The Divine You Seek is in Your Fellow Man


Interpersonal level insights…

There are many times where giving something a “big name” just disconnects us from self and the person or situation we’re experiencing. It’s as if we believe that calling something whatever negative or pejorative term, it then makes the response easier.

I’m not a fan of that.

When we respond it shouldn’t be quick or mindless. Our experience of life holds eons of complexity and we don’t need to dumb it down by name calling with charged terms …







Why do we feel we need these terms in order to justify our pain? As if saying “when you said that it wounded me” is not enough? And if saying that is not enough… Am I using the terms to shame the person into change? Am I using them to distance myself from the complexity these things bring up in me?

Are they are a way to check out?

After all… When you use these terms things become rather binary, yes? And solutions become “obvious” or so they say. At the point where we use these terms, we escalate from an interpersonal concern, conversation, and compassion to fighting against the “wrong” indicated by the term. There’s no more space for our humanity, it’s us versus them… Good versus bad …and my goodness Is known by my fighting against what this person represents.

This is no longer Uncle Charlie who doesn’t understand people of a different race and whom over time I am enlightening him… No… This is a racist whose views must be eradicated now.

This is not my Aunt who drinks too much and sometimes I make sure she gets home safe…but a woman who is an alcoholic and I need to make sure I’m not being codependent (another charged word) so I tell her she’s on her own.

Are these things bringing us closer to our humanity, or are they “charged” to blow up our connecting one to the other with swift judgments based on whatever is the bad person indicator of the moment.

Perhaps we would do well to remember….We’re dealing with another divine being and We should be as careful and reverential as we would in the most Holy of Temples.

The Divine you seek is in your fellow man.

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Yoni Egg Lessons – Yoni Egg Certification

Yoni Egg Certification


Some Yoni Egg purveyors list their gems as “GIA Certified” and have language that will lead you to believe that this makes the Yoni Egg “safe and non-toxic” for use.

This is simply untrue loves.

We have contacted GIA (the Gemological Institute of America) just to verify their process and pricing (we originally did this in 2015).

According to GIA:

* GIA provides Identification Reports

* These reports are mailed and include a pdf file.

* Identification Reports cost $120 -$200 for 1 Yoni Egg sized stone.

*The process of Identification exposes the stone to standard gemological testing including but not limited to radiation.

* Identification Reports do not indicate toxicity, but identify the type of stone, if that specific stone is natural or man-made, contains dyes or fillers (impregnated) and the like.

* Identification Reports have nothing to do with gems being safe for Yoni Insertion.

What does this mean for you as a buyer darling?

It means that any business claiming to sell GIA certified Yoni Eggs has simply sent a sample stone to GIA at best and received an identification report on that sample.

The identification report is only good for the exact stone that is sent to them… It is not a certification of a “lot” of stones.

In short the GIA identification report you receive, unless it is sealed with the egg you receive is not for that egg.

Which is good actually.

If it was for that specific egg that would mean the purveyor is actually paying $145 for a Yoni Egg that they are selling to you for $40 AND it has most likely been radiated.

Which makes it a Yoni Egg you wouldn’t want to insert in your Yoni.

At the end of the day darling, “GIA certification” is not needful, nor does it ensure the stone is safe for Yoni use. GIA will issue identification reports on any type of stone including stones not safe for Yoni insertion such as Lapis and Malachite.

Fear is never a good place to try to build a build a healing practice from, nor is fear a good thing to base your healing based business on. Build your Yoni Egg practice on trust.

Be free loves.

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The Problem with Ambition


Every year I watch as beautiful, loving, tender Feminine souls – true luminaries and delights begin offering their gifts to the world.
And every year I watch as one of two things occur –

They dry out, become bitter, push harder, become more manic in their energy and more demanding with their offers, take more and more classes, hustle harder create bigger and bigger goals.


They drain themselves… and burnout. Like a sun or a candle flame. The business that held so much promise disappears – sometimes through seemingly unconnected reasons – illness, divorce, family issues.

For years I’ve observed it and now I’m ready to speak on the cause of it:

My loves we’ve been taught that Ambition is this amazing thing, this beautiful thing that we owe the world, our parents, our God.

We’ve been taught that for all we’ve been given we ought to at least give back by making bigger and bigger businesses, getting higher education, more certificates, taking more trainings, writing more books, reaching more people, producing producing PRODUCING.

Ambition – which was once a pejorative has become something to aspire to. In fact, the first time I told someone that ambition was the issue in her life she said, “Well what else is there?”


Ambition literally means “to go around” for most of its usage it’s indicated arrogance and pride… seeking votes even.

And this is the problem. We feel like if we’re not being ambitious, if we’re not trying to get more, to rally more, to be more, if we’re not seeking to curry validation and favor, to look successful, or powerful, or wild or bad a**, then…

We’re lazy
A slacker
A do nothing chick

In other words…
We’re nothing.

As a Feminine Woman – it’s time we understood the nature of our essence and the power in our practice is…

Not ambition.

In today’s world of consumerism and striving, of stress addition and internal exhaustion contentment has become the rarest of Jewels – it is indeed the Infinity Stone of Femininity.
What makes contentment so challenging is that it doesn’t reside OUT THERE – it’s IN HERE.

