Courtship Part III

Courtship Part III


More on courting…

Ladies and Gentlemen, you must know what you desire.

In relationships, Form follows Function.

A bit of understanding…
The divorce rate being so high is, to a large extent because, in the current state of our evolution, we will change function a number of times in our lives. We have more opportunities, more travel, we live longer and we are more connected to the global community than ever before. This creates more Self Fluency and reinvention than has occurred in times past. This is function.

With this difference in how we live, in order for our relationships to have sustainable fulfillment, we must allow the form of the relationship to evolve. In short, we must relinquish our tendency to think autonomy and independence will create a solid relationship, and instead find ways to grow together. This is form.

This means pacing yourself… You have time ladies, Kings move slower but their moves carry more weight, don’t try to out maneuver him, it’s not a contest.

This means actively pursuing your evolution gentlemen, she’s counting on you, and her moving as a Queen protects you and helps to bring about your vision if you have one. Have one.

Form follows function. And yet many times relationships are started based on the Function following the form, and so they end.

Form follows function: I want a man who will be a good father to my children, and Joe has the characteristics I’d like.

Function follows form: I am with Joe, I don’t think he’d be a good father, so I need to create and demand controls to prevent his negative influence. *

In courting, knowing what you desire in LIFE will determine the person you pick. If you pick someone based on where you are right now alone, you will often not have enough compatibility to grow together. This is why values are so important. How the values are expressed may shift but the values tend to stay present and that makes growth easy.

What do you want your life to look like? What ways of expressing love feel good? How do you resolve conflict? Know yourself and it makes it so much easier to get to know someone else.


* Once a relationship is established the Form and Function become an endless cycle one feeding into the other in constant balance. This MUST occur to maintain dynamic integrity. However, that happens after the equal sign, not before it.

In Laughter, Love, and Lustiness,

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Courtship Part II

Courtship Part 2


More on courtship…

You must be ready to get married, meaning that you have made space in your life, understand in a real way (not just ephemeral) what you desire in a husband, have done the work of healing yourself as much as you can alone and are learning what it really means to be a wife (it’s an art my loves, I promise you) – in order to begin to approach courting. If you haven’t done these things loves, no judgment just begin them before you start actively seeking someone to court

The difference between courting and dating is the difference between building a Sandcastle and building a home. Sand castles are wonderful and fun and temporary they are shifting and easily deconstructed. A home requires forethought and foundation.

To begin to court the very first thing you need to know is your values. Most people think they know their values my love, but they don’t. Not really. Anchoring them down is one of the most POWERFUL practices you can do (I teach how to do this in SOFT).

Once you know your values you want to find men who are similarly aligned and who also desire marriage. This can be one of the more challenging things many women believe, but if you believe men don’t want to marry, you attract men who don’t want to marry.

Ladies, it’s really not difficult to find a man who is looking for a wife when you allow yourself to freely desire that without hiding it or being aggressive with it. When it is born of love, not fear.

Some spaces to check- your spiritual community, dating websites with a focus on marriage (ok Cupid is not a good option for instance), recreational or industry events such as country clubs, wine tasting, etc;

There is so much more to share!

In Laughter, Love, and Lustiness,

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Stop Dating, Try Courtship Instead – Courtship Part I

Stop Dating

Beloved, If you want to get married and stay happily married:

If marriage is your goal there are things you can do to make it more likely. One thing is you really need to stop dating. Especially what dating looks like typically.


Modern dating is highly unlikely to:
Reveal to you the values of the person.
Allow you to find out if you’re compatible before becoming emotionally invested.
Allow you to stay soft as a woman.
Encourage masculine expression as a man.
Provide the tools needed to prepare for your position.

Can you date? Certainly. Anyone is free to do whatever they would like.
Is dating bad? No, dating is a lot of fun… It’s just not typically a good tool for marriage preparation.

Everyone is asking me, “What’s the alternative to dating?”

I suggest courtship.

Courtship is intentional and honest in its intent.
It reveals the values before the emotional investment.
Both people are seeking the same thing, no need to try to “get him”.
There is no need to pretend that marriage is not what you desire.
There is a very clear need to know what and why you desire to be married.
Ending courtship tends to be cleaner because it is known from the outset that the question is one of compatibility as marital partners.
Once that compatibility is found it leaves room for freely giving to and serving each other, and getting to know each other with an open heart.

If you think courtship is only for conservative religious folks… Think again!

In Laughter, Love, and Lustiness,

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I am Namaste Moore


I have lived many lifetimes… In this one.

At the age of 6 I declared I wanted to help women have babies.

I was told that’s called an Ob/gyn. So I declared I wanted to be that!

At 6 I was molested by a female babysitter.

At the age of 11 I did my science fair project on Menstruation and the Female Reproductive System (with appropriate diagrams and 3-D models) which went to the state level.

At 12 I was molested by my stepfather.

At 13 I began reading every book I could get my hands on about relationships, how to interact with the opposite sex, how are men? How are women? Paying attention to the differences between us.

