We are attracted to them because they make us feel good about ourselves.  They in turn are rewarded with deeper friendships, better working relationships, more meaningful and loving personal relationships, a greater degree and depth of intimacy, and a universe that continually opens with more possibilities. Here’s the Truth:

The best part about this – you can start today . Start by simply noticing if you are overly invested in being right when you have a discussion with your beloved.  Just notice how you are being and ask yourself, why?  Imagine being in their shoes and seeing through their eyes. What do you look like from their viewpoint?  Is it a picture you like?  If not, how could you do things differently? As you notice and do things differently you may start to see dramatic changes.  Or the changes may be subtler.  As we learn to do things differently, to react differently in our interactions with our beloved, then they start to react differently to us!  Your world will open up.  You will start feeling more connected.  You will learn new things that had remained closed off to you before.  New possibilities for a life and love that is more meaningful and fulfilling will appear to you. Being righteous and being self-righteous are at the opposite ends of the spectrum.  A life well lived is a life where being right is not the be-all end-all. The most important thing is to love fully, love deeply and to be loved in return. Whenever we feel that sensation of ‘needing to be right’ – its always helpful to ask yourself..”What would LOVE say or do in this very situation?” Then proceed.


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Surrender comes first…

Have you experienced your own death darling?

Allowed what you thought was your life to slip away –

Ego crucified under the onslaught of being misunderstood, unknown and rejected?

Have you let go of all that is precious to you?

Cried out for help and felt the depth of loneliness knowing there is something greater, more precious, more sublime awaiting you?

Have you experienced surrender to your own darkness?

Temptation of selling out your soul to achieve the “goals” of others, to be something you’re not?


We like to talk about rebirth- and yet we do not like to often talk about death.


Death is the height of surrender – as long as you’re struggling as long as you’re fighting you’re not dead yet.

Sometimes fighting is overrated.

In many cases the solve for the issue, the concern the challenge is simply to surrender.

Place yourself upon the flames. Go willingly though you’re trembling and full of terror.

Step into your Darkness-

To Experience the Glory of your own Rebirth.

Live, Love, Lush and Fearless,

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How to Manifest

Big title ‘eh?

I hear talk of manifesting pretty frequently – and I use the term a great deal.

Did you know manifest means “to spread” or “to show by actions”?

Pretty awesome huh?

And it changes the way we’ve been using the term quite a bit.

You want to manifest wealth? That means spread it, or show your wealth by your actions.

You want to manifest the super juicy relationship of your dreams? Then spread love. Show your love by your actions.

Want to manifest influence, health, self-esteem – then do that which you hope to manifest.

Manifest pic

BE what you desire to HAVE.

It is truly that simple, darling!

So tell me -what ARE you manifesting today?

Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

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