Get the Lesson – Or Don’t


I have always had a love for the Old Ways, for ancient teachings and tools. I have always held elders and Those who have gone before in high regard.

There is wisdom there yet it is ours to rightly divide.

It is a misunderstanding to believe that the Ancestors of Humanity hold the same flawed or limited perceptions now that they have transitioned to the Non-Physical that they held in the physical. For now, there is no heartache, now they understand completely the greater plan, now they are Complete.

They no longer see even the struggles THEY had during their Human Tour as “bad”-for from the space of the nonphysical, it is all GOOD.

All of which is to say do not be deceived by the false self, smallness, the distraction that will mistakenly mask your Anger as Holy, something to be held in honor of some long past wrong.

Don’t mistake the focus on what is wrong as that which makes it right. Two different energies running parallel but in different directions.

Do not project the limitations of your current experience, baggage or pain on them and call it depth, beloved.

Do not believe there is a torch of debt that you need carry to free those who have gone before or in honor of them. For they are free.

Get the LESSON.

Or don’t, it is entirely your choice…
This time or the next.


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The Power of Language

power of language

Language is powerful… But why It’s so powerful is often missed. It’s not the words themselves that matter but the method of communication that gives the power. Containers for meaning. Each means of communication carrying and crystallizing a pattern of wisdom and insight.

One of the quickest ways to devalue a people is to remove and forbid their language. If you forbid their language the pattern is lost and the wisdom becomes hidden.

Deeper still…

In modern culture, the language the masculine speaks is being lost and forbidden. Men are being shamed and silenced into speaking only the language of women and told the lie that they have no language of their own.

At the same time, the voice of the Feminine is veiled behind rage, fear, and brokenness.

And in the face of this, I rejoice. The more polarized the energy, the easier it is to shift.

In an instant. The instant in now.


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Freeing Our Relationship with Our Breasts

heal relationships with breasts

My darlings….

How a woman sees her breasts will determine a great deal about her relationship with herself.

I had a girlfriend once who took no pleasure in her breasts. For her, they were solely for her partner’s pleasure.

I have had many clients who saw their breasts as nourishment for their children only.

Both of these are less than beneficial perspectives.

Breasts symbolize a woman’s self-care and self-nourishment FIRST. There is a correlation between breast cancer and other issues and self-love/self-care.

They also have the capacity for an extreme amount of sensual pleasure for the woman. From stroking to squeezing to pinching.

The de-sexualizing of the breast to aid in the normalization of breastfeeding has a huge blind spot.

It sacrifices a woman’s sexuality in the altar of Madonna-hood, once more forcing women to decide if they would be sexual creatures or virgin mothers, and calling it empowerment.

My breasts being sexual doesn’t disempower me, because sex doesn’t disempower me. Even as I write this they perk up, full… Alive… Vibrant.. Though I’ve not nursed a child in many years.

This is why a “yes… And…” Is So potent.

If they are sexual you would feel violated if someone photographed your nursing breasts without consent. Or if someone stared at your breasts while speaking to you instead of your face.

If they are for feeding you want the freedom to nourish your child in peace, not relegated to balancing on toilets.

Perhaps allowing space for discretion and for making space for nursing mothers to nurse in peace is the key… Both.

Neither of which requires the diminishing of the sexual pleasure the breasts can provide for the woman herself.

Don’t just free the nipple, free our relationships to our breasts my loves.


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Mother who nursed for a total of eight years
Caretaker of two amazing and sexual breasts

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Are You a Bee or a Wasp?

Bee and flower

Sensitivity and offense are not the same thing, my love. When we tell others that they are too sensitive we do them a disservice for there is no such thing. On the other hand, there is such a thing as being too easily offended. Here’s the distinction.

Sensitivity is based on the degree of perception. A very sensitive person perceives to a greater extent than a non-sensitive person. Offense, on the other hand, is the meaning a person attaches TO what they perceive. This is totally and wholly within the realm of control of the person. Yes, perception is not a choice but offense is.

Bring easily offended tends to occur because one perceives others as being on the “offense” meaning the offended then becomes defensive. This is a by-product of a LACK of sensitivity not an abundance of it.

Bees and wasps are a good example.

Bees are highly sensitive. They can detect temperature functions within a fraction of a degree, they can sense disease, they can detect the flight patterns of other bees and so much more. Their sensitivity, in fact, works for them and causes them to thrive. They are also not easily offended. You can brush them off and even stand by a bee hive and not get stung

Wasps, on the other hand, are far more easily offended. They are more aggressive, will sting you for walking by, assuming you’re there to do some damage. They are also not as sensitive to temperature fluctuations even within their own nest.
The thing is… The wasp’s behavior is not at all based on the person. It’s based on the wasp.

Being Bee-ish is so much better than being Wasp-ish, don’t you think?


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