Awakened Shakti – What you should know!

On this Womb Wisdom/Conscious Femininity path the term Shakti comes up quite a bit. I have observed many of my SiStars beginning to actively seek to embody Shakti energy and on occasion Shakti in her form as Kali.

Shakti energy is incredibly powerful. Just understanding this energy and personage could take a lifetime of study and it would be hubris to presume to tackle this in it’s entirety here in a blog post- That said I would like to offer a bit of insight that I believe can really help as you seek to engage on this level.

Shakti and Shiva need each other– Shakti is INCREDIBLY powerful!! She is awe-inspiring and terrible depending on the aspect of her you’re engaging with. That said Shakti needs Shiva as much as Shiva needs Shakti.

Shakti and Shiva are complements– In modern culture, the idea seems to be put forward that each individual should seek to contain both the Whole of Shakti and the Whole of Shiva individually. I believe this ignores the power of the complementary interconnectedness that this relationship is supposed to embody. I believe that the Shakti/Shiva metaphor is supposed to show us our need for each other and teach us how to honor our differences and reach towards each other for support so that we create from a Divine State of Union not Competition or Devaluing. The Shakti/Shiva energy is-NOT to create even more separation or an energy of us NOT needing each other. It’s to teach us that we DO need each other. In the purely nonphysical state this separation is not needed or present – but our experience of the physical is to teach us how to have this with another – not how to isolate ourselves and leave no room for the other.

Without Shiva- Shakti becomes chaotic and destructive. She finds her efforts frustrated as her energy lacks direction. She makes tons of effort with very little return and actualization. That which is actualized is difficult to maintain. She finds her direction haphazard and flighty. She jumps to conclusions. This is the nature of the Feminine in that the very aspect that is powerful and delicious – becomes less than effective if not held in balance by its Complement which is found at the opposite pole of the Masculine. Have you ever felt this? Extremely creative, flitting from one thing to another – but feeling ungrounded? Unanchored? – This is an awakened Shakti without Shiva. The Yin and Yang combination is meant to be experienced in Divine Union. While there are occasional two-spirits and those who are created to embody both- this is not the typical or normal state. Most of those who are meant to do this sort of interplay solo know this by their lack of desire for companionship (romantic or non) and their hermit-like existence.

In our culture where we prize independence as the height of strength- we miss the true understanding of how to come in contact and connection with TRUE strength that is created in our embodiment of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine as a COUPLE.

This oneness is so rare that many don’t even seek it anymore and yet I’ve observed more and more people attracting their Twin Flame, more seeking to have this embodiment in their lives.

This is an energetic embodiment and not limited to only Heterosexual couples but can also be found in Gay and Lesbian couples as one partner finds their fulfillment in the embodiment of the Feminine and the other in the Embodiment of the Masculine.

So what if you are single? Are you stuck in lack?

No – I believe that the responsibility of the single individual that seeks to embody either Shakti or Shiva is to find a complimentary energetic embodiment through which they can experience this dynamic interplay. Finding it within yourself is simply NOT ENOUGH. One can find many ways to experience this. Be it through a spiritual practice with others who ARE embodying the complement, or deliberate non-romantic partnership. Let me say here that having a friends with benefits situation is not suitable for this interplay unless there is genuine FRIENDSHIP leading the benefits. This person who is serving as the complement to your Shakti (or your Shiva if you are a man) need to have the following attributes:

  1. Trustworthy
  2. Integrity
  3. Wisdom
  4. Highly embodied Masculine (if you are embodying the Feminine)
  5. Spiritual Maturity
  6. The ability to Speak into your Life in Powerful ways
  7. Autonomy

There needs to be a feeling that you can trust this person with your Feminine and not fear. The same if you are male seeking to embody Shiva. This person needs to be strong and conscious in their own practice – coming to you as an EQUAL Spiritually – not as your student.

If you look around and do not see anyone that fits the bill – don’t lose heart darling! Begin to put forth the request into the Universe – knowing you attract that which you desire!

I hope this helps you as you begin to delve into this deep and profound practice. May you find all that your heart desires.


Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

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  1. Thank you , I have really been awake ing lately and I have a close man friend who help s me and I help him , we are like best friend s , but we do have differences , iam very strong, yet very , and iam a single mother , so a part of me is protective alot. Iam pray ing and believe ing , for my soul mate, my beloved, my boaz like in the bible , I so yearn for my soul mate .

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