Courtship Masterclass!

You asked and we heard you! On Sunday, March 26, is the Long Awaited Courtship Masterclass!! With a Divorce rate over 50% just “letting it happen” no longer works.

Finally, ladies and gentlemen, you can have a step by step process to Date with Intention and Court for Marriage. This includes direct guidance from Richard Moore for men on How To Court a Woman!!

Some topics:
* When is sex appropriate? Is it part of courtship at all?
* Learn what you should know about your prospective mate…before you commit.
* How should SOFT women govern themselves in courtship juxtaposed to “THE RULES”?
* Learn how to let a Man know that you are interested in a feminine way after he has shown interest
* Introverted? we reveal 7 ways that being an introvert actually gives you the advantage in dating and courtship with intention!!!
* Discover The Way To Talk To Him That Will Instantly Establish You as Unique and Precious and Set You Apart From Any Women He’s Ever Known!!
* Learn to decipher the hidden courtship messages that others often miss

This is so much succulence loves and promises to be worth its weight in PLATINUM! This is a MASTERCLASS so bring snacks because it will be long…LOL and of course those who purchase WILL get the replay and anything extra we decide to throw in there.

Join us on Sunday darlings!


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Do You Desire to Be Seen?

Feminine Lessons:

There is nothing wrong with the desire to be seen, my love. In fact, it is one of our core needs and greatest nourishments as feminine women. Unfortunately, this need is often demonized and so rejected that it has become a huge shadow for many of us.

Like any hunger, it persists when resisted and comes out inappropriately in ways that don’t serve our deeper soul, nor the stage of life we’re in, often creating breaks in our integrity.

One of these ways is in believing we desire to serve when what we are really wanting is to be seen. Service is then just the vehicle, and as such-if you confuse these two- you will often find yourself burned out and resentful, feeling taken advantage of and unsatisfied… Going from one service opportunity to another… Whether that service is relational, spiritual or vocational.

The solve?

*Acknowledge your need to be seen.
*Accept it and celebrate it as a natural normal aspect of your feminine experience.
*Bring it forward and make it conscious and it can no longer run your life from the unconscious space.

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How Will You Be Opened?

Oh, my love… How will you be opened?

Will you be cracked?
Hit with force from outside
Crushing and breaking
Hardened shell
Dry husk

Will you be peeled?
Toughened outer skin
Torn away to reveal
The tender segments
Nestled inside

Will you allow yourself
To Split?
Drinking in The Divine
Becoming so Ripe
That your skin can
No longer contain your fruit
Nectar opens you
From within

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I Am Thankful To Be A Woman

This morning I awoke so thankful to be a Woman. In my entire life, I have never felt sadness or despondency because I am a woman.

I am the most protected creature on earth. In history, hundreds of thousands of men have died to protect me in wars. Kingdoms have risen and fallen based on the love of me. I am the muse that has inspired poets, epic novels, and ballads. I am the Divine conduit of Beauty.

My curves are the intoxication of men who throughout time have learned new trades, invented fascinating contraptions and gone through great lengths just to see me smile.

I am She for Whom men learned to hunt, the oasis and solace for masculine hearts, the gestation, incubation, and Portal for all of humanity.

I would never deign to “strike”, for my work is conceived in the belly of the goddess, birthed in love and brought up in the knowledge of my Authority and Responsibility. It is Sacred and Irreplaceable. Mine is not to threaten, nor demand, nor coerce… But to inspire, invite and awaken. I know who I AM.

I stand in great respect and awe of my Sisters in other cultures and countries. I appreciate their way of life, their deeply held beliefs, their unique feminine expression. I support their religious distinctions, family structures, morality, and understanding. I presume nothing… I Only love.

Today I will #beboldforchange
I am boldly softly Feminine.
I boldly love and adore my Husband and King.
I boldly speak the truth of the power and pleasure of Femininity and Feminine Embodiment.
I boldly invite others to honor the Potency of Masculine Feminine polarity in dynamic expression between people.
I boldly nourish, nurture, inspire and delight the Soul of Nations.
I boldly Choose LOVE over All.

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Calling Him Your King


On how we call a thing- (I have no idea why all of this is flowing from my belly tonight but I’m the Conduit so let me get out the way…)
My loves- ONLY call him “my King” if you’re willing to tie the state of your Kingdom (vision, purpose) to HIS.
If you aren’t willing to alter your kingdom for his, to make his people your people (family, children etc;) then he is not YOUR King- although he may be A King.
It’s not an issue of HAVE to, it’s a question of willingness.
Are you willing….
You’re uniting KINGDOMS and VISIONS to birth something powerful.
BTW darling – it’s easier when he’s already come into his power- but there’s nothing wrong with waiting if you are patient enough and realize you have no control over it.

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The Truth About Expectations


Every time you have an expectation of anyone that they will behave in a way that makes sense to you- you set yourself up for disappointment because Expectation=judgement.

Too often this truth is frowned on and those who are too tender to truly absorb it due to pain will see this as a form of abuse of self. It is not.

Nor is it a way of checking out of one’s humanity as I have heard it described- it is the living, vibrant deeply aware PRESENCE of being PRESENT and not attempting to control AnOther, define AnOther, or demand from AnOther that actually allows space for TRUE love. For as I do it to “AnOther” I do it to myself – for in reality there is NO OTHER (ha!)

To love is to be happy with.
Beauty is the promise of happiness.

Thereby seeing the beauty in every experience, becoming a committed explorer and adventurer into the beauty that is ALWAYS present but not always perceived- is the beginning of Love.

As we learn to love- to be happy with – in all circumstances we come closer and more infilled with the Divine Presence – or rather we unleash the Divine presence that is already present and yet being ignored.
WE understand that the Divine is ALWAYS All WAYS happy with.

