The New Moon in Gemini – a great time to get clear!

Hello,  love!

Thursday 5/25/17 is the New Moon in Gemini. New Moons are always highly potent times for women all over the globe. New Moons are a wonderful time to set new intentions and get very clear on that which has been hidden from you.

This New Moon is also a Super Moon meaning that the energy will be especially high! The New moon is in Gemini whose energy is fun, curious, but also a bit anxious and fabulously versatile. This means a lot of very interesting explorations can occur- just be sure to exercise some mindfulness lest you end up scattered my love.

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Freedom Is Your Birthright

Late night recalibration from Source:

What a fascinating experience you have created dear Human creature.

You create scenerios that enable you to consistently perceive your human experience not as a delight but as a constant victimization, struggle and battle. You feel yourself as being wounded, under seige and subject to toxic environments and experiences that harm you by every turn. Emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. No one and nothing can be trusted.

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The Cure For Pain Is Always PRESENT.

I have had the privilege of meeting, engaging with and ministering to the most amazing people my loves- one thing stands out…

The cure for pain is always PRESENT.

It is not in some future when- when whatever global, societal or communal policies are in place that you see missing. It is not when the world comes to consciousness, nirvana or awakening. It is not when THOSE people stop doing THAT thing, or when THESE people begin doing THIS thing.

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