Richard & Namaste

Alchemists.  Inspirers. Oracles. Teachers. Mentors. Lovers.

This is who we are.

We’re a couple that walks our talk.

We live our love and have the life experience to back up whatever juju we speak about.

  • After spending decades in corporate we decided to to dive headfirst into living our passion.
  • After years in unhappy relationships we found one that works… and that is passionately strong with 8 children – after over a decade.
  • After living hand to mouth and running the rat race- we figured out how to get off the ride and live on Easy Street (literally!!)
  • Having spent decades studying various faiths, and being ordained- we’ve found that it’s all fundamentally Truth and ways to apply and live that truth – practically and mystically.
  • After experiencing heartbreak and disappointment we learned how to forgive and live  in a state of unconditional love and gratitude.

We’re fearless. We’re fierce. We’re compassionate. We embody Love and Acceptance. We may not tell you what you want to hear but we will promise you the Truth with Love… and your life WILL be changed.

Authenticity Archeologist. Remover of Obstacles. Masculinity Maven
. These are some terms used to describe Richard. He has spent about 30 years in leadership positions in Corporate America – working hard on behalf of diverse businesses (minority, women, LGBT etc;) showing them how to navigate the corporate waters. Licensed and Ordained to Ministry in his teens, he’s spent 34 years studying various forms of spirituality  and providing Spiritual Insight to those in need.

Richard brings insightful wisdom  and humor in his teaching, speaking and rabble-rousing. Founder of the MAN-i-fest Masculine LifeBuilding System ™, Richard believes that Authenticity and Forgiveness are necessary ingredients to a Life worth Living.

Life Alchemist. Creatrix. Femininity Catalyst. A Force of Nature: Namaste has spent her life delving into all things Feminine. Embracing education both Auto-didactic and formal, she has been called the “bodhisattva of femininity” by her clients. Namaste has studied many methods of Healing as well as Life Transformation.  She is Founder of SOFT – The School of Feminine Transformation, a system of Empowered, Embodied, Enthusiastic Feminine Living. Namaste believes that living life embracing our authentic feminine selves is living life ecstatically.

We are holistic in world view  – Connectors-of- Dots, Defragmenters of Worlds.  To that end we bring various modalities and ideas to bear as we witness and inspire you to step within yourself to Greatness. We call this “the other woo shyt.”

Some toys on this playground include: Law of Attraction and other Cosmic Laws, EFT, Oxytocin Awakening, NLP, Chakra clearing and charging, Menstrual mysteries, OM’ing, Muscle Testing, Intuitive Health Choices,  Tantra and other forms of Sacred Sex, and much much more!

We love to give props to those who have evoked the passion and purpose within us!! People we have learned from, been inspired by, or lusted after include Ellie Drake, Neal Donald Walsch, Marney Mandrakis, SARK, Fabeku Futinmise, Danielle LaPorte, Bryant McGill, Susun Weed, David Deida, Leonie Dawson, Abraham-Hicks, Bashar, Seth Godin, Rachael Jayne Groover, Heather Picken, Jean Houston, Nicole Daedone, Oprah Winfrey,  and Louise Hay. This list will get longer as more amazing people come into our world.