Grok that and life becomes much easier.

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Why Family Units Are in Disarray



My loves…In the modern western world, children lead families… and this is why our family units are in such disarray.

Parents allow the children’s likes and dislikes to determine the direction of the family ensuring the children grow up without roots… Without a sense of self…

It’s exactly the opposite of what is Beneficial.

You see beloved most of us grew up and due to our Psychological and Therapy based culture have been taught that all that is wrong in our lives is the result of the ineptitude of our parents.
We’ve believed that if our parents just did something different we’d be different. Happier. More content.
The list of wrongs our parents committed again us is long and pervasive. From religion or lack of religion. Working too hard or not enough. Forcing us to spend family time or never having family time. Being strict or lenient. It doesn’t matter what they did they did it WRONG.

In addition, many of us spent most of our childhood in daycare as opposed to at home, meaning that we learned very early the power of peer pressure and that our being “good” and worthy of love was not innate but something we earned.

We grow up and have children. Above all, we don’t want to parent as we were parented. We don’t want the magnifying glass of judgment pointed in our direction and so we abdicate in many ways our sacred charge…
-To RAISE and TRAIN our children according to the Mystery that they are- In favor of seeking validation from our children for who we are.

As the parent YOU have the responsibility, no matter how challenging and sometimes counter culture, to set the vision, tone, and direction of the family… Even if your children or society doesn’t like it.
Which means my loves..
You must get out of your own judgment about your parents, so you can free yourself to be the parent your child needs.

They choose you after all… Flaws and weaknesses and all.

Give your child your truth and they’ll learn to stand in theirs.
Live your life out loud and they’ll learn they can too.
Love yourself and they’ll learn they can love themselves.
Be respectful to everyone and they learn respect of themselves and others.
Be gentle to you as well as them and they’ll learn they are worthy of gentleness.

Stop waiting for your children to lead you my loves, when they are waiting to be taught by you.

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The Beautiful Paradox of Nails


You see Nails reflect mostly…
Let’s start with a story…

When I was a child I bit my nails (stress) until I was 13 when my grandmere took me to the salon to get my nails done and tips added. I stopped biting them and kept them done… in my teens.

Fast forward…
I grew up and in my first marriage struggled financially quite a bit… My nails were never done and always short and never painted. I felt that I was more authentic this way.
Fast forward again…

I got a divorce; periodically I’d get my nails painted, but they would eventually break or chip. I said I was busy… I would love nice nails BUT I had stuff to do, I had dishes to wash, I liked gardening, etc; and for a while that was okay… But then it wasn’t…

I asked Spirit about it… Yes about my nails…. This is what I was told…
Really what I was saying was…
I need to rush
I don’t have time to slow down.
I use my nails as tools.
I need not be mindful.
Because when my nails broke it was always, always because I wasn’t handling myself gently.
I was moving too fast.
I was rushing or not present.
Or irritated.
I had to LEARN.
Learn to slow down.
Learn to move gently.

Or not.
I mean they are just nails, right?

Not really…

Because everything in our lives offers a deeper lesson.
Everything. When we pay attention to the organic lessons, so much shifts…

When I started getting them done again it was pure alchemy…
– No tips, I wanted them to grow out. (I am patient with my growth, I don’t fake it)
– The SNS for strength (it’s okay to let external strength protect me, I have nothing to prove by trying to do it all myself)
– Playing with length (the longer is more seen, being comfy with that)
– Always changing (maintenance is a part of life anything you love you are willing to maintain)
And more….

There is a beautiful paradox here… An invitation that your nails can invite

Where you are now (No judgment)
Where you are feeling drawn (no fear)

You don’t have to judge where you are to allow where you’re going. Tips can be (not always) a sign of shame for where you are if you’re not where you think you should be, or a way of checking out of the process.
Nor do you have to reject where you’re going to accept your now. You needn’t anchor who you are in this moment to honor it. You are an ever-changing fluid phenomenon. Growing unceasingly and with ease.

Yes… And.

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Don’t deFeminize Your Daughters

There are many fathers that in their desire to protect their daughters attempt to deFeminize them. The long-term effects of this on the Feminine psyche of your daughter is devastating.

Although it’s never spoken of, It’s as harmful as a mother emasculating her son.

Having spoken to literally hundreds (perhaps thousands) of women who have experienced this let me speak to you dads…

Yes, she’ll still love you.
Yes, she’ll be strong and less likely to get hurt.
Yes, she’ll know she’s capable of doing anything a man can do…


* she’ll also question what’s wrong with her and why she always longs to be handled softly.
* Whenever she experiences her Feminine vulnerability and longing she’ll feel like she’s betraying you.
* She’ll have a deep-seated internal conflict that will often take years for her to heal and become whole.
* She will be less likely to attract a man who will feel protective, and who will have the desire to handle her gently because she doesn’t seem to need that or him.
* On some level… Deep down inside she’ll wonder (and never ask)-why YOU didn’t protect her, instead of forcing her to protect herself and treating her tenderness as weakness.

If your daughter is Feminine…It is her nature to be fluid. To be vulnerable. To be sensitive. To nurture and care.

To NOT be like you in so many ways.
This isn’t about personality, it’s about seeing her essence. You are her first imprint of what to expect from men. (This is why you must heal yourself from any internalized loathing or disconnection from your own Gender or Masculine Essence)

She is made to be SOFT.
This is not weakness, it’s her strength dad. It’s the seed of her enjoying her life and knowing that her desires are worthy of having, that her feelings are valuable and her tender heart is safe.

How you treat her determines what she believes the world will offer her. Your “covering” and protection informs on how she perceives the Masculine Divine (or G-d).

Stop trying to toughen her up.
Treat her like a princess and she’ll understand her birthright is to be queen.

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