Are you in Love or abuse?


Good morning darlings!

I LOVE the above quote by Meredith Marple. We talk about self-love. But when is the last time you truly treated yourself like you love your self? No I’m not asking when is the last time you told someone else how much you love yourself. I’m talking about a deep, lavish, effusive sort of self love that nearly drowns you in adoration.


Think you know ALLLLL there is to know about self love? Well love is known by how we care – keep reading to see

(saying the right things and having the right “look”)

Here’s some practical questions to ask:

  • What’s the tone of your inner voice?
  • What names do you call yourself?
  • Do your speak to yourself with patience?
  • When you are struggling, sad, feeling weak what’s your inner dialogue like?
  • What statements do you hear in the mirror?
  • When you’re working out, what’s the inner dialogue?
  • When you’re deeply in love… What does your mind say to you?

See – self care isn’t about how much you feel like a rock star when you do things PERFECTLY. No – self care is really known when you AREN’T at the top of your game, and the truth is….

Many women are suffering in abusive relationships with Their MINDS.

If you’ve established no boundaries in what type of self talk is acceptable, if your mind has you living in fear, if you feel like you can’t live without it beating you up… Your mind is abusing you.

The first step in self care… Is CARE.

C- Compassion and Contentment – You are worthy of compassion and contentment. Speaking internally to yourself in a way that demonstrates you feel compassion and believe yourself  worthy of contentment is HUGE in the land of Self care.

A- Appreciation – To appreciate is to increase in Value. You want to appreciate yourself based on who you ARE- not what you do. While Self Esteem is based on doing esteemable actions – appreciation is based on value. YOU determine what your innate value is – and darling, if you don’t feel yourself to be priceless- you are under-valuing yourself.

R – Rest – When a baby or a beloved pet is tired to you yell at them? Do you make them keep going and going and going?  No? Then why do you do that to yourself? Honoring and celebrating your desire to rest is a core “tell” when it comes to Self care. No matter how much time at the salon, spa or gym a woman spends – if she can’t rest, she’s not really tapped into the deep energy of Self care.

E- Encouragement – Originally the word encourage came from terms meaning “to put in or strengthen the innermost feelings”. How beautiful is that? Too often we DIScourage ourselves by demeaning, devaluing and disparaging ourselves for our innermost feelings and desires – and instead try to “put on” someone else’s idea of what empowerment looks like. An example of this is a woman who longs for a relationship but demeans that inner feeling and “put on” the idea that she doesn’t need ANYONE.

So darlings- How can you give yourself more authentic self CARE this week?

I love your face!!

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