The Erosion of Masculinity


It’s time for us to really support Masculinity and to learn to live within femininity ourselves.

There is currently an erosion of masculinity taking place disguised as Awakening and Consciousness. Just as the erosion of Femininity was disguised as progress the same thing is occurring with Masculinity.

Just as the beginning of the erosion of Femininity took place first biologically for women it is now taking place biologically for men. Continue reading “The Erosion of Masculinity”

Lessons in Feminine Alchemy – Admiration vs. Respect

Lessons in Feminine Alchemy- Admiration vs. Respect

Many women believe that they desire most of all to be respected. And it’s easy to see why, respect is held up as the end all and be all of receiving positive regard from another person. And yet much is missing from the idea.

When you look at respect and admiration in the dictionary they are given similar definitions in fact they are synonyms of one another- but when you look into the etymology of the two terms much is revealed. Continue reading “Lessons in Feminine Alchemy – Admiration vs. Respect”