At the age of 15, I began working in an Ob/Gyns office who specializes in Infertility- doppling women, taking blood pressure, weighing them… Basic back office procedures and being known in the office for being able to find ferning (a sign of impending ovulation) with 100% accuracy (not even the nurses could do it). I observed the way the women felt to me energetically, the way the related to their husbands, their personal history and noticed a corollary in what was showing up physically.

At this point, I also began to go deeper in my studies in herbalism, crystals, metaphysics etc in earnest. Because I was also a born again Christian it was a bit challenging.

I was the go-to person in school for any female issues. My mother’s friends and female members of our church would come to me for any female health related concerns, BEFORE going to their doctor and then come back for my natural treatment recommendations after diagnosis.

At 17 I was date raped by a boyfriend. (I later found out he was in his thirties)

By 18 I had married my first husband birthed my first child, delivered by a nurse midwife at which point I decided that if I went into birthing it’d be via midwifery. I began to study relationships from a practical level now.

By this point I’d noticed a few things. The way women were handled in gynecological exams, the invasive nature of them, how violated I felt no matter how good the Drs bedside manner. I began to look at the energy of it and it was disturbing. I began to do some research and question the whole western medicine system. This wasn’t easy for me because I’d wanted to be a part of it for basically my entire life.

There’s is much more to my story…

All of which is to say… When I’m speaking about the internalized, subtle, and pervasive beliefs most women carry about their Yoni, about their Femininity, about being a woman and how this deep pervasive distrust is what causes the vast majority of physical, emotional, spiritual and mental suffering I see in women… It’s not a theory or something I came up with overnight. It’s not a cute meme. It’s something I’ve been studying, researching, and working with my whole life, helping women understand and heal the Physical, the mental, the Spiritual, the emotional.

This is why I have had to live so many lifetimes in this one lifetime. This is why I have to share so much of me in all my facets… Maternal, lover, wife, artist, self-adornment, high Priestess, healer, Oracle. Because my path is one of being an embodiment and Ikon. This is what everything that I do with women is about… Wholeness for your WHOLE BEING.

Your life can be transformed. Your pain can become pleasure. The thing you think is your liability is actually your greatest gift. Your femininity in all its forms and expressions is what the world needs it’s what moves mountains with ease and it’s the place you’ll find the fulfillment your heart has been longing for my love.

Stop running.

This is Feminine Alchemy and it’s here for you.

I’m Namaste Moore, and I’m your Feminine Alchemist.


Love Transmutes


Love transmutes.
All ways

I get asked how I’m able to get over things so quickly. That’s it my love. That’s my secret. My superpower. My gift.
Love. Serious… Raw, lavish, unfettered

Here’s a lesson if you’ll have it…

In order for something to become an issue, you have to hold it. Emotion likes to stay in motion when you know how to feel and not hold… The emotion keeps moving. Most western humans don’t know how to do this. We tend to feel, internalize, process, reflect, deflect, dissect, etc; We anchor emotion down into identity. We are consumed with efforting through what could be a natural and organic process because we have been taught that anything else is just repression or denial.

This isn’t true my loves.

The truth is your DEFAULT is one of Love and Healing. Your essence will always seek that state, you need only remove the barriers to it.

Add love… As many facets of real love, as many areas, as many ways of being with it as you can find.

If you must dig… Dig for that… Where is the love?


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Evening Spirit Whispers

Evening Spirit Whispers… Are you listening??

~~~~When you absolutely accept yourself you are relieved of any need for others to accept you.

It is ONLY in absolute self-acceptance that others acceptance or rejection becomes irrelevant.

This is a space you allow, not force.
You be, not speak.
It’s not judging needing acceptance. Just knowing that the need is the arrow pointing to your heart.

Interestingly, not having the need for others acceptance creates space for the confident expectation and insight that you already have it.


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On Single Motherhood


I don’t care for the term “single mother” … Even when I was divorced and parenting.

No mother should be single.
She didn’t make the babies by herself and even if that relationship didn’t work out she should not go through the world thinking herself single.

Singleness is a western fiction…. but I digress…

Mothering is best when done with support. We’re built for it. Other people… Family members, friends, Godparents, male and female supporting this amazing journey of a Human BEING.

I see now there is a trend of women choosing single parenthood. I understand, the need for connection is very strong and our world has tilted and no longer teaches us how to connect. I get it.

But I’d beg any woman considering it to reconsider. The mentality and limiting beliefs that drive one to want to solo procreate WILL impact the child. Trust me.

We are all creating in our image. Procreating in marital (meaning committed) partnership is an energetic formulae Beloved, allow me to translate for you.

The masculine and feminine, from a place of extreme honor and appreciation one for the other and commitment one to the other, have within that esteem decided to embody that appreciation, celebration, respect and LOVE into a BEING, human combined with mystery. The Crystallized form of Love and Divinity.

Did you know that?

Regardless of what happens next, this is the formula that created.
In many spiritual traditions, it is understood that the energy that created a child will inform upon the child’s character. I’ve seen this enough to know that while I didn’t used to like the idea… There is some merit to it.

Things happen… Children are created in less than ideal circumstances… There is much that can be done to free them from those blocks…
It doesn’t change the truth in the original intended formula.

Hmm… I’ll stop there for now…