How to avoid being infected

I adore art, learning from amazing people, beauty in all it’s forms.

Some years ago there was an amazing artist I followed. Her work was amazing, and her personality was quirky and totally her own. I bought her products, got involved in her classes and was enjoying myself immensely.

One day I was googling her name seeking out any and all tutorials she may have made and I came upon a website where a number of people had written not-so-favorable things about her.

Smashing her character.

Making fun of her personality.

Mind you this had nothing to do with me.

But I’ll admit that all of this negativity cast a big damper on my fun.

I found myself beginning to see the flaws others had seen – even though I didn’t want to. I eventually was able to push out the negativity and enjoy her again- but in the mean time I found myself listless and disconnected.

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re in love with someone- a teacher, a man or woman, an idea, a dream. They light you up, make you happy… you feel satisfied and hopeful.

Then someone or a group of someones start tearing it apart. Calling it worthless.  Questioning his/her value to you. Causing you to doubt your own heart?

Most recently I noticed this with another teacher I adore- however being older and wiser- I opted to not take that ride – not because I couldn’t withstand it – but because why would I allow the damper on my joy?

And that’s the problem isn’t it?

So often we accept the gossip, the negative video, we click on the link and watch the TV program because of FOMO.

Fear of Missing Out.

One of the insidious lies negativity whispers to us is that we’ll miss out on something “needful” by not tuning in.

By not listening.

That we’re being “naive” and putting our head in the sand.

I mean of course you’re a pretty smart cookie and you can listen/watch/read/ about the negativity and it won’t hurt you at all, right?


Negativity is an infection darling. Of the worse sort.

We tend to think we’re inoculating ourselves against negativity by our exposure.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

Inoculating yourself against negativity by exposure is like letting an Ebola patient cough on you hoping it’ll keep you from getting Ebola.

It *might* work- but is it worth the risk?

You may be wondering what to do instead…

  • Supersaturate yourself with positivity – put it on the radio, in your social media feeds, in your inbox, on youtube, everywhere.
  • Be part of the solution  – turn down any invitation to engage with negativity
  • Protect your mental garden – try not dwelling on any form of negative thought for 7 days.

What do you do love?

How do you protect your mind and cultivate a mindset that is congruent with the version of yourself you’re seeking to Embody?

Want to actually FEED the positive in your life? Check this out!

Live. Love. Lush and Fearless,

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