Contentment is NOT the same as settling. It is an internal satisfaction. What if you built your life, your purpose, your relationship on that? On the deep-seated feeling of Enough. Grace. Surrender…

Is that possible? Yes, my love. Our successful businesses are built on that. Our fulfilling marriage is grounded in it. And hundreds of women are learning this secret…

So how do you find it? That’s what SOFT is all about. Every class is infused with it, ever practice leads to it, every group points in that direction.

How you can be content in EVERY area of your life… and now you can begin for only $7 for 7 days…

Here’s the thing – 7 days is not enough time to complete even ONE class. And the private groups are not accessible during the trial (to protect the sacredness of that circle) – what you CAN do in 7 days is explore the platform, watch a video or two to see if my teaching style and transmission feels resonant for you (even if it challenges you sometimes), and follow your Inner Wisdom. –

Of course, if you’ve already heard the call and you’re ready to jump in you can do that here (

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Don’t Force Growth



The tendency is to focus too much on doing and not enough on being.
To take the smallest touch of being and translate it into doing…
It’s like assuming a handshake means it’s time to make love.
Our discomfort with the process that is Remembering and Coming Home, makes it take longer, more challenging and more painful.

It is why in many traditions the first step is to be stripped of everything. The modern western mind rebels against this fiercely. We hold tight to our opinions, feelings, beliefs, perspectives.

We confuse this with our Self.
And God, they laugh.

You are none of these my darling… You are SOMETHING MORE.

You are worth the journey of coming home to

You have been upside down… It’s time to be Righted.

You’ve been trying to use branches for roots.
Mistaking leaves for fruit.
Your roots are parched and dry… They must be deeply planted in the soil.
Watering branches will only cause rot.
It is watered roots that thrive.
You don’t force growth… You simply tend to the plant and the growth happens.
You allow it.

Learn why and how inside…


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Do You Know How to Sustain A Happy and Healthy Relationship?

Let’s talk my loves…

We have a dog who we love named Layla…
When we got her she was a puppy. Her former owner did not tell us her true age. She was much younger than we were told. She did not receive the imprinting of how to be a dog that she should have from her mother and littermates. Because of that, Layla has some very not dog-like behaviors.

Marriage is like this my loves.

Getting a relationship is not difficult.
Getting married is not difficult.
However staying married… That’s where the work is.

Many ask why is it that making love last and making marriages last are so difficult…
It’s very simple darling.

*Most American adults are single.
*Most marriages end in divorce
*Of those that DON’T divorce, a significant portion are unhappy (have you ever known a couple that seemed perfect for years, then divorced a year later? It happens all the time)

All of this adds up to many of us not having the needful skills and experiential imprinting from our families and home life to make a relationship sustainable. Statistically, most of us grew up with one parent at home, with a mother who worked away from home, even if our parents were together frequently they were not happy. We also grew up in a time period where the imagery we saw by storytellers (aka media) portrayed lying, deceit, selfishness, disrespect etc; as part and parcel of relationships and adulting.

Soaking in this madness for years in a hypnotic trance it’s amazing we get together at all.

And yet for some reason, the vast majority of people truly believe that they know how to have a healthy happy relationship.

That would be like me saying I know how to make Turkish delight because I read the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

The way that humans have sustained HAPPY relationships from the beginning of time is by observing intimately and listening to those who have them.

In other words, They were taught.

Unfortunately, we are at a state where there are very few people who can teach this needful Alchemy.


You can’t teach what you don’t know.
You can’t lead where you won’t go.

Our culture is such that the average relationship length is just a bit over two years.

Two years.

This is why SOFT (the School of Feminine Transformation) and SoA (School of Alchemy) is imperative. Yes, we share tons of free lessons, but the deep courses, tools, and practical embodiment can only be learned by those invested. These are mysteries that we don’t share outside of the container of commitment. And yes, Femininity is definitely connected to life-long partnership.

Learn why and how inside…


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Think you need to be a Boss Chick?


I used to watch other women in business… and I’d envy them… I thought I wanted to be a Fierce Bad A**… You know…a Boss Chick…

Correction… Not that I wanted to be, but that I HAD to be.
I thought that’s what it took to succeed, to be valued. So I studied them, spent thousands on courses, software, services and the like. I figured out the strategies and I used them… And hated it!

I simply didn’t believe in treating people like numbers. In disconnecting from my source to make a buck. Or (most importantly) that I could teach women how to be Feminine using masculine tools… There had to be a better way!

Richard and Namaste Moore

I realized that I’m all honey and cream. I love being in nature, I have no desire to work in an office no matter how large my business grows… I love being with my Beloved Husband (that’s him in the picture) And with our gaggle of children, I enjoy free time. And… For me… Family and pleasure really do come first.

Perhaps you’re like me or many of my students:
*You feel called to offer your gifts to the world and desire to be compensated for that.
*You like money, but you crave freedom.
* you need creative space and connection in order to live.
* You’ve bought many systems that were good, but left you feeling empty eventually.
* You swing back and forth between burnout and exhilaration.

You see, my love, MOST systems, ideas and teachings for women in business, even teachings that promote feminine services… Promote business that is done in a Masculine Way.

And it’s not their fault. Until a woman knows and understands the deep and ancient principles that guide being a Feminine woman, she is unable to develop and source get life in her Femininity no matter how much she desires to.
It’s all hit and miss.

SOFT (the School of Feminine Transformation) has a Feminine Biz School that teaches you how to create and run a business from your feminine. No more stale strategies and marketing madness…. Get clear, get connected to your Feminine… And get SOFT


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